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A case of 47 yrs old lady who came to us with cramps in the calf muscles along with warts on the neck and hairfall as her chief complaints. However, her main complaint and concern was the calf muscle pain (cramps) which was unbearable for her and was almost an everyday thing for her since a long time. She has taken several multi-vitamins and Calcium for the same with no relief.


The case was under our Resident Doctors and she was given Arsenic Album, Nat Mur, Sepia, Lachesis & Lycopodium. Out of which Sepia gave the patient some relief, but was not lasting hence, a retake was taken under us.







Pain in the calf muscles. There is uneasiness, restlessness when there is pain. I constantly move my legs. The cramps are unbearable.

Pain starts especially at night, when I am relaxed and in bed.

Agg at rest, by draft of air++, night+++

Amel by stretching, by covering with a blanket.





On observation: She is an overweight, fair lady very well dressed with a bright pink lipstick. She said she was in excruciating pain but she looked dressed for the occasion. Her appearance did not match her pain that she was describing.


D: You look beautiful this evening.



P: Smiles, I am very particular about dressing. Lipstick matches the exact colour of the dress. I have a lipstick matching to every dress I own. I even have a Black coloured lipstick!! It’s an inbuilt quality, I love dressing up.



D: Tell us about your nature?


My routine is generally busy. I do not have any physically straining work.


I do my husband’s office documentation work at home. I like to remain busy. That’s it.



D: Tell us about your childhood?


In my childhood I used to run from studies. Used to get tensed of the result. After marriage no pressure as such, by grace of God all is well. As a child, I didn’t used to work at all. I was a pampered child. Didn’t like outdoor sports.



D: So, did you participate in extra-curricular activities in school, performed on stage?


Never, I can’t do that. I don’t have that confidence. I am very nervous with public speaking. I simply avoid those kinds of events. I do not participate.



D: Tell more.


I am better when I am out of Mumbai, maybe because I am mentally free. No daily routine. But I am mentally disturbed when I have to go somewhere like when I have to catch a flight or travel in a train. It is like an anticipatory anxiety.



D: You work very fast?


Yes!! My working speed is fast. I like my work to be done quickly.



D: Hobbies?


I love family gatherings, fun, going out, meeting friends, laughter. General fun things.


I don’t get bored when I am alone. I keep myself busy.



D: What else about you?


I get very tensed when my son gets sick. He once got a seizure, when he had a fever in childhood. I was very anxious, I didn’t leave his side of the bed for many days. Visited several doctors. I am very attached to my son. I was mentally disturbed. Worrying what if his brain was affected. What if he becomes mentally challenged or something? I was very very nervous.


But now I am preparing myself mentally when he gets married, I will keep my distance. His wife will not like interference practically.





When things don’t go my way. I am LOUD. I scream. I express what I feel.

E.g. my mother in law, I will fight with her but next forget about it too. It is just like every household. Nothing major.





I don’t like violent, action movies. I watch Drama or Comedy. No hobbies as such, I am a housewife. My household duties and responsibilities are everything. I AM A VERY ORGANIZED PERSON.


I LIKE CLEANLINESS. So, my entire day goes in that.





No fears as such. Creatures on discovery channel I don’t like. I can’t watch those kind of shows with reptiles and all sorts of insects and animals.


This was a clear denial in other parts of the case we see she is very anxious about her child, about health, about public speaking, about seeing creatures on TV or even violent shows on TV. In general, she was a timid person on left side of the chart.




STOOL: Good motions → After having beetroot.

CRAVINGS: Sandwiches, Burgers



D: Do you like Pani Puri?


YES!! I love Pani Puri (Mixture of spicy, sour, sweet)

For those who know this remedy, know this is a confirmatory question. And often confirms this remedy.


THIRST: Normal

PERSPIRATION: Especially on face and back


SLEEP: Disturbed because of my leg pains.





Hair fall, Dandruff, Warts, Double Nails, Crack, Brittle. Nail Biting





A very family-oriented person.

Sensitive person


Nervous Anticipation when she has to go somewhere (Anxiety, when time is set)

Wants to be busy all the times, speed of work fast, otherwise gets bored

Very attached to her son.

Lack of confidence, Timid

Cleanliness (Delusion of dirty)

Likes everything Organized (Fastidious)

Anxiety of Health.

Nail Biting

Very LOUD+++

Agg: at night, uncovering

Amel: Stretching, Covering

Cr: Pani Puri

Av: Sweets





Ailments from anticipation

Sensitive, reprimands, to

Anxiety, time is set, if a


Time passes too slowly, appears longer.





Medorrhinum is a nosode. It represents the sycotic miasm.

The main feeling of the sycotic miasm is “I am OK as long as my weakness is covered up”

The fear of being exposed in Medorrhinum is seen in its fear and anxieties.

The person is always anticipating that something will happen. She has this anticipation whenever she has to go somewhere out. Time passes too slowly for the person especially when she is travelling, therefore she doesn’t like travelling. There is a constant inner anxiety and restlessness of feet and constant biting of nails (all of these are present in the case)

In order to cover up her inner weakness, the Medorrhinum patient can take the opposite stance, in that she can become quite egoistic, critical, rude, selfish, insensitive, extravagant and act as if nothing really scares, bothers or affect her. (In this case if you notice, she dressed up so extravagant when is under severe pain visiting a doctor- this also indicates her coping mechanism, cover up)

This cover up is also seen in her Fears, where she initially denies having any fears.

Anxious when the time is set and is very hurried and impatient.

They have a very fixed way of doing things.





Desires sweet and sour combination

Greasy face

Restlessness, feet





Worse when thinking about the ailment





Restlessness of feet

Greasy Face





Medorrhinum 200 [4 Powders]

2 powders BD for 2 days

SL 3 BD for 7 days







I am 70- 75% better.

Pain is better.

Now it is only there in the right calf and when I press it I feel pain.

Pain is also there in the elbows and back.

Pain in the elbow joint is also there.

I have gained weight.

My clothes also feel tight nowadays.

It was a sudden weight gain in the past 1 month.

Rx: None




I am better 80 – 85%.

But still the day before yesterday there was pain, because of over exertion.

But I did not take the SOS medicine.

So, it subsided the next day.

Got my menses today.

Maybe because of that there is pain (12/02/2020 – LMP).

Sometimes there is no pain at all.

I feel loose and become happy.

Pain in the arms is there, but is less than earlier.

Rx: Medorrhinum 200 [4 Powders]

2 BD x 2 days








I am 80 – 85% better.

Calf pain has greatly reduced. There is pain due to exertion and tiredness

Warts have reduced drastically. Hairfall is not as better, but overall hair quality has improved.

Overall, I am much better.



Medorrhinum 200 [1 Powder]

Medorrhinum 200 (Small Bottle) – SOS

The patient continues to follow-up in the clinic and is doing better.





Drs Prajakta Vaidya & Preety Shah.

Dr. Manali Kesarkar was the resident doctor who helped with this case and compiling this article and follow-ups.



About the Authors:

Dr. Prajakta Vaidya, M.D &  Dr. Preety Shah, BHMS

Healing Harmony is a Homeopathic Holistic healing initiative. Their approach is multi-dimensional, and they offer a range of holistic therapies like meditation, yoga, diet and counselling along with homeopathic treatment. They also conduct health retreats called “Karvaan” to help their clients move from fragments to whole. Insightful and passionate, Dr. Prajakta Vaidya and Dr. Preety Shah are a dynamic duo with over 10 + years of practice together at their couple of clinics in Mumbai, India.


Zen: 16, Gajanan Niwas, Liberty Garden Road No. 2, Malad (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064

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