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Polycystic Ovarian Disease

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome is a disorder involving infrequent, irregular or prolonged menstrual periods, and often excess male hormone levels– ANDROGEN

Role of Androgens in Women

  • Kick-starts puberty
  • Stimulating hair growth in the pubic and underarm areas
  • Regulate function of many organs- including the reproductive tract, bone, kidneys, liver and muscle
  • In adult women, it’s necessary for estrogen synthesis and shown key role in the prevention of bone loss, as well as sexual desire and satisfaction

Contributing Factors

  • Excess insulin
  • Production of Androgen in high quantity
  • Genetics
  • Inflammation
  • Early age menarche
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Birth control pills & diabetes drugs
  • Stress


Presented case is of a 21 years old girl, she is a student and pursuing CMA. It’s a known case of Polycystic Ovarian Diseaseas her ultrasound reports shows (15th march, 2021)A small clear cyst in right ovary, Multiple small (2-6 mms) cysts in the both ovaries.

She consulted to me on 3rd July, 2021 with following chief complaints-

1) Oligomenorrhea (irregular menses) since 7 months

Menses appear in 1½ or 2 months

Spotting after menses for 8-10 days

Scanty or heavy bleeding


Heavy breast before & during menses

2) Headache since long

Frequent after vaccine

Amel.: vomiting

Agg.: long reading (use spect)

3) Legs pain- Dr told calcium deficiency

Further she explained about her- I like to do creative work- paper craft, room decoration, clay work, etc. I thought I will do craft well but I’m not perfect in craft and dance.

In lockdown routine was completely changed- I don’t like that. It made me inactive. I Love to chit-chat with friends, love to be with friends.

If my routine/schedule change I don’t like that. It affects me, my works are delay- which I dislike the most. I feel schedule should be very proper.

I’m in a relationship of 6½ years still if get hurt or anger I cannot speak up, unable to express my feelings well.

If I feel low in myself I use to cry which make me feel better another thing which make me feel good is the improve routine and works on time.

I feel deficient skill vise. Thought are like- Can I achieve something in life? Is there.

Fear of competition like interview, etc. Low confidence to talk with new peoples and adjust in new routine. I’m sensitive, sensible & can cry easily.

My family’s issues affects me badly like issues between mother and grandmother, etc. Negativity develop and feel low confidence out of all this and use to cry alone.

My paternal uncle expire cause of Covid-19, it’s an unbearable pain for me, I was very close to him.

I have habit of nail biting. Wrote many poems and i feel poems are a part of my life, I can express emotions out of my writings. Anxious+++ about mother’s health which make me feel ill physically & emotionally also. I always try to give her positive vibes. I’m affecting majorly by her health.

During anger always some same set of symptoms are their like cold sweat, fast heartbeat, body shiver from inside, etc.

Family History:


  • Father: NAD
  • GF: Asthma
  • GM: Angioplasty, HTN
  • Uncle: HTN, ?kidney problem, died in Covid
  • Aunty: Asthma


  • Mother: Heart problem, Hypotension
  • GF: NAD
  • GM: Paralysis
  • 2 Uncle: 1st Paralysis,

2nd NAD

  • 5 Aunty: 1st, 3rd, 4th NAD

2nd DM

5th obese


  • Desire: sour4, chicken, milk products
  • Aversion: cooked tomato4, cauliflower
  • Thirst: up to 2 lt/d
  • Thermal: hot
  • Bowel: NAD
  • Bladder: never control for long, bed wet till 6th std.
  • Perspiration: forehead & occipute

odour++++, no stain

  • Sleep: talk during sleep- family problem
  • Dream: no repeated dream

Miasmatic understanding of case:

MIASM: Sycotic (predominate)


-Cyst (overgrowth)

-Lack of self confidence

-Hurt but can’t express


  • Change in routine agg
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Family oriented
  • Anxiety agg
  • Anger: cold sweat
  • Desire: sour4
  • Aversion: cookes tomato4
  • Perspiration: odour++++


  • mind; WORK; routine; desires (19)
  • mind; CHANGE; aversion to (12)
  • mind; CONFIDENCE; want of self (279)
  • mind; ANXIETY; agg., ailments from (323)
  • mind; TALK, talking, talks; sleep; during (123)
  • perspiration; COLD (348)
  • perspiration; ODOROUS (253)
  • generalities; FOOD and drinks; sour, acid; desires (174)
  • generalities; FOOD and drinks; cooked food; aversion (55)


Materia Medica Reference:


Allen Keynote

Boerick Materia Medica

First Prescription: 3rd July, 2021


Kali Carbonicum 1M single dose

Sl 30 bd x 8 weeks

Follow Up- After 2 months…25th September, 2021

  • Menses: 10 sept. 21,

Proper bleeding started,

5 sept. 21 spotting,

18 sept. spotting again, stop 21 sept. 21.

  • No stomach pain this time.
  • Brownish colour at starting at end again colour change.
  • Rashes- change pad.
  • This month was peaceful.
  • Confidence better then before.
  • Overthinking is less now, feel like I should find solution inside my question.
  • Feeling light and peaceful.
  • Taking responsibility for mother.
  • Not feeling tense like before.


Kali Carbonicum 1M

Sl 30 bd x 8 weeks

Follow Up- After 4 months…26th November, 2021

  • Menses- 23-8-21
  • Normal this time
  • No spotting after 5th day
  • Heavy breast before and during


Kali Carbonicum 1M

Sl 30 bd x 4 weeks

Follow Up- After 6 months…27th January, 2022

  • No symptom
  • USG 25-Jan.-22- No significant abnormality seen



About the Author:

Dr Vibha Mevada



9111005009, 9111005008,

101, Suyash Apartment, Narendra Tiwari Marg, Indore, M.P.

Dr Vibha is a visionary & enthusiastic homeopathy. She completed BHMS from Nasik university in 2015 and did PG courses CCAH & MCAH from The Other Song International Academy of Advance Homeopathy in 2017 and get trained under world renowned homeopaths & running Samragee Homeopathic Clinic at Indore since 2018 with great success. She is a Classical homeopath, an International Speaker and invited on many prestigious platforms. She is author on various national-international journals of homeopathy and published an number of successful cases and articles.

She is Chief Editor of The Homoeo Healers Newsletter, Delhi and

Ex-coordinator of Scientific Committee Board of All India Homeopathic Students & Youth Association, West Bengal. She organized many free national educational events during pandemic. She is running online & offline Yoga classes as she is a Certified Yoga Instructor also.

She is Director of Samragee Institute of Homeopathic Education and offered 3 courses on Classical homeopathy.



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