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Autumn 2019 - Miscellaneous

Editorial: Autumn 2019

Editorial: Autumn 2019



Dear Readers,


Here we go. This Autumn issue is finally live, and features a potpourri of articles looking at health, health care and of course homeopathy!

Our fabulous authors are sharing their wisdom and have taken a look at:




PCOS & MENORRHAGIA and Homeopathy


Matching a Patient’s Homeopathic Remedy to Her Sensitivities to Others’ Behaviors A Case of Platina for Chronic Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris




Homeopathy to the rescue – Mosquito and other stings


I hope you enjoy reading these articles and can take something away from them that maybe can become useful to you in some way. I certainly always find the information and wisdom shared informative and educative.


I am sharing with you some information on Oxalium Acidum. I came across it some time ago while turning the pages of a newly acquired materia medica (Yay!). It has a very interesting remedy picture, that I have seen not so long ago in an acquaintance. I was not the practitioner of this acquaintance, but I recall the symptom picture as he shared it with me.


He had presented with symptoms that could well have been matched by a dose of Oxalium Acidum. He had had the sensation of heat about the head and particularly the painful eyes. He kept feeling dizzy and slightly confused. In his upper abdomen he had a severe pain, buring, pressing upward and giving him oppression about the heart. There was also burning in spots about the abdomen. He had violent palpitations and difficulty breathing, when lying down, when being reminded about his symptoms. His chest felt oppressed, he felt his heart was fluttering. His voice was hoarse and his throat was burning and felt obstructed. He had back pain, his painful extremities felt numb at times and there were shooting pains at other times. He frequently and copiously needed to urinate, and had shaking chills. His sweat was mainly cold.


I feel this remedy is under-used, and its remedy picture should be kept in mind for when this remedy is called for.


I wish you happy reading. Have a lovely Autumn season (or Spring, if you are on the other side of our beautiful planet), I am going to enjoy the milder climate, the change of foliage and the change in dynamic of the weather. Autumn is after all my favourite season 🙂


The next issue of CLEVER H. will go live on December 1st, and if you would like to have a case or article published on CLEVER H., do get in touch. All topics surrounding Homeopathy, Health-care, CAM, wellness etc. are welcome.


Have a lovely Autumn season. ‘See’ you in December.










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