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Practice essentials for few commonly met Injuries in Daily Life

    Abstract: Common injuries are dealt in this article, especially common injuries to different structures of the body which are met in daily life. Specific diagnosis of the injury cases and the extent of injury are very much subjective, which varies from patient to patient. Some commonly encountered drugs of injury are discussed with … Continue reading

A word from the Editor – Autumn 2017 -Anxiety, Trauma, Depression

A word from the Editor – Autumn 2017 -Anxiety, Trauma, Depression

Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder and Homeopathy

 Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder and Homeopathy

Trans-generational trauma and homeopathy

Trans-generational trauma and homeopathy

Treating children with homeopathy

Treating children with homeopathy  

Materia medica of common remedies for sports-injuries

 Materia medica of common remedies for sports-injuries

Some injuries and their remedies

 Some injuries and their remedies


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