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  • Afghanistan Homeopathic Medical Association (AHMA)

Afghanistan Homeopathic Medical Association AHMA is non-governmental and non-profit organization, serving the national and international with the experts in the field of Homeopathic medicine is committed to replicate the wheel already present around the world as a second largest system of the medicine to the benefit of this curative system of medicine. The presence of AHMA will ensure the representation of Homeopathic Medical System with the reliable expertise to be used for the further development, use and promotion of this system across the country and internationally. This association has been found for the unity of homeopathic professionals to achieve the goals effectively and efficiently.


Through the AHMA we continued to support innovation and diversity in education, practice and research of homeopathy. In establishing and maintaining the first and only homeopathy course recognition system in the Afghanistan over the last three years, the AHMA has made a huge contribution to raising standards and promoting excellence nationally and internationally.


We the administration of AHMA requesting all homeopathic organizations that we have to have a unity and gathering platform for the promotion and development of homeopathy globally. AHMA have a great experience of having the most legend homeopaths globally more than 14-countries, and thousands of normal members in our social media learning groups., and they are increasing gradually day by day.



  • AHMA Connittees Organization Chart:

    1. Executive Committee (National and International)

    2. Secretariat

    3. Technical Advisory Committee

    4. Admin and Finance Committee

    5. Research Committee

    6. Educational and Skills Development Committee

    7. National and International Relation Committee

    8. Regional Committees

    9. Members




  • Mission

The AHMA regulates Homeopaths to ensure safe, ethical and competent homeopathic care for the people of Afghanistan and worldwide. To provide cost effective, safe and qualitative medical system, improving the quality of life through Homeopathic System of Medicine accordingly.



  • Vision

To see Homeopathy formally established within Afghanistan healthcare and globally.



  • Overall Goal

Establish a regulatory framework for the Homeopathic Medical System to provide complementary and alternative affordable and safe healthcare services through homeopathic branch of medicine to all humanity.



  • AHMA Achievments since 2019

The AHMA has become the official “Institutional Member of the International Homeopathic Medical Society Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI)


My first participation in an International Scientific Convention WHD-2019, I was being introduced with some international colleagues whom associated with their organizations, after returning back to my country I generated my first international visit report and shared with all our government and international homeopathic organizations, this report was published in THE LMHI LETTER 2019 (Page 31-39)


In July 2019 LMHI 74th World Congress, our association AHMA has been approved as the Institutional Member of LMHI, and I have been selected as the LMHI-Afghanistan National Contact Person.


In December I visited New Delhi again with my government officials to understand the homeopathy, a presentation has been presented by Dr. Raj K. Manchanda in NHMCH Delhi, and we have been oriented within some homeopathic organizations/departments in India.

Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and hospital Delhi

DDPR Central Research Institute of Homoeopathy Noida

Homeopathic Manufacturing Company Noida

Bakson’s Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital Greater Noida

These above visits was enough to satisfy our government officials to see the evidences.


In January 11, 2020 I was officially invited for a presentation to introduce the homeopathy in Afghanistan President House by Dr. Faizullah Kakar PhD, the Chief of Staff, Office of the President, it was very effective and result oriented presentation, in result he promised to support the homeopathy in all aspects. He appreciated and said, homeopathy is an effective and reasonable/affordable system of medicine to adopt.


Now we are trying to work on conventional doctors to revert them to homeopathy to increase the awareness among the conventional doctors. We are sending some dermatologists to Bakson’s Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital for Skin Diseases to train them how to treat the skin disorders homeopathically. Thanks to Dr. SPK Bakshi for his kind proposal.


Some official meetings has been done between AHMA, Ministry of Public Health Afghanistan and the Ministry of AYUSH government of India, the conclusion we are going to sing the G2G MoU with the Ministry of AYUSH for the recognition and development of homeopathy in Afghanistan in near future.



  • Homeopathy and Afghanistan

Individuals must be able to reach a good health level so that they can lead more socially and economically productive lives. WHO has suggested the integration of the Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TCAM), through the TCAM Strategy 2014-2023 and separate documents are published for integration of the Homeopathic Medical System into the health services of the member countries. Homeopathic Medical System being a part of the CAM has not yet become a part of the Health System in Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. A WHO publication named Safety issues in the preparation of homeopathic medicines has been published to support the member countries while regulating Homeopathic Pharmacies for Manufacturing Medicine. The Beijing declaration was adopted by the WHO Congress on Traditional Medicine, Beijing, in November 2008. This declaration recognizes traditional medicine as one of the resources of primary health care services to increase availability and affordability and to contribute to improved health outcomes including those mentioned in the Millennium Development Goals. The fact that Afghanistan has low economic status/country of the world, it is appropriate and reasonable to adopt an affordable system as Homeopathic Medical System.


