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Winter 2016 - Learning Homeopathy

A word from the Editor – Learning Homeopathy

A word from the Editor – Learning Homeopathy

Dear Readers,



Homeopathy has its own place in sick-care. It is not a substitute for, nor a superior form of treatment to other medical systems. It is a stand alone therapy that has the competence of impacting a diseased state of health gently, holistically and effectively.



As such its correct employment and application, in order to aid the sick in their recovery from illness, has to be taught precisely and comprehensively.








Students must learn of homeopathy the philosophy and principles which define the practice. They must internalize the underlying natural law and the principle of similarity and must apprehend the elements of totality and individuality. They must understand the essentials of provings that feed the Materia Medica, must comprehend the matter of potency and the curative action of the infinitesimal dose.



Equipped with thus acquired knowledge students should eventually be practitioners capable of employing this therapeutic art for the better of their patients, and in the spirit of its founding father.



This issue, hosts articles and information featuring elements of ‘Learning Homeopathy’.




* The wonderful Kelly Callahan has written a piece about her experiences learning homeopathy and what she extrapolated from them for herself and her every day life. – A Homeopathic Education She is, by the way, the person behind the fabtastic project 1M: A Homeopath’s Podcast


* Shilpa Bhouraskar is the talented creator of the homeopathic repertory software HomeoQuest. She has shared an article questioning – Is Arnica Your Default Remedy For Trauma?, in which she also demonstrates the application of her Homeoquest community software.


* The fabulous Rebecca Liston, highly praised business coach at, is once again sharing some great insights into aspects of business building. She wrote about – What Happens at Home Stays at Home (or does it?)


* The amazing homeopath and business mentor Tracy Karkut-Law shares another case from her successful practice – A case of Lac Felinum for Chronic Fatigue. Find further info about Tracy at:


* As yours truly, I am sharing some info on e-learning, an experience I much enjoyed while doing my MSc at UCLan. As a child I did not find this format very ‘prickly’ or exciting. There was only snail-mail back then, and being the only kid ‘in class’ was not much fun. Have a read here: E-learning – the convenient way to study?


That is a diverse mix of articles on learning our particular healing art. I hope you enjoy reading this issue.



On another note, please be reminded that the coming issue, the Mid-Winter 2017 issue will feature ‘Women´s Health’. Please get in touch if you wish to have your article published in that issue.







Have a happy Season!

All Best



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