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Understanding the rare used medicine “ASAFOETIDA”

Understanding the rare used medicine “ASAFOETIDA”

62 years Female .Chronic Gastritis, since 2 to 3 years. 


Disturbed sleep .H/o chronic varicose veins.

Came for Acidity and Eructation Case taken in April 20.


Patient: – I am suffering from gases (burps, eructation) after every meal; within one hour I start burping out initially.

I was managing it, but nowadays since it is a continued series of 50, 60 to 70 eructation or more than 100. I can count it (A)


 Doctor: -are you counting it really? 


Patient: – no… no… Dr, I am just saying I can’t say how much noisy and annoying it’s become …


Doctor: – what you feel why this is happening? 


Patient: – I feel that every part of my body is filled with gas, wherever I touch, it comes out. (And she show me) 

I think my meals don’t get digested, it turns into gas only, and see how I am looking now puffy, and everywhere is gas in body (B)

I was telling my sister that these gases come from bones also, .. see how I have become (she was showing me how she is looking, fat!) 


Doctor: – so what did you do? 


Patient : – I massage the area wherever the pain is. At night, if I don’t massage my legs I can’t sleep, I even continue with eructation. It’s only after the massage that I get to sleep. 

Nowadays because of this heaviness, I don’t get sound sleep. I feel like there is pressure on my chest, and I wake up from bed and then walk and again I try to sleep (D) 


Doctor: – why is this happening? 


Patient: – Actually, I currently  only cook food and I do all preparations with less oil, as my husband also has diabetes and hypertension,  so I prefer less oily food, and I even didn’t ate any tasty food since almost 2 years. I wonder how people can eat everything and they don’t have any problems and I am taking care and precautions and still I can’t eat tasty food which I like most.

My son prepared some paneer, I only ate one bite and see today I am having eructations that are like blasts & (she shows me with pressing her throat and eructation came out)

Today, the left side of my throat is burning, something is in the throat; if I press my throat and gas is released than I feel better. After gas passes, In the last week I even had swollen eyes and when I apply pressure on the eyes, throat, head, or back any part of my body produces gasses.


Doctor: – so what have you taken for it?


Patient: – nothing, I massage on the painful parts and gas is released then I feel better. But I didn’t take antacids.


Doctor: – any stress nowadays? 


Patient: – no stress but, I feel that this throat pain could be a big diseases? 


Doctor: – why, are you feeling any pain in your throat also? 


Patient: – yes, too much acidity.


I think there is problem in my stomach. If my digestion improves, then this gas problem will be solved. All things are coming from stomach only.

I eat with consciousness. Anything I eat turns into gas. I am fearful of eating. 

If I eat, I have to sit and press for gases to get released. Then I feel sad, and ask myself, why I ate food, while eating I also knew that gases would come after food. I have to suffer but I can’t keep my stomach empty.


And within 3 days her eructation stopped and she could sleep. She didn’t complain after that about gases and loud eructation and was in an absolute better condition. 


Mind: Exaggerating, symptoms her (CR,Murphy) 

To make something seem larger, better, worse, etc. than it really is


Mind : Delusion Swollen, is 

(Swollen) (CR) -Metaphor Characteristic of false pride, exaggerate sense of self importance, but here in case we took as patient is actually feeling heavy and swollen


C) Mind -Anxiety Hysterical (CR) 

Hysteria – Hysteria is the term for unmanageable emotional excesses. People who are “hysterical” often lose self- control due to an overwhelming emotional outburst. It is the behaviour exhibiting excessive or uncontrollable emotion, such as fear or panic. It is the state of uncontrolled excitement, anger or panic.

Hysteria – here metaphorical use of this rubric as patient under tremendous fear, anxiety, restlessness and exaggerate her symptoms like more than 70-100 gasses coming out from bones? Every part of body feel up with gas… 


D) Mind-Anxiety; Health about: abdominal complaints, with 

Anxiety from all complaints coming from stomach digestion’ disturbance causes patient worried more 


E) Mind -Anxiety; Hypochondriacal 

The original Greek ‘hypochondriakos’ referred to the region of the abdomen, an area that ancient doctors believed to be the seat of misery or melancholia. It stands to reason, then, that hypochondriacs are usually unhappy, simply because they always imagine they’re sick.




Hypochondriasis refers to excessive preoccupation or worry about having a serious illness. This debilitating condition is the result of an inaccurate perception of the body’s condition despite the absence of an actual medical condition. It is a mental disorder characterized by excessive fear of or preoccupation with a serious illness, despite medical testing and reassurance to the contrary. An abnormal state characterized by emotional depression and imagined ill health, often accompanied by symptoms untraceable to any organic disease. If someone suffers from hypochondria, they continually worry about their health and imagine that they are ill, although there is really nothing wrong with them.

