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Psora is derived from Hebrew – “TSORT”, signifying Venom or Malignancy. In Greek, it is translated as ‘Psora’, i.e. “cutaneous disease” & then into internal itch. According to HAHNEMANN, it represents morbid base of non-venereal chronic disease, the only real fundamental cause & producer of all innumerable, forms of disease.” It is the latest taint in system preventing cure of certain disease. At least 7/8’s of all chronic maladies spring from it. HAHNEMANN said in chronic diseases that even large sarcomatous lesions can develop from Psora.



Hahnemann described Psora as historically the first and pathologically the fundamental miasm. Psora creates the susceptibility to all other miasms and diseases. Hahnemann wrote in his great work on the miasms, The Chronic Diseases, that Psora is contagious by the slightest touch, which explains why this miasm is present in every human being; some argue, in fact, that it is present in every living thing. It arises from the skin eruption that was called “itch” in Hahnemann’s time and that is now known as scabies, and it reflects this origin by counting among its symptoms the kind of rash that itches more from being scratched.



The central idea of the Psoric miasm has been described as weakness, or lack. Psora gives us the feeling that we are small, weak, unable to succeed in the face of a challenge, overwhelmed by the demands that life makes on us. It is the feeling of lack—lack of strength, stamina, power, or whatever else it takes to survive, especially in comparison with the threats and demands around us, which in turn look all the more threatening because of our Psora. Psora is the influence that makes us feel we can never have enough money, comfort, belongings, or love. Psora makes us fear robbers who might steal what we own, and it makes us conscientious in our work so that we can feel more secure. It makes children wary of the dark, of strangers, and of new situations. It makes us dress and behave for social acceptance. It provides us with stage fright and test anxiety, and it makes us buy insurance, save for retirement, and rent safe-deposit boxes at the bank.



Primary manifestation is a peculiar cutaneous eruption accompanied by intolerable voluptuous tickling itching. The cause of Psora is the mere material substance of parasite in itself cannot be infective agent, but in virtue of it being a living thing, it can be considered as carrying within it’s body cells it’s own peculiar dynamis, which it may impact to the cells of human body. No other symptom is so pathognomonic of Psora as a Pruritis. Psoric miasma is not an external but rather an internal disease.



Latent phase of Psora are the minor symptoms for patient which patient neglects to tell to physician &thinks that it is normal. During this phase, the patient is mentally alert ,quick, active, depressed & sad, Easily fatigued, fits of anger, anxiety, fear of death, swelling of glands without cause, frequent one sided headache, Frequent boils, corns, Epistaxis, Restlessness, <New moon, Unhealthy skin, every little lesion passes into sores, Better by crying or natural eliminative functions, < Morning, winter, standing.



Secondary manifestations include Vertigo, Debility, Hysteria, Paralysis, Convulsions, Haemorrhage, Urinary calculus, Gout & arthritis, Jaundice, Depression, Impotence, Caries & cancer, Epilepsy



Psora presents as Swollen lip, Burnt taste, Silky hair, No perspiration, Mousy hair, Ears too big, Early greying of hair, Cupid bow lips, Dilated pupils, Little blue veins of skin. Psoric patient presents fear of death, oversensitive, quick and active, philosophical outlook, uneasy, anxiety, mania of self destruction- angry man, quick change, weeps without cause. Amelioration by cold, lying down, sleep, rest, scratching, open air.



All HYPOS are mainly Psora, for example, Hypoplasia, atrophy, ataxia, anaemia. Lack, scanty, less & absence denotes Psora. Dryness of membranes, Serous Secretions, Carbonitrogenoid constitution, with lots of ideas, Hyperactive & hypersensitive mind n body, which result from hypo immunity and increased susceptibility, Weak memory, very studious, Quickly fatigued with desire to lie down, Selfishness & deprivation, presents a false image of himself, Philosophical, Thoughtful but no practical sense, Hair fall with dandruff, split at ends, Vertigo from indigestion and emotional disturbances, Dry meatus even in otorrhea, Oversensitive to smell, All food taste as if burnt, Face inverted, blue colour, Bradycardia, Hammering sensation in pericardium, Slow intestinal peristalsis, Constipation with offensive stool, Persistent dryness in skin, suppression of skin conditions, Dry, harsh nails, Psoric neuralgic pains, Prone to develop malignancy at age of 40, all these represent PSORA. The patient has a desire for sweet, fatty, fried, indigestible, hot foods & Aversion to milk, boiled foods, with Mental restlessness and anxiety, unrefreshing sleep, with fearful dreams.



To treat Psoric disease, Anti psoric medicines must be chosen and matched the whole or part of the psoric disease according to law of similars. Psoric remedies, according to Hahnemann, include Aloes, Arsenic, Belladonna, Calcarea, Causticum, Hyoscyamus, Psorinum, Natrum mur, Rhus tox, Sulphur. But Hahnemann writes, “the cure of an old Psora that has been deprived of it’s eruption, whether it may be latent & quiescent or already broken out into chronic disease, can never be accomplished with Sulphur alone, not with Sulphur baths, either natural or artificial.




About the Author:


Dr Yashika Arora

B.H.M.S. (N.H.M.C., D.U.) 

P.G. Scholar, D.K.M.M.H.M.C. (Aurangabad) 

Achiever of STSH (2015-16) Scholarship Programme by C.C.R.H.

Clinic: Janakpuri, Delhi




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