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Homeopathy to the rescue – Mosquito and other stings

Homeopathy to the rescue – Mosquito and other stings


Most of us undoubtedly know what its like to have been robbed of a nights sleep by the incessant attacks of Mosquitoes. Not only do the little bloodsuckers keep coming back, announcing their approach with the so distinctive buzzing sound, but the stings itch, and itch, and itch, and ... Mosquito bites can really be annoying. However, aside of the itching of Mosquito bites, generally speaking, all insect bites or stings are a cause of discomfort. The stings of bees, wasps or other insects can cause unpleasant sensations, pain, swelling, and in cases of intolerance, allergic reactions and even infections. In such cases, the ‘little prick’ of the skin can turn into quite severe health issue and should be taken to A&E or a doctor.


For the less extreme reactions to insect bites and stings, homeopathy come in handy. The following remedies are a selection covering many of the symptoms common for such events.



Aconitum: Especially in children the shock of the insect bite may be greater than the actual bite or sting. Kids are naturally fearful and easily shocked following an insect sting. Here Aconitum may help calm the child and can reduce pain and other symptoms.


Apis meliffica: Apis is the best choice of remedy where the bite becomes swollen, burns, prickles, and itches. In the event of redness, eruptions that look like nettle rash, and sensitivity to touch of the area Apis is indicated. Cold applications relieve the pain and associated symptoms.


Cantharis: The sensation insect bites / stings needing Cantharis is intense scalding, burning pain. The affected area appears red, inflamed and may show blistering.


Carbolicum acidum: This is a first aid remedy in cases of anaphylactic reactions. Persons intolerant to certain insect bites or stings may experience severe adverse reactions. This may in extreme cases be a collapse. Therefore, if an individual experiences difficulty breathing, feels weakened and sick, has changes in facial color, breaks out in hives all over their bodywith excessive swelling of face, or the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, in particular the throat and tongue, CALL AN AMBULANCE. While the ambulance is on it’s way, Carbolicum acidum may help alleviate the symptoms.


Hypericum: Hypericum is indicated if the sting or bite is located in nerve-rich body areas. There are sharp, shooting pains which may be accompanied by tingling and the sensation of numbness in the affected area.


Histaminum: This remedy may be a reliever of asthmatic symptoms in hay-fever, hives in allergies in general and symptoms of intolerance from insect bites or stings.


Ledum: This is for wounds that are formed by a puncture, as in an insect bite has occurred. There is much itching, but no swelling. Ledum can ward off an infection of the punctured wound.


Staphysagria: This remedy is a match for violent itching in large bites / stings that show as welts and are smarting and stinging. The pains are relieved by warm applications.


Urtica uhrens: There is a burning, blotchy redness and intense itching following insect bites. These may look like hives from contact with stinging nettles.


Vespa crabro: With this remedy there are symptoms of intense swelling and itching, stinging, soreness and burning. It helps to dab the affected skin with vinegar.






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About the Author:

Uta Mittelstadt: I am a homeopath, an artist, a writer, a traveler, and adventurer. I’m a crab born in June. I am passionate about homeopathy. I have a BSc and MSc in homeopathic medicine. I love to investigate and write about my findings, and I blog at Clever Homeopathy





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