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A short, concise case of fibroid successfully treated with homeopathy

A short, concise case of fibroid successfully treated with homeopathy


This is a case of Female patient age 44 years, a house wife. She came with the complaint of small subserosal posterior wall fibroid (subserosal nodule 18×14mm). She is an old patient and only recently developed this condition.

The patient was suffering from a lot of pain. At times she was experiencing violent pain in the lower abdomen which was radiating to the thighs.

Accompanying the pain in abdomen, she had swelling in abdomen.





The patient is very sensitive, emotional and sad. She has kind of depressive thoughts.

Whenever there is some stress she becomes restless and sad.

She is very anxious and fearful about the health of her child and about everything.

Even with small things she gets anxiety.

She loves talking. Whenever she comes to the clinic she talks too much; and she feels good and relaxed after talking. (On this indication she was previously prescribed Lachesis once).



She gets DREAMS where she gets scared – she has fearful dreams.

Appetite – normal

Sleep – normal

She is thirst-less

Urine – normal

Stool – sometimes bleeding in the stool.




Remedy that has action on female reproductive organs

Remedy which covers the pain and exactly the kind of pain.

Remedy which covers the mental symptoms of fearful restlessness and sadness.

Similimum that has depression and female conditions as a centre.





Fraxinus americana 30 three times a day for a month

Repeat for 3 months.





Pain was better in 7 days

Emotionally she got little better after 2 months.

Then Fraxinus americana 200 two times a day for a month was given

Report-07-8-2018 fibroid was completely cleared.







About the Author:


Dr.Vasudha Vij, B.H.M.S, C.C.A.H graduated from Punjab. Her passion for Homeopathy brought her to Mumbai where she learned advance techniques of Homeopathy . She learned, and is working on cancer and other pathological cases. She has visited the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Alonissos, Greece, where she did a course and learned Classical Homeopathy. She is highly dedicated towards Homeopathy having a great interest in deeply understanding every patient. She has presented her cases in Bulgaria and in Spain. She runs her own practice.

Clinic- Swasthi Homeopathic Clinic

Phone no. 8291878149


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