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Autopathy: A Similimum from the Patient

 Autopathy: A Similimum from the Patient

8th annual conference on Autopathy 2016

8th annual conference on Autopathy 2016

The number of chronically ill in the EU and in the USA is on an increase. It is rare today to meet a person, a child or an adult, who does not suffer from any recurrent or repeated disorder. Starting with lowered immunity, allergy, insomnia and infertility through to autoimmune disorders, depressions, autism and psychoses. We do not learn about this from the TV nor the newspapers, it is our personal experience and is also shown in the statistics. Even homeopathy, known for its ability to heal also incurable diseases, cannot help to improve this general situation.



I have been practicing classical homeopathy since 36 years and during this time I could observe an interesting development. In the 80th, people reacted very well also to remedies, which were not selected exactly according to the “totality of symptoms”. I have made for example the experience with allergic persons, who had after Natrum muriaticum strongly improved and stopped being dependent on allopathic medicines, although their whole and psychic picture did not always completely correspond with this remedy. However, in the course of the 90ies and especially after the year 2000, it became necessary to make a more and more precise selection of the similimum (which I have always strived for), to arrive at the same result. Nowadays, even the most precise selected remedies often do not have the long-term holistic effect, which I have observed thirty years ago and which had been described in the classic works. It is rather an exception today  not only in my clinic, but also in the clinic of current international teachers of homeopathy, whom I have been inviting to lecture at my Homeopathic Academy in Prague and with whom I am in contact since a long time. The reasons could be the worsening life environment and in the last fifteen years also strongly increasing microwave radiation, which is now many orders of magnitude stronger than before the year 2000. We should not forget that homeopathic remedies can be produced also by electromagnetic radiation – on this principle function the well-known electro-acupuncture tools, remedymaker, etc. This means that the strong high-frequency radiation of mobile phones and mobile phone masts could also have a homeopathic antidote effect on our healing process. As we know, a remedy, which is not an exact similimum, can easily be antidoted. The more similar it is, the less its effect can be negated. Moreover, current homeopaths who select remedies according to „the totality of symptoms“ have to deal more and more with clients who, together with homeopathic preparations, take regularly a large quantity of corticosteroids, antibiotics and further chemical substances. This does not support the effect of homeopathic remedies and is an influence, which was considerably weaker some decades ago than it is today.



Thus, the 36 years of practical experience with homeopathy has shown me that in order to arrive at the same result, an increasingly precise remedy selection is necessary. No other way exists. Similarity must be increasingly perfect and has to include also the changes in organism caused by disruptive civilizational influences, which nature itself is not familiar with and cannot handle. Persons of the types Lycopodium, Calcarea carbonica or Lachesis are not the same as they were in the 19th and the 20th century. They have been changed by previously unknown environmental influences.



In the year 2002, some not very successful cases of homeopathic healing have forced me to turn to the history of homeopathy and to learn from the classic works. In the software Reference Works, I have found in a large volume of literature a number of short mentions about the highly effective “autonosodes” and “autoisopathic” remedies, both produced from the potentized information obtained not from the surrounding nature, for example from the bodies of animals and plants, but directly from the own nature of the patient, from his body. The first, who had used this method, was naturally Samuel Hahnemann. When he was already over eighty years old, he achieved a successful cure in a case of tuberculosis through homeopathically potentized patient’s own saliva, and he has left a written record about it. (1)



That, which we heal, is not the body, but a disturbance in the “spiritual” (I prefer to use the word “fine-matter” instead) vital force – Organon, §12. The body of every person has the closest relation to its vital force, which organizes and forms the body and mind. Similarity is brought here to perfection. Therefore, when we take information from the patient´s body and potentiate it to a fine-matter state in which the vital force acts, on the principle of resonance, this vital force can be invigorated and healed.  Furthermore, the body contains also information about outer influences, which inimically acted upon it, for example about electromagnetic radiation or poisons from the environment, which, from the isopathic point of view, is very important for healing.



Isopathy is administering of the same damaging influence of that, what had caused the disease, in a potentized form. This way we can traditionally cure negative effects of vaccination, snakebite, bacterial toxins, poisoning and similar ailments. We have in homeopathy long-term good experiences with isopathy, and many books and articles were written about it.



Autopathy thus combines in one method a number of homeopathic approaches and its holistic effect is close to the effect of a constitutional remedy, prescribed according to the totality of the symptoms. In autopathy we can very clearly discern a development according to the Hering’s Laws of Cure that symptoms (including “incurable” ones) retreat in the direction from within outward. This is not just a marvellous theory, but a real result, which I have observed from the first cases, when I and my pupils have applied the client’s diluted saliva and have seen the gradual cure of lifelong allergy, eczema, migraine, depression, arthritis, insomnia, infertility, fatigue syndrome, thyroid gland malfunction, menstrual pains and many other long-term disorders, which were previously fought with unsatisfactory results by both conventional as well as homeopathic means. I have named the method “autopathy”, following Hahnemann´s example, who called the remedy prepared directly from the patient “Auto”. At the beginning of my work with autopathy, there were only two occurrences of the word “autopathy” in English in the internet, one completely irrelevant. In German, Spanish and other languages this word did not appear in the internet or vocabularies at all.



