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Trauma – The role of Homeopathy in treating Trauma


Trauma – The role of Homeopathy in treating Trauma







Trauma is the buzz word at the moment. Not a day goes by, when we don’t read about it.


In the past, trauma was referred as physical, a bodily injury and the first aid remedy was Arnica; today trauma is often used in context with mental and emotional issues.


Now, in the age of “me too”, matters that were too painful to discuss are vented loud and wide over the media, especially social media.


Be it through the “me too” movement, the “breast cancer awareness”, “stop domestic violence”, or “save our heroes” the public now gets information that trauma is happening and it is not just a word used in the operating theatre; but it has a profound effect on an emotional level on our society at great economic cost.





Trauma can be caused by war, fire, sexual abuse, existential ruin, emigration, emotional abuse, abandonment, neglect real and imagined.


The effect of trauma is certainly more widely recognized and accepted today. In the days when I grew up, traumas of the psyche were considered a stigma, a taboo and the attitude was: “get over it”. People had to soldier on and toughen up and lived a life with a lot of unresolved issues, often drowning in alcohol or medication.


I was first a Naturopath, then an Astrologer before I studied Homeopathy and became a Classical Homeopath.


As a psychological Astrologer, I often found past life trauma in a person’s chart. Certain charts show more vulnerability than others and less coping mechanisms. A chart consultation enabled me to explain to clients their mission and goals in life. Their responsibility in this life, and their encounter with certain perpetrators or situations they had not mastered in previous lives.


I found, now the clients having gained all the knowledge and insights, could look at their problem from another perspective, yet they could not free themselves from the burden of unresolved issues. Often attracting similar situations again, like co-dependency, inability to say “No”, nor being able to free themselves from fears, lots of different fears!!


Sometimes it is not even an event, but an accumulated energy pattern and they just attract these forces into their lives. Therefore, when triggered, the old anxieties raise their ugly head.


Then I discovered Homeopathy. Oh yes, I did know Homeopathy as a medical tool for mainly pathological issues, childhood illnesses etc. But I was not aware of the deep, profound healing effect Homeopathy had on the emotional plane.


Homeopathic remedies can change our thought patterns of anxiety, introducing a new sense of calm and coping mechanism.


When I finally experienced firsthand what Homeopathy was capable of, reaching the deepest level of our soul, putting our mind at ease, I studied it for many years with passion and obsession.


Hence the name of my business is called “Soulscapesoz”, the landscapes of the soul, where I specialize in treating Mental and Emotional disturbances.


By the time we get to see a patient, their mental symptoms have often travelled into the body (somatisation) and conventional medicine fails to diagnose and treat that problem.


How many patients or acquaintances do you know that have heart problems, where the cardiologist cannot find anything wrong??? For years they run from specialist to specialist who perform test after test. Result: the doctor cannot diagnose anything wrong, nothing.


No, there is probably nothing wrong physically, yet the patients suffer with symptoms such as palpitations, chest pain, high blood pressure, dyspnoea etc.


Have you heard of a broken heart syndrome? Grief can do that to a heart and Homeopathy has many suitable remedies to offer. (Think of the Aurum and their salts), grief and heart combined.


Anxiety about the future or anything imaginary can produce heart symptoms on a perfectly healthy heart. Who is going to ask that patient where this anxiety, this fear, is originating from??


Headaches and migraines are another long chapter of often suppressed grief (think of all the Natrum salts).


A classical Homeopath, through the skills and art of case taking and proper analyses might be able to solve the problem.


It is indeed a great pity that the ordinary person does not know about Homeopathy, nor how it works, let alone the amazing healing effect it has on the emotional and spiritual plane.


It is therefore important, that Homeopaths worldwide start to share their cases in through publication with open minded psychologists and psychiatrists.


Homeopathy is a divine science, and those of us who take the time to study it thoroughly, are truly blessed. However, I do admit, it is difficult to practice, since if the case taking is not done thoroughly, the correct remedy can be missed. Then there is not much effect. This must be explained to a patient, who is not used to go to such detail or history when telling their symptoms.


When I read that over 50% of the population in the US are on anti-depressants, when I see how very young people are medicated, so they become zombies, unfeeling, like robots, I think we can do better.


What is the economic cost you may wonder I mentioned earlier? Depression often results in Drug and Alcohol abuse – think of the rehabilitation of all these millions of often still young people. Food abuse resulting in obesity with the ultimate consequence of diabetes and coronary heart disease, a big burden on the Health system. The loss of workforce through depression and anxiety and thus the loss of tax revenue is enormous.


