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Mid-Winter 2022

What’s the remedy?…with Richard Dery

What’s the remedy?…with Richard Dery

In the following you will find a homeopathic case-description. The remedy selected has not been mentioned, but will be revealed in the upcoming issue of Clever H.. Take a look at this case and guess the remedy. You can leave a comment below the article. We would love to learn of your ideas and thoughts about this case.

Richard L. Dery is the ‘Director of Special Projects’ at HWC (Homeopathy World Community), and a homeopath from Canada. He is a people person and he enjoys helping others. From 1982 to 2007, he was a First Aid Volunteer for the St John’s Ambulance ski patrol division. He was also a CPR and first aid instructor. He studied Homeopathy at the l’École de Mosane in Belgium, and continued his professional development through webinars given by Boiron, Hyland’s and Bio Lonreco, but also by world-reknown homepaths such as Dr. Jawahar Shah (Enlightenment education, India), Shilpa Bhouraskar (The Course School and TQFS Academy, Australia).


Age: 66

Sex: Female

Address: France

Main reason(s) for the consultation 1.

Thalamic stroke October 2018 – Sequelae 8 days later

2. Neuropathy on the right side from the ankle to the shoulder including the neck (Pain acute)

3. Health issues started 01-Nov-2018

4. Hashimoto since: 8 years

Do you know the cause of the problem? (When did it start?)

1. Schedule: morning, noon, evening, night, sleep, never in shape in the morning, I like evening and winter in FRANCE

2. Climatic: cold, hot, humidity, wind, seasons.

3. Positions: standing, sitting, lying down: lying on the left side, because if I am on the right side, being on a buoy(floating), this feeling has decreased a lot, getting on my knees difficult because big effort to get back up, difficult, lowering myself pulls me in the back, The heat patch improves.

4. Movement or immobility, physical exertion: aggravation 3

5. Meals: before, during, after

6. Diet: food, flavours, drinks, medicines, vaccines

7. Eliminations: stool, urine, sweating

8. Menses: before, during, after

9. Sensitivity: lights, noises, touch, smells: I hate noises 3

Sweets: I like sweets, very focused on chocolate by period. Less now. 3

Alcohol: 2 glasses of wine on weekends •

Other hot herbal tea and very hot soup.

Bloody hard soft stools •

Constipated: if I slow down certain foods or drink less •

Diarrhea: Hemorrhoids •

Acute •

Chronic •

Painful •

Urination: Frequent because I drink a lot (# of times a day): 5 to 6 glasses of water • Involuntary •

Night if herbal tea at 9 pm I get up???

Abortion? Miscarriage in 1987, Childbirth in: Forceps, episiotomy and blood loss needed a transfusion because big loss and rhesus reversal. •

Sexuality: very normal desire absent difficult since my stroke Body pain •

Location: •

Year / month of onset (cause?) • Feeling? •

Feeling cold or warm Intensity 1 2 3 •

Sleep •

How many hours per night Normal between 7 and 8 hrs •

Difficulty falling asleep •

Wake up at night? (Wake up time?): I sometimes dream sad or I don’t remember •

Recurring dream? No •

Nightmares? very rare •

Snoring? A little •

Tired often?

I get tired easily since my stroke 3+++ •

Cigarette addiction stopped 20 years ago

Improved Temperature: aggravated improved (Intensity) 1 2 3 •

Heat: improves 3+++ •

Cold: agg. 3+++ • Wet I don’t like •

Wind: I don’t like 3+++ •

Sun: I like it •

Storm: I don’t like 3+++

Aggravated circumstances improved (Intensity) 1 2 3 •

Improved light 3 •

Movement Exhausts Me 3 •

Smells the smell of cigarette: 3

sweating of others 3 •

Pressure I don’t like 3

All emotions Intensities and makes it worse •

Anger easy to express Yes, 3 •

Anger repress 1 •

Perfectionist Yes 2 •

Many fears 3+++ •

Fear of darkness at night 3+++

Fear of being alone Yes 3+++ •

Fear of illness Yes 3+++++ • Stubborn

Easily offended •

Easy sorrows 3+++ •

Easy disappointments 3+++ •

Loquace 3 •

Suspicious 3+++ •

Restless 3+++ •

Anxious 3+++ •

Despair 3++++

Easy crying 3+++

For all intense emotions (rated 3), given in +- 30 words (max) a comment. Example: Anger 3… As soon as someone contradicts me, I tend to be irritated and most of the time I can’t contain my anger.

Medical condition •

Hospitalizations/operations? •

Taking allopathic remedies •

For how long?

Hypertension Control with CO APPROVEL • •

Loquacity very loquacious 2 •

Clothing 2 I like to introduce myself •

Skin/complexion •

Precipitation 3+++ •

Clarity of mind decreases when tired

Significant (disturbing) event of my life?

During my divorce I lost the father of my son (5 years old at the time). Very difficult period with my ex mother-in-law who was very mean. Then I met an evil being who stole from me and which destroyed me psychologically.

Then painful event; my father’s death in 2018. I led a fight with him for 3 years. Conflict with my mother misunderstanding; I was her rival;

2 clans, my mother adored my brother. Since my father’s death bad conflict with my brother (because of the inheritance) my mother fell ill during my stroke (I hate write this word) and I could not take care of her (I was blamed by my brother and sister-in-law that I did not take care of her) Mom is died in November 2020;grief but not like dad. I stayed each time at their side when their bodies left us. I remarried 20 years ago. Everything is fine but you have to know that I have been in the fight from my birth 1955 to 2000; with my surroundings, my work, raising a single child.

Family history (family health problems) everything is sensation, because it is the sensitive that has been touched. The wrong info. Pain in the buttock and thigh in a sitting position because feet caught in a vice. The breast scapula, neck feeling stiffness along the arm burns and stiffness. Is it located only on the right arm? Always cold foot 3 both

I take Kardegic to thin my blood

Practices followed:


Kinesiotherapy helps me a lot.

Acupuncture: I can’t stand it

Attentive to my diet 3 Responsible for his body 2 5 kilos to lose

Do you smoke? No stopped 20 years ago.

Before my accident I was doing yoga, running, aqua bike and I love the decoration But since my stroke nothing…

Total emptiness

My hobbies are cooking and decorating

Love my alone time now

Energy level 5

Right saphenous vein in what year? 2004 Clothing 2 I like to introduce myself

CO APPROVEL remedies taken

Levothyrox 75 for 8 years

Taciturn I detached myself I have no apparent symptoms, but excruciating body pain.

Neuropathy on the right side of my body. Improved with heat, rest and massage. The massage helps me, but I sleep badly the next day. I suffer and am very tired. Well to say the stoke (Apoplexy) touched the sensitive(nervous system). She feels abandoned by people who she thought were her friends. She has been living in a lot of isolation ever since. Physically and mentally exhausted. Finds that she was forced to let go

I need lots of rest and to do nothing. Clear my head and rest my body. You asked me a difficult question. You see that day I had a massage and suddenly I suffer and sometimes it makes me feel good. It’s complicated…

The pain is constant and increases according to my fatigue To reduce it? I massage myself with heating cream and add Essential oils of chili.

Otherwise the feeling of stiffness or compression? There’s nothing I can do about it

This person is in constant pain. She is afraid of having a relapse, another stroke. She believes that she will never be able to regain her health. There are occasions when it becomes so heavy that it cracks. And she cries profusely.

What’s the remedy? Please comment below!




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