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Homeopathic Remedy- An invisible family member!

Homeopathic Remedy- An invisible family member!




Homeopaths are tending to collect the family history of patient to rule out the heredity. A hereditary disease is often described as something that “runs in the family.” It is passed down from one or both parents to a child, who may then pass it to his or her children.

Child receives half of its genes from each parent. Two different genes from two different people when meet, gets evolved.

It is not the disease itself or material toxins that is transmitted all the time, but rather the energetic imprint like emotional trauma can also be transmitted from the parents to the unborn child, which with the time and according to surrounding environment manifests in the form of disease.

In my practice, I witnessed multiple cases of hereditary diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Sickle cell Anemia, Cancer, Depression etc.

Today, sharing a case of Psychosis running in a family.

It’s a story of Schizophrenic father and Attention-deficit/hyperactive daughter.

Excuse me for the little long case!


One day a 30 years male visited me in March 2020 for uveitis which he had for two years. He was diabetic for six months.

He used steroids for uveitis. He had Patch on right face on upper side of chick and gone through laser therapy twice for the same. But still the patch seasonally aggravated.

During interview, he told- ‘I have sexual and fearful thoughts. A lady lives inside my brain and commands me. She takes negative side of everything. Her face is typically like a witch featuring may be long face and nose, long teeth, she never wears cloth. She copies other appearances usually from occupation place where she can play very fair play by thinking in mind that I have thought this and shows me that same person also have same feeling of hatred about me, which makes me easily nervous and inferior in front of them. This is her usual behavior many times.

I have weird visual such as she may eat faces, she may eat rotten food. She may sleep in sewage, she may do sex with little one irrespective of gender, with animal may dog, donkey, goat, pig etc.

Usually first approach of her is to create a negativity in mind and once we caught in that she creates a heap of that and get dominated. Means that I would have to counteract otherwise this would dumping yard on my head. This happens in night till morning hours. I quarrel with someone from my work place in my dreams too.

I hear sounds in brain and ear. She provokes me to fight with others. Basically, I am a reserved person. I feel I am changed now. I am not the person which I used to be; I am two different persons now. Most of my reactions are results of her action only. Morally, I feel bad about my harsh behavior with my wife and students.

When I argue with her, my wife complains I am talking to myself loudly.’

Physical Generals-

Appetite, urine, stool- Normal

Thirst- Thirst less

Desire- Nothing specific

Aversion- Sweet

Perspiration- Normal

From totality, the considered rubrics were-(1)

MIND – DELUSIONS – person -other person; she is some

MIND – DELUSIONS – double – being




SKIN – ERUPTIONS – suppressed




GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – sweets – aversion

GENERALS – NIGHT – lasting all night


Few remedies like Phosphorus, Silicea, Sulphur, Pulsatila and Lachesis came up.



March 2020-

Phosphorus covered dreams of quarrels, communicative mind and effects of radiation therapy.

Phosphorus 200 one dose with placebo for 30 days.


April 2020-

Felt burning in eyes after medicine for a week. Better now.

Delusion same.

Phosphorus 200 one aqua dose given.


June 2020-

Uveitis was better. Delusion reduced. Irritability reduced.

Syphillinum 30 given as an intercurrent remedy.


August 2020-

Delusion reduced. No dreams of quarrel. The lady in the mind was still provoking him to fight. Blood sugar level improved.


October 2020-

He was unhappy with slow recovery. Nights were still not calm. Exhausted mentally. Tuberculinum 1M one dose given as complimentary remedy as well nosodes.


December 2020-

Delusion he is some other person was same.

Switch over to other remedy is difficult in psychiatric cases. You need some high potential rubric to support.

Fortunately, his wife wanted me to treat his daughter who has hyperactivity and speech issues.

I would explain you the reason behind using the word- fortunately. We will come back to this case in a while.

I recorded this 4 years child’s case.

Mother said- ‘’ Parnavii is extremely hyperactive. Doesn’t follow the commands. When we call her name, she seems lost in herself, does not respond. She is attention seeker; wants us to listen her. Although she utters various meaningless words; cannot form a sentence. She cannot recognize colors yet. She doesn’t share her toys, may be as she is a single child. She tries to draw or paint although couldn’t do it properly, but always occupied with something. Though she is highly active full day still doesn’t get exhaust in the night; doesn’t want to sleep; seems fresh and cheerful.”

On observation, I found her shy. Her mother said, she takes her time to mix with people.

Considered rubrics were–(1)

GENERALS – ENERGY – excess of energy – children; in


MIND – CONCENTRATION – difficult – children, in

MIND – SPEECH – inarticulate

MIND – ACTIVITY – desires activity – creative activity


Phosphorus, Lachesis, Carcinosin and Opium came up.

Father had Schizophrenia and daughter had ADHD. Ultimately both are presenting Psychosis. It must be remembered that psychotic patients often have a psychotic parent. I thought about Phosphorus as it was father’s remedy too.

It’s difficult to distinguish between Phosphorus and Lachesis children.

Phosphorus is very open, cheerful and communicative child. He is not shy; easily mingle with others. On the other hand, Lachesis child can be shy and withdrawn, needing time to be sure that people are well-meaning toward them. At their best, they can be gushingly cheerful, warm hearted, and loving. They have a great need for attention, to be reassured that they are heard, heard, heard! (2)


Prescription for daughter in December 2020-

Lachesis 1M aqua prepared by putting 1 drop in 100 ml of water, 10 shakes, 1 TSF every morning till the water finishes, was prescribed.

Now coming back to father’s case.