It is important to realize that the same life situation does not affect every person in the same way. We used to call it thick or thin skinned – some people are just more resilient than others.


Many years of research have gone into grouping remedies into different categories: families, sensations and structures (coping mechanisms, personality structures) and for us Homeopaths, this provides just another differentiating tool.


Very often patients are not aware that they are suffering from unresolved trauma. Peter Levine calls it “Waking the Tiger – healing trauma”. It is the patients’ reaction, defence mechanism or denial that makes life difficult for others to live with them!


What then are these unresolved conflicts?

  • Feeling powerless, thereby seeking a stronger partner, which often results in dominance. Fear of confrontation, not to lose that little bit of love – think of Staphysagria.

  • Negative thinking, low self esteem, depression. (many grief and gemstone remedies)

  • Deep abandonment issues, often throwing patients into co-dependent relationships; think of Magnesium salts.

  • Attachment disorders – the fear of letting go – the fear of change. Think of the Kali group, where the root cause is an unknown anxiety which can have developed in utero.

  • Fears and phobias, panic attacks (think of the Solanacea group)

  • Fears of no particular origin, unable to cope in this world (think of the gas remedies)



Trauma can be passed on over many generations; consider the war generations where generation after generation are still suffering .This passing on of trauma is called epigenetics; another buzz word at the moment.



Trauma can change the brain.

The impact of childhood trauma affects brain development, there is a smaller brain-size, resulting in slower learning in early years, lack of interest, attachment disorders, inability to connect, difficult forming a relationship with peers, impaired readiness to learn, poor concentration, to mention just a few.


Think of the Lac remedies or Sepia for instance in the case of connection issues.


Poor self-regulation, unable to contain emotions, quick reactions, overreaction. Look at our hysterical remedies such as Hyosciamus.




And finally we have PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Just today I read in the newspaper that people have banded together to save our heroes. Wounded warriors of the terrible wars they are asked to fight on our behalf.


It is unimaginable how they suffer and how their families suffer. All these years it was hushed up and relatively little was done for them other than psychiatric drugs which have mind altering side effects; and horrible psychiatric treatment.


Being thrown into a state of collapse in everyday life is what we call PTSD. Here the wounds of shock are deep, often somatised, i.e. the emotional pain now transfers into the body. About 20% of suicides are former soldiers returned from the battle fields.



Symptoms of PTSD can show up such as:


Decreased concentration, hopelessness, nightmares, flashback, intrusive memories, startle response, shame, self hatred, emotional overwhelm, chronic pain, headaches, eating disorders, substance abuse, self destructive behaviour, little or no memories, hypervigilance, dissociation, depression, irritability, loss of interest , numbing, insomnia, suicidal thoughts. Eyes staring, avoiding connection so the loop of feeling isolated and alone is triggered again.


Trauma is not over until the body knows it’s over. Recovery is possible with attuned support. It is a great asset to have homeopathy.


You cannot erase trauma. But you cannot hide forever” says Peter Levine, an American Psychologist


Homeopathy appreciates the psychological source of somatic symptoms. The homeopathic remedies operate at body and mind collectively without any side effects!!


Healing is a life altering opportunity and more people could know about the benefits of Homeopathy in treating Somatoform Disorders and Trauma.


Like no other healing system, Homeopathy has a deep, powerful healing effect within the psyche.


In very severe cases, there is an absolute need for psycho pharmaceuticals! I would not like to create the idea that Homeopathy is the one and only solution. There are some Psychiatrists and Psychologists in Europe, USA, Canada and India that use Homeopathy successfully in treating their severe Trauma patients. Some even manage to wean them off conventional psycho pharmaceuticals over a longer period of time.


Let us share our cases with the patient’s permission, in anonymous form, educate the public and raise awareness. More than ever, today is the time! Do it now!! Encourage one another and show a ray of hope to those suffering.







  • National Geographic: February 2015 Healing Soldiers. Unlocking the secrets of Traumatic Brain Injury by Caroline Alexander
  • The Daily Telegraph: 5.2.2020. Headline: Justice. Save our Heroes, for our wounded warriors, at last. By Matthew Benns and Adella Beaini
  • Bessel v.d.Kolk: The body keeps the score
  • Peter L. Tumminello: Psyche and structure – crystals and minerals in Homeopathy
  • Rajan Sankaran: The soul of remedies




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Pia Is a Trauma aware trained practitioner, practising Classical Homeopathy in Avalon Beach, Sydney


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