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Reiki Healing: Universal Life Force Energy – ‘The Divine Spark’

 Reiki Healing: Universal Life Force Energy – ‘The Divine Spark’


image from pixabay

image from pixabay

‘Since the word got about that ‘everybody can be a healer’, the teaching and practice of Reiki has spread all over the world. This phenomenal expansion has brought with it renewed interest and research into its origins its historical, cultural, philosophical and spiritual roots. We should remind ourselves; however, that Reiki exists only through its practice. Without the ‘laying on of hands’, or the touching of hearts in distance healing through the evocation of the Reiki symbols, there is no Reiki’.  (Foreword by Don Alexander – Reiki Master).


In short, Reiki healing is Universal Life Force Energy (Ki) and has always been a great mystery to man. Many have worked tirelessly to uncover its secrets. Even after so many years, we still know very little, but we do understand that each and every one of us comes into this world with our own individual supply of Ki. This great power source flows throughout the body and into every living cell, along pathways of energy lines known as the meridians.


When there are imbalances present, or dis-ease, within these meridians, physical symptoms begin to manifest within the physical body. Consequently, the use of Reiki healing then brings about balance and calm to the entire body.  It is fair to say that Reiki healing used as a lone – therapy, is more than adequate to bring about profound healing, on all levels: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. During and after treatment, within in its own time, the body finds its own equilibrium. This energetic phenomenon works, quiet naturally from within.  However, when used in conjunction with Homeopathy or other healing modalities, there are differing opinions as to its efficacy or adversity towards positive benefit.  Due to the fact that such other therapies are also a form of energetic medicine, some may say this could potentially overload the body’s own natural healing response. However, (2016), states that Reiki provides a reinforcing effect by rendering the treatment more effective, when used in conjunction with Homeopathy. It is also noted that Reiki can help promote relaxation, ease tension and improve the removal of toxins, therefore increasing the body’s sensitivity. After treatment, whole-body Reiki will help recovery.


It is a common misconception that the origins of Reiki are Japanese. Reinforcing this misconception is the name ‘Reiki’ as the word itself is comprised of two Japanese words; Rei and Ki. Contrary to this ideology, it is the belief of many that Reiki does not have its origins in Japan and was not created as a hands-on therapy by one man. Conversely, many people prefer to look at the bigger picture of its actual roots spreading worldwide from Tibet to the oceans of Atlantis. Admittedly, much of the credit for its rediscovery within our ‘Modern Western World’ is owed to Mikao Usui. He was a wonderful Japanese man, who dedicated his life to reigniting the healing flame; we now know to be Reiki Healing. It is important to realise that Usui was the vessel / vehicle, rather than its creator.  The origin is derived from Tibetan Buddhism. Its use incorporates powerful healing symbols, which were once kept secret. Thankfully, this wonderful healing modality is no longer lost to the world of our ancient ancestors.


As we move further into the Aquarian Age, for many, this somewhat enchanting time brings spiritual ascension, inner wisdom, awareness and knowledge. More and more people are reawakening their own inner light, realizing their own innate healing potential. Such abilities have become lost over time; our fast-living modern day existence is far-removed from the simple, natural lifestyles of our ancestors. This sentiment was also shared by Dianne Stein in her book ‘Essential Reiki’, speaking about Atlantis and the way life and awareness once was. We all have the ability to be wonderful healers. An attunement into Reiki is a way to fast-track ourselves into the realm of natural healing. After all, we are spiritual beings here for a human existence. Time and again, it is our light that most frightens us, not the darkness; although many are unaware at this time.


As a Reiki master my work here involves creating awareness and the passing on of information. Knowledge is power. In some cases, this ‘new found ability’ is sadly abused or discarded. One can feel ‘powerful’ without being egotistical by nature, it just takes time to find that balance within ourselves. For the newly attuned Reiki student there is no end to the potentially life-changing possibilities that could result after an attunement. Furthermore, from the client’s perspective, regular Reiki healing sessions can also bring a myriad of positively profound effects. I encourage students to keep a diary of their own personal healing journey, in addition to any awe-inspiring experiences that may have taken place with a recipient. Personally, I feel blessed, honoured and very privileged to be able to teach this wonderful Ancient Healing Art. The more we open up to this pure divine energy, the better the channel we become. We never cease to learn and grow.


The syllable REI pronounced (Ray) describes the Universal aspect of the energy or spiritual consciousness, the God force, the Great White Spirit.


The second syllable KI pronounced (Key) is the force flowing through all living beings, including: humans, animals, plants, trees etc.


The energy is the same, no matter where or who uses it. There are many cultures that recognise it, but give it another name.  For example, the Hindus call the energy “Prana” whilst the Egyptians know it as “Ka”. Chinese call the energy Chi and Christians refer to it as Light, so it goes on. All Cultures acknowledge the same basic energy; the only difference being the way it is applied or used.


I teach the “Usui” Method, (pronounced Oosooay) which is so-called after the Japanese Theologist, Mikao Usui, who rediscovered these truths by translating from ancient Sanskrit texts, the ancient language of India and Tibet. He then proceeded to teach his findings to the modern world. This method is very simple to memorise and use, and is an effective way of transmitting this universal life force energy. Once a person has been opened to Reiki, he or she will retain the ability to use it throughout their lifetime. The symbols will always remain ‘imprinted’ within the auric field.


It is important to remember, from the healer’s perspective, that in regard to treatment, you are simply offering yourself as a channel of conveyance. It can be likened to an electrical ring-main circuit we have in our homes today.


