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DISEASES OF SKIN WITH HOMOEOPATHIC MANAGEMENT–Book review by Dr Mansoor Ali, Associate Professor, Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College, Kozhikode, Kerala, India.


Author Dr KS Gopi
Former Professor , Govt. Homoeopathy Medical College. Calicut
Contact for copies : 93888 29808
Published by AIY publications
Kozhikode. 673015. Kerala
Email :

Price: 450
Pages: 290

Salient features
• A practical guide for practitioners and students
• Color photographs for proper identification of disease condition
• Easy selection of homoeopathic remedy
• Miasmatic analysis of disease condition
This book is a practical guide for practitioners and medical students. It includes detailed description of all common dermatological and cosmetological conditions with photographs and homoeopathic management. The special arrangement of therapeutic section will helps in the easy selection of remedy including most suitable potency in various skin complaints.
Separate chapters on
1. Homoeopathic approach in dermatological disorders
2. Structure and functions of skin
3. Case taking, history and examinations in skin disorders
Division of each chapter
• Definition
• Causes
• Symptoms
• Medical Advice
• Homoeopathic Treatment with potency
• Biochemic and external applications

More than 100 dermatological condition from Abscess to Xeroderma explained in this book – a real support for students and practitioners




  • I am a student of Homoeopathy this is a must have………IDELMA, USA

  • Great book from great person……NELA RITZ—-GERMANY

  • The content of the book is really good, easy to comprehend. Almost all the ailments have been included for a quick reference ………KRISHNA KANTH SINGH

  • Is in real sense a great work on the Homoeopathic cure. Price is no more in the matter of the work. I strongly recommend this work for the lovers of Homoeopathy………GHANIA SINGH

  • Very useful in day to day practice ……….your work is so great for new beginners Homoeopath and students and I advice all Homoeopaths have this book compulsory ………..DR YOGESH

  • Got the book……..don’t know what to say……..It is such a great work…………which is really helpful for the beginners like me—–DR ARYA PR

  • Great book print & paper quality is very good and content, compile and your efforts in this amazing finally I will rename it as BIBLE OF HOMEOPATHY ……Sreenivasa Reddy





About the Author:

Dr K S GOPI, B Sc, BHMS, MD (Hom.)

Dr. K S Gopi, BSc, BHMS, MD, Former Professor, Govt. Homoeopathic Medical  College, Kozhikode, Kerala, India have got three decades of teaching and research experiences in the field of Homoeopathy. He has published many research papers in national and international journals. Chief consultant of Dr. Gopi’s multi-speciality homeopathy clinic.


Books published by him are : Encyclopedia of medicinal plants used in Homoeopathy  10 vols, Homoeopathy a complete family health guide, Easy Prescriber, Herbarium, A text book of Homoeopathic pharmacy, Diseases of skin with Homoeopathic management, Cosmetic medicines in Homoeopathy, Homoeopathy for Baby and child, Sports medicines in Homoeopathy, Cure kidney stones with Homoeopathy, Cure Dengue fever, Chikungunya and Malaria with Homoeopathy, Materia Medica 5 vols, Control hypertension without Medicines, Sexual life- problems and solutions, Mothertincture and low potency prescription.



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