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Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice for Disease Prevention

Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice for Disease Prevention


– Reaching the World with Homeoprophylaxis –

As a whole, the world is only now awakening to the fact that there is actually a viable, nontoxic immunisation option. Homeoprophylaxis – the prophylactic use of homeopathic medicines – has been known and utilized for more than 200 years. It is time for this to now be in the hands of trained homeopaths and other interested healthcare practitioners of the world – to provide this for the people of the world, who are crying for this healthy immunisation option.



My name is Cathy Lemmon. I am a homeopath practising in the United States.



Recognizing the growing call for a choice, when it comes to disease prevention, I established Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice for Disease Prevention ( in 2015. Through this organization, I have been able to present worldwide conferences – the first, taking place in Dallas, Texas, USA in 2015; the second in the Netherlands in 2017; and the third, and most recent, taking place in early January 2020 in New Delhi, India.



These conferences have been well-received by growing audiences. The aura at these conferences has been positive and building.



At these conferences, we have been able to host renowned homeopathic speakers, including Dr. Isaac Golden of Australia, Dr. Gustavo Bracho of Cuba, Dr. Raj Manchanda of India, and Dr. Ravi Roy and Carola Lage-Roy of Germany. We have also welcomed non-homeopath speakers, including Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, and immunologist from the Ukraine, now living in the United States; Dr. Andrew Wakefield of the UK, now living in the United States; and attorneys Jim Turner and Alan Phillips, both of the United States.



The idea of using homeopathic medicines prophylactically – or preventatively – is nothing new. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann himself, as recorded in his Lesser Writings, discovered this as early as 17991. Dr. Arthur Grimmer, former president of the American Institute of Homeopathy and the International Hahnemannian Society, said in 1949 that, “As the Law of Similars excels in the power to cure, it excels more forcibly and certainly in the art of disease prevention.”2



Because, for a variety of reasons, this understanding is largely lost today, these international conferences have been presented to help awaken people to the fact that effective immunity through nontoxic and inherently safe homeopathic means is available. This is also why, to my great pleasure, these conferences have all been very widely attended and accepted.






The term, “immunity”, is a recently-developed one
3. And we, in the western world, have been conditioned to see the terms “immunisation” and “vaccination” as if they were the same. These conferences have been working to help clear this up. Homeoprophylaxis is a form of immunisation – and homeopathic immunisation must be recognized for the effective option it is and has been for more than 200 years.



Homeopaths have been utilizing homeopathic medicines for immunisation, again, since Hahnemann’s time. It is nothing new. But today we are very much crowded by the idea that vaccination is the only form of immunisation available, so this has been marginalized or altogether forgotten about in a large part of the world.



Before I left India, a homeopath of more than 30 years’ practise there shared that homeopathic prophylaxis (“HP”) has been a part of her practise this whole time. She shared that her homeopathic practise simply would not be complete without it. I have been in contact with homeopaths in many other countries who have also been utilizing “HP” for decades – and with great success.



This is the wake-up call that is happening because of the international conferences and overall outreach happening with HPWWC. HP is nothing new – and it has a consistent track record of being very effective.







The first HPWWC conference in Dallas was the one to “lift the lid” and begin helping people know that there is a nontoxic immunization option. The following conference in the Netherlands carried with it a further outreach for the legal recognition that there is more than one immunisation option. Being held in Europe, this conference welcomed attendees from all over Europe as well as the US, Australia, India, and Japan – so the door was opened even wider for recognition of HP.



The need to also reach out to the people of Asia was felt even stronger, then. And, in counseling with those on the HPWWC board as well as with Dr. Torako Yui, the homeopath from Japan who basically introduced homeopathy to her country, it was decided to pursue India for the next conference.



India is a fascinating country. Homeopathy is already recognized and supported by the government of India and is widely practised there. More than 100 million people in India utilize homeopathy exclusively for their healthcare4. HP is actually taught at many of the homeopathic universities in India. And there were many homeopathic university students who attended the conference in India.



Putting the HPWWC New Delhi conference together proved to be a very enriching experience. I had the honor of working very closely with many homeopathic leaders in India. India has a governmental organization called the Central Council for Research in Homeopathy (CCRH). I worked with Dr. Raj Manchanda, the former director general of this entity and now the Director of Ayush in Delhi. I also worked with the now current director general of the CCRH, Dr. Anil Khurana. I also worked with many other notables there.



The Lieutenant Governor of New Delhi, His Excellency, Anil Baijal, was the guest of honor at the conference. He presided at the opening ceremonies. To hallmark how widely practised homeopathy is in the nation of India, in his remarks, he shared that, when he left his home, it was news to him that there was any medicine other than homeopathy.