There is no right or wrong way to feel when you experience giving or receiving Reiki. Some practitioners describe the channelling as one of “Unconditional Love” whilst others describe a physical experience, hands become very hot and tingly, or hands remain cold and the recipient feels heat. Quite often the practitioner will see colours, as do many clients. Many years ago a client opened her eyes during treatment and was startled to see my aura, which she described in detail. This heralded the first of many auras that she was able to see! Whatever the effects, it is rarely recorded as unpleasant. On the very few occasions that this has happened to me, the recipient had deeper level issues which needed to be addressed in order to move forward and progress. Reiki is a pure, intelligent energy and travels to where it is needed. Therefore, it is not necessary to touch or hold the hands directly over an apparent imbalance in the body.


Reiki is classed as a Holistic Therapy. The word “Holistic” is a derivative of the word “Whole” or “Holiness”. We are not concerned with creeds or races here, as the truth of Reiki is Universal; it transcends all opinions and religions.  Holistic Therapies look at the ‘whole’ picture, tugging away at the root cause of dis-ease, rather than treating just the symptoms. In order to practice Reiki, no special kind of faith or belief is required, only the love of all living beings, alongside a strong desire to alleviate “dis-ease” of the mind, body and soul.  Practising Reiki can however make a profound impression, when one realises its potential, many people become quite humbled during the process and may feel a greater awareness towards all creation, including the part which they have called upon to experience.


We stand on the threshold of a “New-Age”, whose task is to rediscover the “Ancient Wisdom” lost as a result of the indifference or failure of man to pass on the truth.  Therefore, we must feel grateful and joyous, even privileged that we have been called upon to assist in the healing of our beloved Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Give your “Love” to all beings and become one with the “Workers of Light” as a result the lives of yourself and your loved ones will be greatly enriched.


Reiki is a healing system that is a safe, natural and holistic way of treating many acute and chronic conditions and bringing about spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. Upon the physical level these conditions include: stress, M.E. (chronic fatigue syndrome), eczema, sinusitis, menstrual problems, back pain, arthritis, cystitis, anxiety, headache, tension, depression, insomnia, sciatica and many more. Since we are all spiritual beings, any physical imbalances which appear within our physical bodies, ultimately originates within the etheric or subtle energy levels. The Reiki symbols have the ability to cut through the cords that somehow bind us to outmoded ties which otherwise would continue to hold us back. They can also transcend time and space, enabling us to move forward, healing the past, present and future.


Reiki is suitable for everyone, including the very young, the elderly, pregnant women, and those recovering from surgery. It is also a great tonic if you are in good health, as Reiki will help you to stay that way. During my teaching I remind students that it is merely an energy transferal, and an excellent way to boost energy levels, promote clarity of thought and heal emotional wounds. It can be likened to plugging in a battery charger to trigger the body’s own natural healing response.



There are 3 levels or degrees involved; 1st Degree is known as ‘The Light switch’, which literally turns on our ability to transfer Ki, enabling direct contact, hands-on healing to take place. 2nd Degree involves the ability to send distant healing; the students are introduced to the Reiki Symbols. The symbols transcend space and time – very powerful indeed! The final level is Reiki III, the Master Degree. This level is open to all students who wish to delve deeper into the healing realms. Some train in order to teach others and pass on their knowledge. Others train for personal reasons, ultimately to benefit their lives, families and the earth itself.



A past student once referred to her attunement as ‘removing the kink in the pipe!’ Everything seems to fall into perspective after a Reiki attunement.



As a Reiki Master and teacher, I feel it is my responsibility to offer my students as much help and information as I possibly can, in order for them to discover their own true healing potential. Reiki may be ancient, yet a very simple healing technique that has a wonderful way of coming into our lives when we most need it. It has been said that The PRP Reiki training courses invoke a welcomed time out. A chance to return to zero and step off the world for a while! My delight as a teacher is to watch ‘the inner bud’ gently unfurl, as one becomes more aware and confident of whom we are. More importantly, what we are capable of. Once we become equipped with; awareness, knowledge and understanding, we can relax and allow our own healing to transpire.


Embarking on such a diverse course of training is very much a personal and individual quest. Previous qualifications and academic ability to date are unnecessary here. However, the only two essential pre-requisites that every student requires, is to bring an open loving heart and a willingness to learn. It’s as simple as that!


Where all things dwell in peace.



(Please note: Healing and medicine are two very different disciplines. Reiki is not medicine, it is healing.)



Pamela Miles:

Stein, D (1995). Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art. CA: The Crossing Press, Inc..







About the author:


TraceyTracey Jones BSc. Hons. (Medical Herbalism), Complementary Therapy Specialist, Reiki Master, Teacher and Manufacturer of Natural Products for Health and Vitality.




The Professional Reiki Practitioner courses are written and compiled by myself Tracey Jones, BSc. Hons. Reiki Master and Teacher. My courses have been accredited and approved by BABTAC since 2000. I have previously written and compiled Reiki I and II Degree course handbooks for CIBTAC, they have been translated into many different languages. I have also delivered Reiki seminars at Olympia and the Excel Centre, London, whilst travelling the world teaching Reiki to hundreds of students. I also appeared in BABTAC’s own Vitality Magazine on the ‘Ask the Expert Page’ providing members with help and advice regarding Reiki related issues and concerns. All course fees include; Two-day contact teaching time, Reiki Attunements, Course handbook and the PRP Certificate, alongside on-going support via email/telephone, if required.


If you or anyone you know may be interested in becoming a Reiki Practitioner, please contact myself via email at for upcoming course details.


I will be happy to answer any questions or offer further help and advice should you need it.




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