If you have a child, [an infant], that has a psychological problem often you find out that the child has this problem since birth. Then you take the case of the mother during pregnancy. Or sometimes you will notice when the symptoms persist, that a mother was sick during pregnancy (not nausea, but had some great problem during pregnancy). Then often you will notice that the child, not all the time but often, requires the same remedy as the mother needed while she was sick during pregnancy, even if it is two years later. That is not uncommon.

I experienced it many times in my practice. We usually get a hint of remedy for child from parents and sometimes it’s vice versa!

I went through father’s case again.

Lachesis men especially can suppress their emotions completely with their strong minds and then appear to be controlled and proper. This patient, talking with the lady in his brain all the time but was still teaching in Pharmacy college as a lecturer very well.

His wife said he talks too himself. It is important for Lachesis to talk and as long as he can use this escape valve, he feels relived and calm.

Lachesis has a strong sexual feeling. This patient shared that he has sexual thoughts.

He said his mind was under the power and domination of this lady who keeps on commanding him. Lachesis is well aware of higher powers, and are often concerned with moral questions of good and evil.

I remembered his statement in first interview – ‘Morally, I feel bad about my harsh behavior with my wife and students.’

It’s a striking symptom of Lachesis, which I missed!

I prescribed daughter Lachesis and got the thread for father’s prescription.


December 2020-

Lachesis 1 M one dose with placebo for 20 days given.


February 2021-

He said- ‘surprisingly, the lady in my mind is not that much interfering now! She provokes me to fight at work place but I can now argue with her. In the night she become strong and I cannot sleep well.’’

Lachesis 10 M one aqua dose given.


April 2020-

His wife confirmed that his talking with himself is significantly reduced and his sleep in peaceful.

When all parameters are normal, a homeopath must leave the immunity (vital force) to work itself!

Placebo given for 60 days.

Now coming back to daughter’s case.


February 2021-

Hyperactivity was reduced. Could sit at one place for at least 20-30 minutes.

Response to commands- improved.

Lachesis 1 M aqua repeated in the same manner.


March 2021-

Mother shared a video in which she was recognizing colors by sitting at one place for long time.

Concentration improved.

Hyperactivity converted into activity.

Placebo given.


May 2021-

Her mother shared her progress on what’s app with the images of her drawing and other activities.

Speech improved. Can make sentences now but still needs clarity in few words.



I may plan Lachesis higher potencies like 50 M or CM in future but this time just placebo given.



Homeopathy is a science which cover all deep aspects of patient; before and after birth. It treats the tendencies and eradicate the negative molecular imprints from the immunity. Anti-miasmatic remedies and nosodes work to change epigenetics.

In 6th edition of Organon, while talking about pre- and post-natal homoeopathic treatment, the entirely new footnote, no 284 discusses:
The campaign against heredity by means of an antipsoric cure, the infant being treated in utero during pregnancy (the first, if possible), especially with Sulphur. “Thus, it is much stronger and heal they’re at birth.” (3)
Perspective of Homeopathic treatment is to eradicate disorders from Humanity and to create healthier generation. The remedies usually got selected according to totality of symptoms, Doctrine of signature and miasmatic background. The truth is that, as diseases and predisposing factors run from generation to generation; their key note cure (remedy) too run from ancestor to predecessor.

Child carries the parental characteristics in genes and parents are the host of predisposing factors of those characteristics.

Epigenetic effects run in heredity; same applies to remedies!

A good Homeopath must have a complete knowledge of disease process from beginning to end (as per aphorism 3) and if when he considers every case as a new case (as per aphorism 83) with unprejudiced mind (as per aphorism 6), the success is sure shot!

Don’t try to find the family remedy in every case intentionally; if it come up automatically then first justify it with materia medica; don’t run behind –



1. Synthesis Repertory Treasure Edition

2. Frans Kusse and Vicki Mathison- Homeopathic remedy pictures

3.SCHMIDT P., The Hidden Treasures of the Last Organon.




About the Author:

Dr. Kavita Chandak

Authors autobiography- Dr Kavita chandak is a gold medalist scholar in Homeopathy. she is Practising since 2 decades in Nagpur. She is trained with Dr. Michael Frass in dealing the cancer cases with Homeopathy. She is attached with P.D. Jain Homeopathic medical college as professor of Repertory and a Guide for P.G. students from Nashik Health University. She is an International faculty,speaker and promoter of Homeopathy, invited by 20+ countries to deliver seminars about homeopathic contribution in Psychiatric disorders and Autism, Infertility and cancer.

Honoured by holding golden book world record for treating kidney disorder. She is an advisory board member at Turkiyeklinikleri Journal of Istanbul. *She is running a NGO, Padmaja welfare foundation,which is dedicated in the field of Health and rehabilitation.*

She is an Excellent speaker and a social activist: received many national-international awards for her generous socio Medical contribution towards society. Won the INSC research award for her paper on Autism. Authored 3 medical books about gynacology and psychiatry.  Organised 800 free medicine distribution camps till now. To spread awareness, she writes health articles, delivers sessions on TV and Radio about Health. She is the board member at Afghanistan Homeopathic association. She is providing  her services through her web clinic in 20+ countries. Her speciality area is Behavioural Psychiatric disorders like Autism and ADHD.



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  1. Excellent work. Very well explained
    Thanks a lot Dr Kavita for sharing

    Posted by Sarwar Javaid | 01/08/2021, 6:50 AM
  2. Nice case solved on reflection of remedies running in the family’s predisposition. Can you please explain the usage of high potency of the remedies. Thanks.

    Posted by Ram | 03/08/2021, 1:36 PM
  3. Nice Sharing of knowledge
    Thank you

    Posted by Dr Prakash Khedkar | 11/08/2021, 6:06 PM

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