F) Mind -Anxiety: eating after 

Patient all complaints starts after eating while eating after eating so she is having persistent anxiety 


G) Mind -Fear: eating after  


H) Mind-Anguish: Eating; after 

Cause of flatulent she get anguished that she have to sit to press and massage over to painful side and pain start anywhere in body after eating 


I) Mind -Fears, phobias, general; stomach, arising from (Murphy R) 


I) Fear, stomach; arising from (S R)- 

Patient saying all problems in stomach if it get cured all thing will be fine 


J) Mind -Anguish; Abdominal complaints in


K) Mind-Sadness: Eating: After 


L) Eructation loud noisy (Phatak R)





Asafoetida (Key notes) 


(Gum of the Stinkasand, Devil’s Dung, and Food of the Gods):- the plant Narthex asafoetida is used as a condiment for flavouring sauces and food (In Hindi -Hing) 

Hysterical Flatulence forcible eructation it gas, violent gastralgia; Gurgling and rolling of wind which escapes afterwards with a loud and difficult eructation 

Flatulence pushing upwards throat 

Flatulence hysterical, with great difficulty in expulsion, loud, noisy, and offensive 

Eructation’s; flatulence extremely foetid gurgling and rolling of wind; difficult, loud expulsion  

Forcible eructation of gas. 

Hysterical, Restlessness, anxiety .

Bursting feeling in abdomen as if everything was coming up to the mouth 

Asafoetida – more rubric for understanding the medicine 

Mind-Anxiety; chest in 

Mind-Anxiety; Death, die as if about to (Perfect R)

Mind-Anxiety; excitement, from 

Mind-Anxiety; excitement from, with irritable heart 

Mind-Anxiety; heart complaints in 

Mind-Anxiety; driving him from place to place 

Mind-Anxiety; Fever, during 

Mind-Anxiety; Nervous attack; with 

Mind-Anxiety; moaning, Groaning, with 

Mind; Anxiety: pain with 

Mind-Anxiety; palpitation with 

Mind- Anxiety, abdomen, arising from 

Mind-Delusion, imaginations die about to 

Mind-Delusion, imagination; enlarged 

Mind-Discontented; oneself with 

Mind-Death, agony fear of 

Mind-Fear; Death, of Heart symptoms, during (Perfect) 

Mind-Fear, Death of 

Mind -Fear, Alone Being 

Mind-fear being solitude of 

Mind-Fear Death of heart complaints in (CR) 

Mind-Fear paralysis of 

Mind-Fear, Brain, softening of 

Mind-Fear, death of impending of 

Mind-fear evil of 

Mind-Grief, sorrow, general; Fits, of grief (single Asaf, Murphy) *

Mind-Greed, cupidity; Eating, drinking in 

Mind-Joy: fits of, with bursts of laughter:

Mind-Laughing: joy, with excessive:

Mind-Sadness: Heart complaints; with Heart sensation, from;

Mind-Sadness; Pressure about chest and heart, from;

Mind-writing, general, Agg, mental symptoms 

Mind-Hysteria position with constant change of 

Mind- Hysteria throat complaints in 

Mind –FICKLE (Changing frequently, the person is not able to concentrate on one thing)

Mind- Gloomy, morose 

Mind-Ideas abundant 

Mind- Ideas deficiency of 

Mind- Indifference, apathy, irritability in 

Mind- Indifference, apathy, everything to 

Mind- Indolence, aversion to work 

Mind -Irritability alternate with indifference 

Mind- Irritability sadness with 

Mind- Laughing alternate with shrieking 

Mind- Laughing hysterical 

Mind- Mood changeable variable touch on 

Mind- Restlessness chill during 

Mind- Restlessness move must drive one from place to place 

Mind- Restlessness nervousness anxious 

Mind- Restlessness nervousness hypochondriacal 

Mind- Restlessness nervousness hysterical 

Mind- Sensitive over sensitive delivery parturition after 

Mind- Sensitive over sensitive impression to all external 

Mind- Sensitive over sensitive noise to.

Mind- Sensitive over sensitive sensual impression to.

Mind- Sensual impression ailment from  .

Mind- Chaotic behaviour.

Mind- Unconscious coma coition after (agar, dig, Asaf) only. 



About the Author:


DrVrushali K Pandya. 

(BHMS, Diploma in Counselling –Blackford U.K)

RgD No -43464

Practising Homeopathy since more than 10 years, practising on mind method, cured many chronic cases of skin ailments Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, 

 And Gynaecology issues such as PCOD, Metrorrohagia, PMS, etc..

Anal fistula, Haemorrhoids. 

Counselling sessions for Depression, Anxiety, Adolescent issues and behaviour problems in children, 

Published article in various platform earlier;- 

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