Several attempts by the Homeopathic doctors to be verified and licensed for Homeopathic practice in Afghanistan have failed. Homeopathic degrees are verified now through Ministry of Higher Education. After Homeopathic degree verification by Ministry of Higher Education and reference to Ministry of Public Health for licensing, MoPH has not been able to issue the license to Homeopathic doctors due to unavailability of regulations for Homeopathic Medical System. As per Afghanistan Homeopathic Medical Association, there is a good number of Homeopathic doctors who practice Homeopathic Medical System without structure specified by MoPH in Afghanistan. The Homeopathic Medical System is practiced in some parts of our country and regulation of this system in full would ensure greater accountability to public safety. Although, there is no coordinating body in the structures of public and private sectors.



  • Homeopathic in Afghanistan

There is no presence of any proper and legal system of Homeopathy in Afghanistan, as everyone knows about the effectiveness and efficiency of homeopathic medicines worldwide. Now it’s a perfect time to regulate the homeopathy in our country, which is the second largest system of medicine in the world according to WHO. Regulation of homeopathy will bring a positive impact in our health sector to facilitate all our poor patients whom are not able to effort other expensive system of medicines. To be reverted to homeopathy which is very effective, safe and cost-effective in various diseases.



  • Educational System

There is no academic institution of undergraduate and Postgraduate in Afghanistan. We need to have an education program to educate our healthcare professionals about the homeopathic system medicine. Homeopathic education will be a new revolution in Afghanistan. Therefore it’s really in deed to develop a homeopathic institution here.



  • Clinical Practice

It’s urgently need to recognize the system of homeopathy with the government of Afghanistan, Afghan homeopaths are not able to practice in their profession as a homeopathic registered practitioner, there are hundreds of homeopaths are graduated from different recognized medical institutions form different countries, now they returned to their homeland (Afghanistan) to help their nation in the field of homeopathy, thus still they are unable to get their practice license, because the homeopathy is not recognized with the government of Afghanistan, it’s very hurting that, the well experts and professional homeopathic doctors changed their profession which is very disappointing for an educated/professional person. We want to recognize this branch of medicine within Afghanistan soon with the help of other homeopathic organizations across the world. And we need your special support regarding the regulation, and development of this branch of medicine in Afghanistan.



  • Homeopathic Products

There is no availability of any homeopathic products legally in Afghanistan, as per need imports illegally form varies locations. We want to import all type of homeopathic products to Afghanistan form different countries. Homeopathic medicines are the real solution of health issues and its cost effectiveness for all poor countries/people. Our mission to provide effective and cheap medicines to our poor patients.



  • Why to Adopt Homeopathy in Afghaniatn? And our needs to be done:

  1. Effective in Acute and Chronic Cases.

  2. Patient Centered/Holistic Approach.

  3. A complete System of Medicine.

  4. Second largest system of medicine of the world – WHO.

  5. 53-63% cost-effective – WHO.

  6. Suitable for every one

  7. Non-toxic with no chemical side effects.

  8. No drug dependency.

  9. Improves physical and emotional health.

  10. To connect the Afghanistan and other world through homeopathy.

  11. To provide the scholarships to our students for BHMS, MD and PhD programs.

  12. To develop a homeopathic Hospital or Dispensaries in Afghanistan.

  13. To bring the public awareness of homeopathy among the people of Afghanistan, specially our healthcare professionals.

  14. Develop a Clinical Research program.

  15. Drug Development and Regulation.

  16. Drug Standardization.

  17. Drug Manufacturing.

  18. Education and Practice

  19. Clinical Practice.




Dr. Obaidullah Hashmi – The Founder of AHMA

President | Afghanistan Homeopathic Medical Association (AHMA)

NCP | LMHI International

Medical Director | Afghan Mercy Hospital,

Working Experience | 15-Years


Mobile: +93 (0) 786 90 60 68,

Phone: +93 (0) 706 90 60 68

Address: DarulAman Road, Near Russian Embassy, 1004 Kabul, Afghanistan



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