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Ad Memoriam: A Tribute to Debby Bruck (Homeopathy World Community founder)

Ad Memoriam: A Tribute to Debby Bruck (Homeopathy World Community founder)


We sadly inform the readers and the contributors of Homeopathy World Community (HWC) that Debby Bruck, the founder and organizer of this great homeopathic portal, took her last breath on May 5, 2018. Her blessed sojourn on this earth was impregnated with the sublime mission to selflessly serve homeopathy, came to a sudden halt. She was overseeing the whole activity of this site, which will continue her legacy from the smallest detail to the largest emanation of this great portal of classical homeopathy. She served and built this site with missionary zeal and at the same time, she fought with her disease valiantly with optimism. She never lost hope. ‘Peace on Earth’ was her permanent prayer, with unshaken belief in her Creator and the goodness of herself.


Debby was very kind and caring. She was a spiritual healer, a good friend, wife, mother, and grandmother. Debby was always hard-working and devoted to the art and science of homeopathy. She touched the hearts of many people through her popular BlogTalkRadio and Health Inn Show, live stream interviews. She was always positive, highly inspirational to people around her and worked for the benefit of society.


We are very greatly thankful to Debby’s son (Dr Isaac Bruck) who informed Kavitha Kukunoor & Marilyn Shannon to fulfill her wish to see us in her last 2 days of her life journey.


When we pay tribute to a person like Debby Bruck, is it not the best celebration to draw strength from the Lord’s words. We may belong to any country, be of any age and any position. It is our character and discipline that is most important. There is no difference in the code conduct for an American or a person from another country. We are human beings first and belong to the caste of Humanity, religion of Love and the language of the Heart. If we realize this truth, it does not matter which country we belong to. When we are in the golden age of youth, we should protect our character as our very life. In ancient times young men and women adhered to the principles of character and hence were highly reputed. The sapling has to be tended carefully, so that it could grow into a mighty tree in the right manner and serve the people well. If we want to be remembered, we must guard our character. If we maintain good character, our progeny, the community we live in and all countries by and large will prosper.


Debby Bruck was a good character with righteous conduct. Righteousness shines and illumines in the person who serves all and confers joy on all. A person like this receives not only the grace of the Lord but also the unique privilege of merging in Him. She was careful not to transgress the boundaries of righteousness and filled her energies with the essence of righteousness and endeavored to progress in that path with every passing day.


When she passed away, she also passed these values to her family, the members of the Homeopathy World Community she founded and others who knew her.



Debby received 2018 Martha Oelman Community service award ceremony


Debby memories



Tribute by Debby’s dear friend:

Dr. Kavitha Kukunoor, Homeopath

Homeopathy World Community (HWC)



4 thoughts on “Ad Memoriam: A Tribute to Debby Bruck (Homeopathy World Community founder)

  1. We are missing you our lovely Debby. Your sweet memories are always with us. Love you forever.

    Posted by Narendra | 03/06/2018, 11:59 PM
  2. Sad to hear about the passing away of this lady who had started this popular website known to many all over the world !! Truly great person !! It is because of such devoted persons that Homeopathy has withstood attacks by interested parties and continues to spread !!!

    Posted by S V Sambamurti | 05/06/2018, 12:15 PM
  3. I met Debby when I helped her with her website logo. She was a wonderful person. The most giving I have ever met. She cared deeply about homeopathy. I am seeing that homeopathy is being denied in some countries as well as US. She left a great legacy and will be remember by many people. So glad I had the opportunity to know her. Rest Well.

    Posted by Sandra Cundiff | 08/06/2018, 8:07 PM


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