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Quotes by Father Sebastian Kneipp

 Quotes by Father Sebastian Kneipp

Kneipp for articleFather Sebastian Kneipp who lived from 1821 to 1897, had devoted his live to the health and well-being of the less fortunate patients of his time, and developed the water therapy, today referred to as ‘Kneippism’ or ‘hydrotherapy’.



He wrote several books recommending a healthy lifestyle and describing in detail the art of Kneippism. Many quotations taken from this wise man’s writings, seamlessly translate to our day and time, albeit having been spoken much earlier!



Some Kneipp-quotes; freely translated from German:


  • All wish to be healthy and live long, but few do something about it.



  • Happy is the man who understands and strives to adopt more and more of what is necessary, useful and salutary.



  • Nature is the best pharmacy.



  • We have (on the surface of the earth) two-thirds water and one-third of land; which is a strange relationship, and I mean just that God has not given more water for no purpose.



  • Hardly any circumstance can be more harmful to health, as the life of our days: a feverish rushing and urging of all, struggling for their earnings and a secure existence. A balance must be struck between the art of living and the use of nerve power. Those that do not have much opportunity to preserve and increase their energy, must necessarily, at least temporarily, exercise all parts of the body and put them into motion. (Quote shortened).



  • Food is only beneficial and healthy if it is beneficial to a human’s nature, and is processed by it. (…) One can get nature used to everything, also, to that which she craves, yet that may kill her. Furthermore, I believe I can say that people, who are more accustomed to vegetables, have greater benefits for their health thereby.



  • Often enough it happens that the physically ill are much sicker of the soul.



  • Prevention is better than cure.



  • Who was in distress and misery himself, knows to recognize the misery and distress of his neighbor.



  • We learned less of the useless stuff that the children of today are learning – and therefore we are lucky enough not to have to forget quite so much, and not be as nervous as the schoolchildren of today.” (‘today’ meaning the end of the 19th. century).



  • Every cart needs grease – and the body fat.



  • Killers get life sentences; Food counterfeiters should get the same punishment – they are indirect murderers. Many die of this without knowing the real cause.



  • When you realize you’ve eaten, you’ve already eaten too much.



  • Health cannot be bought at markets; it is a way of life.



  • Shoes are foot-bending-machinery.



  • He who would succeed in bringing people back to simplicity, naturalness and a reasonable way of life, would have achieved the utmost – namely, would have solved the social question.



  • Water is not wicked; it is a lovely, friendly means for improvement and healing.



  • A strengthened body possesses greater protection against the diseases of the soul.



  • The most natural and easiest therapy to increase strength remains being barefoot.



  • One becomes indifferent to what there is in abundance; hence it is also that many hundreds of plants and herbs are deemed worthless weeds and trodden upon, instead of being respected, admired and used.



  • You must act on the whole body, if you want to eliminate morbid matter.



  • Spring is the time at which the body can make use of an ordinary internal cleansing of all the harmful substances that have accumulated during the long winter.



  • One can generally say that what grows in sunlight becomes healthy, strong and complete; what grows in the dark, is and remains stunted.



  • There is an ample amount of resources available, but we need to know their proper composition, so that they can be handled.



  • The means that the natural healing processes require, are based on light, air, water, diet, rest and exercise in their various forms of application, are things that if they are normally available, keep the healthy organism healthy and help it to recover when he is ill.



  • To stay healthy, a person needs to move, sweat and use the water in its mildest form.



  • These herb, which among the ancients stood in such high regard, are now partly despised, partly forgotten; only few are still searched and used by the common people today, as so-called home remedies.



  • I returned to the old, abandoned, and forgotten herbs, have tested their healing power and have cured some of severe and long- suffering.



  • If man wants to be healthy, to live a long life and fulfill his purpose bestowed upon him by God, he must nourish with great care both the body and its individual parts.



  • To do something in order that one can live longer and stay healthy no one remembers, one solely wants to take and not give to the body what he is due.



  • I praise the progress in the sciences and appreciate the same. But all is not true progress that bears this modern-sounding label.



  • Not too many applications! Not many applications heal, but the right ones applied in the right way.



  • Live reasonably; highly appreciate to be able to accomplish your day’s work in the sunlight; spoil not the good air that you can breathe, and act not wickedly against your body by demanding more from him than he can give. In other words: Do not act unreasonably against yourself!



  • All is nervous, the whole world, the children in their pillows already and the old women behind the stove still; all is artificial. Oh, if the poor, agonized, ailing humanity would only come to understand that only in the return to nature, a change of life for the better is possible!



  • Water has great properties, for sure. It accomplishes the unbelievable, but if man does not want this, then it’s all over, the fight against stupidity, by gods and rivers, is then in vain.



  • He, who does not wish to invest everyday into his health, will one day have to sacrifice a lot of time for disease.



  • Who swallows his anger, has long not digested it.



  • Old they want to be, healthy they want to stay, but to do something for it, they do not want.



  • The meaning of travel is to arrive at its destination; the meaning of walking (hiking) is to be on the road.



  • To whom health is near and dear, must mobilize what is possible to spend his time outdoors (in fresh air).






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