To be able to regularly recommend this method to my clients (at the beginning, these were only the less successful homeopathic cases) I designed and began to use the autopathy bottle. A glass vessel, in which the client could make his own dilutions from saliva in the bathroom in his own home according to the instructions for use provided with “the bottle”. It had proved to be so simple and quick to prepare so that no one could get it wrong. I would like to point out that Hahnemann’s laboratory, in which he produced his enormously effective remedies, could not compete in its equipment and cleanliness with today’s average bathroom. I have visited his well-preserved laboratory in Köthen a couple of years ago. There was wood-fired oven and no water mains or water outlet. The home preparation of the autopathic dilution takes usually only a few minutes and the client uses it only once or repeats it, for example once a week, depending on the character of the disorder. The potency of the dilution is determined by the quantity of water used for making the dilution. One litre of water poured through the bottle results in the potency of 40 C, two litres in 80 C and the largest successfully applied potency was from 250 litres, which is 10 M. With the home production of the autopathic dilution, I came close to Hahnemann’s demand that homeopathic remedies should be made by a homeopath, not by a pharmacist.  In autopathy we have brought this even further, to the client. It has proven to have numerous advantages, especially concerning the quality of the dilution. However, the dilution can also be prepared in the client’s presence by the autopathy consultant or for a child by the parent.



In the course of the fourteen years of existence of autopathy, a large number of people completed the training courses on autopathy. And they were sharing their experiences, for example at the regular annual conferences in Prague. Autopathy has gradually developed into a healing method with several forms of preparation of the dilution, suitable for various conditions of the body and the mind. Potentized is not only saliva, but also the information from breath, stool and not in the last place directly from prana, from the fine-matter information contained in the seventh chakra above the head of the healed person. The last form of healing became especially popular because of its often immediate effect of psychic relief.  Here the water in the autopathy bottle is being held two minutes in the area of the 7th chakra where it adopts the fine-matter information, which is then potentized. The potentized information is applied in drops to the forehead, the area of the 6th chakra, which by means of the meridians and nadis reaches the whole of the organism.



It is also significant that through the  method of autopathy homeopathy returns to its original spiritual philosophy, owing to which it spread so widely in America and Europe in the second half of the 19th century. Many modern homeopaths ignore this spiritual background or deny it and the loss of the philosophical support makes it unfathomable and vulnerable for its materialistic adversaries.



People using autopathy report sometimes almost euphoric states, the improvement and cure of chronic symptoms within weeks or months and often a quick recovery from acute febrile illnesses and other acute conditions. The speed of recovery and the ability to restore health is individually determined not by conventional diagnosis, but by a complex inner condition of the body and spirit, which I call karma.



In this short information article, I would not like to perpetrate any form of simplification, which this brief form seduces to. I have written two books about this method. ‘Autopathy: A Homeopathic Journey to Harmony’ and ‘Get Well with Autopathy’. The second book is a textbook and a manual on the method.  In the first book, I have focused more on the homeopathic contexts and the development of this new homeopathic method. Both books contain over a hundred descriptions of cases of chronic diseases, cured by autopathy. Many other successful cases of cured incurable conditions have been published at, where users of autopathy also speak in video recordings with English subtitles about the cure of their long-term chronic illnesses, which resisted before to other forms of conventional and alternative healing.



For homeopaths, for example for me, autopathy is also a great support for the effect of homeopathic treatment, where it can be applied by alternating the two forms of healing. The book ‘Get Well with Autopathy’ contains a number of such cases. The books can be obtained in e-shops, for example or, where it is also available in electronic form.



Autopathy is particularly suitable for self-healing, because it does not require the complex search for similimum. We know it beforehand, it is in the body or in the vital force (prana) of the healed person. I am meeting people who have healed their long-term chronic disorders only after reading the book ‘Get Well with Autopathy’, even without a consultation with a trained person. Nevertheless, most people prefer to consult professional practitioners, who have completed the training course on autopathy.  I organise, every year, not only courses, but also webinars, in which the participants quickly learn the basics of the autopathic method, and in the combination with the book can apply this method to their own cases. Participants can then be included, if they wish, in the map of consultants, on the autopathy website. Right now, there are more than 400 consultants working in CR  but also in the USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and other countries. They are included in the map of consultants in the website



Autopathy is firmly anchored in classical homeopathy and continues the work of its founder, who did not have enough time left to develop this new chapter further. It is up to our generations to continue his work.




1Rima Handley: A Homeopathic Love Story




About the author:

JiriJiri Cehovsky was born in Prague. He worked in publishing before he began to study and practice homeopathy. In 1990, he co-founded together with several medical practitioners the Homeopathic Society and also the Homeopathic Academy in Prague, from which hundreds of Czech homeopaths graduated since then. Teachers at the Academy are well-known homeopaths, also from the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Australia, India and Germany. He authored the book Homeopathy More than a Cure.  In his publishing company Alternativa, Jiri Cehovsky publishes mainly homeopathic literature. He has been practicing homeopathy since thirty-five years. In the year 2002, he began with autopathy and he has been continuing in development of  this method  following fourteen years. He documented his findings in two books – Autopathy: A Homeopathic Journey to Harmony and Get Well with Autopathy. He had written several articles on this topic for homeopathic journals, such as Homeopathic Links and He organizes regular seminars and webinars on autopathy. More information about him and his method at his website


Jiri has made a practical webinar on autopathy available at:



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