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A Case study of Paranoid Schizophrenia: Homeopathy is saviour!!

A Case study of Paranoid Schizophrenia: Homeopathy is saviour!!




A 14 Yrs male child- says – ‘People always pick on me . It is me who is punished always, without any fault. In the school bus the kids tease me. The teacher blames that I start trouble. But I am not troubling ! They all gang up on me. People are always nasty to me. They poke fun at me. I try to ignore them but then I lose my temper and hit them.. if anybody is getting injured; that’s not my business!! Family environment is not good. Mother is sindhi and father is Maratha. Though it is love marriage, but lot of quarrels and financial instability at home. Father is alcoholic and always keep on scolding and blaming to his kids specially to this child’ You are unlucky; spoiled our life….and so many things…. He feels that parents has money but still not providing it to him. For him they are not trustworthy. He is very restless, headstrong, can not bear criticism. He wants to be scientist, but school friends tease him that you cannot be! Mother said he has endless demands which we can not fulfil. He is very lazy; wants to eat all the time! He has no concentration in studies!!He keeps on saying that one day I will be a big shot; rich man!!! But putting no efforts-only talks!! He tells lie or hides many things. He will do only whatever he likes; he is unpredictable!!He has sprained sensation in ankle and severe pain in heels which increases while walking. Principal told him that he will be terminated from the school if he will not improve himself, he said’ I know she is only threatening; nobody is going to terminate me from school.’




This is a diagnosed case of Paranoid Schizophrenia by a neuropsychiatrist.


His mother consulted me 3 years after the diagnosis.


For Homeopathic treatment the following rubrics were considered-

MIND – DELUSIONS – persecuted – he is persecuted


MIND – RESTLESSNESS – drives him from place to place.

MIND – DELUSIONS – deceived; being

MIND – DELUSIONS – fancy, illusions of


MIND – OBSTINATE – children

MIND – ANGER – violent

MIND – AILMENTS FROM – offended; being



MIND – MENTAL EXERTION – aversion to



EXTREMITIES – PAIN – Ankles – sprained; as if

EXTREMITIES – PAIN – Feet – Heels – walking – aggravation. – tearing pain

STOMACH – APPETITE – increased


MIND – SCHIZOPHRENIA – paranoid – persecuted, that he is.




Drosera, Ignatia, Lycopodium, Belladonna came up!!


Prescription- Drosera Rotundifolia 200 given in aqua; once a day for 15 days followed by placebo for 15 days at june 2015.


I did not prescribe Drosera just because it stood first in repertorization chart!!


Drosera, commonly known as the sundews, is one of the largest genera of carnivorous plants, being used as stimulants and expectorants, for treating  bronchitiswhooping cough, and tuberculosis. Sundews have also been used as an aphrodisiac[sex stimulants] and to strengthen the heart, as well as to treat sunburn, toothache, and prevent freckles..



Symptom Similarity between Drosera and the child

1]Habitat of drosera – watery land and humid environment,low nutrient soil,lacking nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium . The environment in the family is poor, low in affection.

2]Deficiency of nitrogen causeshysteria,epilepsy,enuresis,congestion of lungs. Deficiency of phosphorus causes anxiety,restlessness and Schizophrenia.Deficiency of calcium causes hastiness and restlessness in behaviour. The child is hasty, restless.

3]Characterstics of carnivorous plant- malicious,decietful,sly,suspicious,trust cannot,desire to injure,violent,courageous –Child has all these symptoms.

4] Drosera is insectivorous, trap insects and suck the protein from them.child has trapped his mother to fulfill his demands.

5] It is a wild plant. Peevishness is in the nature.

6] A small draft of air shakes Drosera. Every small trifles putting child out of humour.

7] Drosera needs support always to protect itself from draft of air. To seek support is its tendency.

Rubric-holding or being held amel. so as drosera patient always support to the affected part.[holding chest while coughing].child was touching his mother again and again during interview.

8] Drosera has Delusions of persecution. Imagines he was being deceived by spiteful, envious people. Child thinks same for his parents and friends.



Follow ups-

July 2015– Ankle pain reduced; mental status same.

Drosera 200 aqua once a day for 15 days followed by placebo for 45 days.



Mother said-His behaviour is little better; not demanding food and money constantly; can sit at one place for study and irritability with mother and sister is less. His ankle pain is better but the problem in school and with friends is same.

Placebo given for a month.


October 2015– No significant change.

Drosera 1M one dose in aqua given with placebo for a month.


In November he couldn’t visit me.


In December 2015

No ankle pain; but problem in school was same; he used to tell lie about his school work at home; anger and demands reduced.

I counselled his father[ who came first time with the child] and suggest him to talk in good language with the child.

Drosera 1M one dose aqua given. with placebo for 45 days. Meanwhile I prescribed him Tuberculinum as an intercurrent.


February 2016– According to mother- ‘He is 50% better in anger, demands and concentration. Now he doesn’t say that he wants to be scientist as it requires lot of study! But he still complaints that people teases him!’

Drosera 10M one dose given in five cup method followed by placebo for two months.


April 2016 -He did not come for visit.


May 2016- I asked him – why don’t you complaint principal as your friends tease you?

He said- I used to pinch them and then they used to trouble me! That was a fun! They are crazy, I don’t care.

I asked him-what do you want to do in future?

He said-I don’t know; You ask to my Mom.

Placebo prescribed for long time.


November 2016– Mother visited me. No major complaints. Nothing prescribed.


Drosera proved itself promising remedy in Paranoid Schizophrenia by breaking the delusion of persecution and delusion of grandeur i.e. possessing superior quality such as genius [ I will become scientist].It recovered his disorganized speech and behavior too!! I knew Drosera to treat ailments such as asthma, coughs, lung infections, and stomach ulcers; but for me it is covering paranoid Schizophrenia was really something new; surprising!! A CASE OF PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA SUCCESSFULLY CURED WITH A VERY UNCOMMON REMEDY-DROSERA ROTUNDIFOLIA!!




About the Author:

Dr.Kavita R.Chandak BHMS, PGNIH, PG(HOM) London
MD [HOM] PHD( France)
  • Stood Ist Merit throughout Maharashtra in 1998.
Prof.Repertory ,P.D.Jain HMC Parbhani.
International speaker and Trainer.
Delivers seminars and webinars in India as well internationally at London, America, UAE, various countries in Europe, South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Greece etc.
Has won the “Best Thesis” ‘and First Rank’ in PG HOM London.
Her book HEALTH Vs DISEASE released in America ,available at Amazon kindle.
She is running 2 clinics at Nagpur and a web clinic since 18 yrs.
Speciality- Autism,Infertility,Cancer, Allergic Disorders and Kidney Diseases.
Director of Padmaja Welfare Foundation NGO working for Health Awareness in society.
Received lot of prestigious awards for her Medico Social contribution towards society.
Published many articles in very reputed News Papers and different magazines.
Documentry made on her by Nagpur Doordarshan(TV)in 2010.
Youtube- Dr. Kavita Chandak




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