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Autumn 2017 - Anxiety, Trauma & Depression, Finding Balance and Relief

A word from the Editor – Autumn 2017 -Anxiety, Trauma, Depression

A word from the Editor – Autumn 2017 -Anxiety, Trauma, Depression



Dear readers,



The current issue of CLEVER H. is looking at the topic ‘Anxiety, Trauma and Depression’. The featured articles offer insights into some unfortunate states of health and if, what or how homeopathy can help.


The health issues that are investigated in this publication are not the occasional state of panic or anxiety that may befall us, such as when we scare ourselves or become nervous out of whatever reason. No, these are states that do not usually resolve on their own. These are manifest, they have a longer lasting impact and affect how we go about our day to day business and live our lives.


Featured in this issue are articles on ‘PTSD and Homeopathy, on ‘remedies that have a profile for the treatment of PTSD‘, and on trauma that is carried across generations‘. One interesting article, takes a closer look athow a business can outgrows its pot, and we receive some insights into ‘a case of panic and anxietytreated successfully with homeopathy.


The prevalence of health issues mentioned in the featured articles is increasing, as are situations and events with potential to create such health disorders. This is not surprising considering that if one opens the papers these days, switches on the TV or internet, one could come to believe the world has reached its near end. There is talk that is little florid, of war and launches of nuclear bombs. There are sinister reports of natural disasters and catastrophes, and horrid accounts of planned or committed terrorist attacks. Where you turn your head it appears the world is burning and our lives are at a threat.

Yet, not all is as it seems! Not all is as we are being told, and taking a politician at word, at lot is indeed ‘Fake-news’! However, whether or not all the news shared is true, those incidences that do happen, involve people. Those unfortunate amongst us that have been involved or impacted by such events, may develop conditions that need long-term and intensive treatment in order to be able to cope and manage what they experienced and survived.

For the rest of us, where such occurrences do not imminently impact our lives, the knowledge and sharing of disturbing news stirs our fear, can cause unrest and discomfort. Yet this is nowhere as horrific and threatening as it is for those involved in such scenarios.


I have come to think that it is time we took better care of ourselves; time to switch off the TV, perhaps take a sabbatical from the www, or read less of the ‘sensation’ headliners of newspapers or magazines. We must distance ourselves mentally from what the media brings into our living rooms and onto our phones. Much is not happening now, not on our doorstep, much will not happen at all and much is being made bigger than it is. Let’s face it; unless it is sensational, the good news happening in the world rarely makes it into the news feeds or tickers. Be reminded that we are indeed living in one of the most peaceful eras of world’s existence!

It’s time to take a deep breath and rejoice in all that is positive and optimistic. There is so much out there that is fabulous and joyous, even if we cannot right now see it!


The lovely Autumn season is upon us. This is a most fantastic time of the year that I for one will enjoy. I love the colors, the light, and the lively weather, and I am using this time to make space for more positivity, and will try and block out some of all that negativity out and about.


I hope you enjoy this issue and find the information contained useful. If you would like to write about a topic, case or experience and would like to get your article published in one of the coming issues of CLEVER H., please do get in touch.


I wish you a fabulous season and much of what is positive in life. Enjoy what makes you happy, lifts your mood and puts a smile on your face; spread joy and happiness.


Best of wishes









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