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A case of Lac Felinum for Chronic Fatigue





 A case of Lac Felinum for Chronic Fatigue


Chronic fatigue is something I have seen increase during the time I have been in practice. Many people, women especially, present with a range of symptoms at least partially by what I describe as ‘long-term low-level stress’.


In the initial stages of fatigue people are tired a lot of the time, sleep reasonably well but don’t feel refreshed even after a good night’s sleep. In the later stages of fatigue, people feel tired in the morning, better in the afternoon but wired in the evening and either find it hard to get to sleep, or wake up and can’t get back to sleep.


Fatigue is often accompanied by poor immunity: a tendency to catch whatever is going around and difficulty shaking it off. This can often lead to a diagnosis of ‘post-viral’ fatigue.


Every case is different but in all cases I give remedies to support the nervous system alongside indicated remedies. Adrenal support remedies are calming and allow the nervous system to repair itself.




A case of Lac Felinum


I started seeing a 38 year old woman in April 2015. She presented with long-term chronic fatigue.



Appointment 1
At the first appointment she was having a difficult day. She’d had to take her cat to the vet and was very upset about it. He had needed an operation. He was her companion and very important to her.


I learned that she had separated from her husband 18 months previously. It was hard for her to be alone. She missed having someone there to love her unconditionally.


Their relationship had been affected by difficulties in conceiving a child. She had had four miscarriages that affected her very deeply. Her father also passed away during this time.


Her mother had died some years previously when she was 23. Her mother had left her father when she was 18 and she had fallen out with her. They had never been close. They did get in touch again later and she went to visit her.


While she was struggling to come to terms with accepting a childless life, she didn’t feel that she received emotional support from her husband. He was working long hours.


She was already self-employed and her work became her main focus. She had worked for a PR firm for most of her life but didn’t like being employed. She wanted the freedom of working for herself and being able to live anywhere she pleased.


She and her husband gradually realised their relationship was breaking down and while they were in the process of separating, she became sick.


She changed the way she worked, cleared out her home and her wardrobe, and left London to go and live in a country with more sunshine. She took on an assistant.


Six months later her assistant died suddenly of heart condition. This was a huge shock and personal loss. She was unable to work and stayed in bed for six weeks.


She started to learn about adrenal fatigue and saw a specialist. She started to increase protein in her diet and introduced spirulina. She also stopped all stimulants.


Her current symptoms were:

A lack of energy. Distracted and foggy headed in the morning. Better by 2pm.

Digestive issues. Bloating and cramps. Constipation alternating with diarrhoea.


Daily routine:
Hot lemon and apple cider vinegar before bed.
Facebook on her phone.
Puts it on silent.
Goes to sleep.

Wakes up at some point.


Might go back to sleep.

No real pattern.

Gets out of bed at some point during the morning.



Has been a light sleeper for a while. Wakes up at 4am and lies there. Last week she woke up at 1am a few times.



Morning smoothie with veg, fruit, chia seeds and spirulina.

Salmon, eggs, chicken, steak, goat cheese and feta cheese.

Avoids gluten, sugar and grains.


Medical history:

Cold-sores age 11

Clubbing and recreational drugs age 17 – 30

Recurring tonsillitis age 30+

Over active thyroid age 34

4 miscarriages during her 30s

Breast cyst at some point


Family history:

Mother – died age 52 of Aneurysm

Grandmother – died 60s, heart attack

Grandfather – died 60s, heart

Father – died 76 (drank a lot and used cannabis) Cold sores

Grandmother – died 80s, diabetes

Grandfather – died 60s, heart attack

Uncle – lung cancer



Lac Felinum 1M as a collective split dose.

Narayani Calming 3 x daily.

Passiflora/Valeriana/Coffea 30c at bedtime.

Aquasource ‘Start Easy’ pack – probiotics, digestive enzymes, blue-green algae.


The remedy selection was based on the central theme of Lac Felinum – the desire for comfort and warmth and also independence and freedom. There is a strong affinity with the throat. Recurring tonsillitis and thyroid issues are associated with the remedy. They can be a workaholic but they also like to stretch out in the sun (like a cat).


Lac Felinum can appear similar to Carcinosin, Tuberculinum and Sepia. I compared the four remedies and found Lac Felinum to be the best match.



Appointment 2


At the second appointment she reported all round improvement.


She was feeling more like herself. She was sleeping better and had more energy.


Emotionally she was feeling much better. Generally feeling more balanced. She was feeling like she was ‘getting into her own power’.


Previously she had been feeling ‘up and down’.


Now she felt she was ‘no longer going into a downwards spiral’.



No trouble going to sleep. Had been taking a sleeping pill, but waking a few hours earlier. She might then be dozing.


Now, when she is tired she goes to sleep and isn’t waking up. She isn’t sure how many hours she is getting but it’s enough.


Getting up is still hard. Her cat comes and wakes her up for food at 6 or 7am.


Inconsistent. Slightly more constipated. Sometimes loose.



Has started smoking again.



Lac Felinum 1M as a collective split dose.

Narayani Calming 3 x daily.

Passiflora/Valeriana/Coffea 30c at bedtime.



Appointment 3


At the third appointment she was able to report further improvements.


She had more clarity of mind. She was also sleeping better and had better energy.

If she wakes up she just goes back to sleep. Previously that had been unheard of.

When she thinks back to her twenties and thirties, she had never felt this good.

She is concerned that she is still smoking. It is almost embarrassing.


Emotionally she is a lot better. She feels her power is switched on. Things are ‘not getting to her’ as much as they did. Hadn’t been feeling so confident.

She is being more loving towards herself. She had been sabotaging herself.


Her history was that ‘she didn’t have a family’. She has always looked externally for that. She had been looking for the feeling of ‘unconditional love’ but had never felt it. When her dad died that had impacted her. She had felt ‘untethered’ and that she ‘didn’t have an anchor’.


She is feeling more ‘anchored’ and feeling more ‘self-love’. Figuring out what she wants from a relationship.


People are telling her that her energy is higher and she sounds better. They are noticing that she is not so needy. She realises she’s not phoning people so much.


She’d always enjoyed her own company but then she didn’t want to be on her own. She is over that now. Happy to be on her own.



Lac Felinum 1M as a collective split dose.

Narayani Calming 3 x daily.

Passiflora/Valeriana/Coffea 30c at bedtime.




Post script:

The remedy picture of Lac Felinum was very clear for me from the onset of this case. I was interested to see sustained improvement from repeat prescriptions of the same remedy and potency.


I continued to see her for another six months. During that time layers of grief emerged and there were some episodes of ‘return of old symptoms’ including tonsillitis and cold sores. Subsequent prescriptions included: Carcinosin, Nat Mur, Pulsatilla, Mercury, Hepar Sulph and Thuja.


The aetiology appears to be grief but there were also issues with overwork and addiction, plus a history of recreational drug use.  All sessions were conducted over Skype.


This month we met for the first time face to face at my clinic in London. She continues to do well.




Lac Remedies in Practice – Philip Bailey







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