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Mid-Winter 2017 - Womens' Health

A word from the Editor – Women’s Health

 A word from the Editor – Women’s Health

Dear Readers,


So the New Year is upon us. May it be a fabulous one for us all!


A New Year, a new issue and some novelties at CLEVER H..


As you may have noticed, the design of CLEVER H. has changed slightly. I think it has given the pages a bit of a modern twist. What do you think? The focus of the Mag has however not changed, and the aim of providing interesting and informative articles from homeopaths across the world has also remained the same.


As such this issue is bringing you articles on issues of women’s health, practice building and a commentary on alternative mechanisms of homeopathic remedies.





Our regular contributor, the wonderful Rebecca Liston, is giving some insights on setting goals in building our practice, Goal Setting: Why It Works and Why It Doesn’t.


The fabulous Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman shares her wisdom in dealing with morning sickness during pregnancy, Homeopathy for Morning Sickness.


The Australia based homeopath Agimary Joseph is highlighting repertory rubrics for the treatment of PCOS via the description of a case study, A case of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.


And Dr. Peter Kay outlines some of the alternative mechanisms that may be applicable to understanding more about the workings of homeopathy, How qualitative and quantitative features of component substances may define the mechanistic pathways of homeopathic remedies.


Furthermore, you will find a short article announcing The launch of The Directory.


Patients searching for practitioners can sometimes be overwhelmed by the huge amount of websites in the search engines introducing homeopaths and practitioners. Scrolling through the numerous pages depicting the niches and treatments on offer can be tiring and confusing. Therefore, CLEVER H. – the Mag! is launching a website simplifying the search for a homeopath. The CLEVER H Directory  offers instant access to listings of homeopaths on the different continents, and in diverse countries. Practitioners are also listed by specialty / niche, where applicable, and can provide information about their treatments, consultation, rates etc.



Furthermore the directory offers information to practicing therapists by providing listings of courses available, mentoring coaches, workshops and programs, pharmacies stocking homeopathic remedies and practitioners providing CAM therapies. More details and how to get an entry onto the directory is available here.


The Clever H. Directory – Connecting patients and practitioners



The coming issue of CLEVER H. aims to focus on the topic of ‘See, sight, view, notice’ – all issues involving the eyes, seeing or perceiving. If you have any cases, insights or wisdom surrounding homeopathy and this feature, it would be great to hear it / read it from you.


I hope you enjoy this issue!

Happy Reading!







About Uta Mittelstadt

I am a homeopath, a freelancer, a blogger, a writer, a researcher, a student and lifelong learner. I am also an artist, and a traveler. I am a citizen of the world, a crab, born in June.


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