A song was even written for this event by Dr. Sanjeev Burman, ex-pharmacist, Directorate of Ayush in Delhi, who is also a well-known songwriter in India.



The speakers at the conference highlighted the depth to which homeopathic prophylaxis has been studied. Dr. Isaac Golden, whose PhD is in HP and has been keynote speaker at each of the HPWWC conferences, shared a lot of the data he has been collecting since 1986. He also spoke of effective research techniques to help validate HP further. Dr. Gustavo Bracho of Cuba shared about the tremendous experience in his country from 2007 and 2008 with HP and the disease of leptospirosis and how homeoprophylaxis can be used for large scale epidemic control. He also spoke about further application of homeopathy as an integrative approach for prevention.



Other solid speakers shared about many significant aspects of HP, including its efficacy at prevention of malaria and Japanese encephalitis. Dr. Monthaka Teerachaisakul, a guest speaker from Thailand, shared remarkable evidence about how HP worked at preventing infectious bronchitis in poultry. Kate Birch of the US shared some preliminary findings regarding HP and its use in children in her country.



The conference was closed with a panel of speakers where the future perspective of homeoprophylaxis was discussed. It was a very positive ending that, I feel, gave those attending solid motivation to continue on and know that HP is very solid and appropriate to have as part of their homeopathic practise.



Many times through the conference it was shared that India is now leading the way in the world, as far as homeopathy. From what I have now seen, this I do not doubt in the least. Post-conference, we were able to tour an actual CCRH research facility in New Delhi. One of 19 homeopathic facilities in New Delhi alone, there is amazing work being done there – and it is also visited by 600-800 patients daily, seeking homeopathic help.



Homeopathy is solid in India. Having the third international conference for Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice held in this country was very appropriate and was very much an honor. Setting an example for the world for homeopathy and for HP, it will be good to move ahead, knowing of the solid work happening there.



HPWWC is now moving on to its next phase – this of working on more localized levels to help further solidify homeoprophylaxis as an acceptable immunisation option. We will still be offering conferences as requested, but we will now be working more with local homeopaths and interested healthcare providers, wherever they may be in the world, to ensure homeoprophylaxis is more firmly recognized for what it has been for more than 200 years.



It is good to be optimistic for the future. No disease prevention source will ever offer 100% effectiveness. But HP has been documented to work about 90% of the time, and its homeopathic roots help it to stand for itself. HPWWC is very pleased to be helping enable this at every level.



The song by well-known homeopath and songwriter in India, Dr. Sanjeev Burman can be found here








1 – Lesser Writings

2 – As reference in article, Prophylaxis Within Homeopathy: Some Points Necessary to Understand –

3 –

4 –





About the Author:

Cathy Lemmon, BA, LCPH, CHP, holds a postgraduate licentiate from the College of Practical Homeopathy in London as well as diplomas from the School of Homeopathy in the UK. She has also received training in psychosomatic homeopathy (Gesundes Bewußtsein, Germany) and the homeopathic treatment of epidemics and disease from the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation (ARHF, Netherlands).

She is certified in the prophylactic use of homeopathic medicines (homeoprophylaxis, “HP”) through training from Dr. Isaac Golden in Australia as well as Dr. Ravi Roy and Carola Lage-Roy in Germany.

She is also certified in the homeopathic treatment of vaccine damage, trained in this through Dr. Isaac Golden.

Cathy is the founder and president of Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice for Disease Prevention (HPWWC). Through this organization, she has put together the international conferences for homeoprophylaxis, which have taken place in Dallas, Texas, USA; the Netherlands; and New Delhi, India. These have been remarkable events, bringing in the finest and most knowledgeable speakers as well as interested parties from all over the world.

Currently the biggest part of her homeopathic practise, Cathy also presents about HP through seminars and webinars as well, which have taken place throughout the US and in several nations throughout the world.

She has published articles primarily on HP on as well as in Homoeopathic Links, the German homeopathic magazine, Surya, and the Dutch homeopathic magazine, Dynamis.

Cathy is also very busy in her homeopathic practise in Dallas, Texas, servicing people from infants to adults, and teaching about the wonderful and whole form of medicine that homeopathy is.

And, of course, she enjoys spending her spare time on her small natural/organic farm, with her husband and the wonderful animals there.

Cathy is a member of the National Center for Homeopathy, the Texas Society of Homeopathy, the North American Society of Homeopathy, and the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.


Cathy Lemmon, BA, LCPH, CHP, MARH

Healthy Healing Arts, LLC and HPWWC

P.O. Box 1153 Rockwall, TX 75087






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