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Editorial: Mid-Winter 2020

    Dear Readers,   In the past two months in particular, but since a much longer time on and off, I have heard of, or have been confronted with, either directly or indirectly, the ‘care’ side of healthcare. Sadly, those experiences, across the board, were mostly negative.   Therefore, I feel inclined to want … Continue reading

Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice for Disease Prevention

– Reaching the World with Homeoprophylaxis – As a whole, the world is only now awakening to the fact that there is actually a viable, nontoxic immunisation option. Homeoprophylaxis – the prophylactic use of homeopathic medicines – has been known and utilized for more than 200 years. It is time for this to now be … Continue reading

Epidemiological studies in homeopathy

Epidemiological studies in homeopathy  


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