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Materia Medica of the Schüssler salts – Part 1

Materia Medica of the Schüssler salts – Part 1

MM 1 


1. Calcium fluoratum – Calc. Fluor.

2. Calcium phosphoricum – Calc. Phos.

3. Ferrum phosphoricum – Ferr. Phos.

4. Kalium chloratum/muriaticum – Kali. Chlor. / Mur.

5. Kalium phosphoricum – Kali. Phos.

6. Kalium sulfuricum – Kali. Sulph.

7. Magnesium phosphoricum – Mag. Phos.

8. Natrium chloratum/muriaticum – Nat. Chlor. / Nat. mur.

9. Natrium phosphoricum – Nat. Phos.

10. Natrium sulfuricum – Nat. Sulph.

11. Silicea – Sil.

12. Calcium sulfuricum – Calc. Sulph.

Indications of the Schüssler-salts – part 1:



1. Calcium fluoratum

Affections of teeth, bones, & joints.

Atony & induration of tissues.

Intervertebral disc degeneration.

Haemorrhoids, varicose veins.

Unburdens the bloodcirculation and strenghthens the bloodvessels.

Signs of early ageing.


Facial Diagnosis:

Formation of wrinkles – capillary wrinkles on the lower eyelid that start on the inner corner of the eye. The lines have a red/blackish tint. Facial skin is flaky. Callused & cracked Hands and Feet. Ganglia, Haemorrhoids.



2. Calcium phosphoricum

Growth disruption. Afections of teeth and bones.

Badly healing fractures.

Osteoporosis, Anaemia.

Affections of the lung.

Nervous irritability, rapid exhaustion. Disturbed sleep, particularly in babies and small children.


Facial Diagnosis:

Pale individuals.

Sickly facial expression. Facial skin is wax-like – palor, dullness, and a yellowish hue. This discolouration can come on gradually, from ears, via forehead, to the tip of the nose & eyebrows or can encompass the totality of the face.

Eczema, Dandruft.

Exudations are glassy/milky. When dry the secretion becomes a white/yellowish crust.



3. Ferrum phosphoricum

Indicated in acute, sudden infections, where there is inflammation and fever.

Pain, wounds, bleeding, spraining, bruising.

Physical exertion, circulatory disorder in rheumatic affliction.

Summer-diarrhoea, acute stomach catarrh with pain and vomiting.


Facial analysis:

Redness – on forehead, cheeks and ears, or just on ears.

Inflammed facial skin, red spots.

Skin at the root of the nose has a discoloration that appears brown/blackish or blue/blackish.

Hollow-eyed – following exertion or fever.



4. Kalium chloratum/muriaticum

Acts on spinal discs, muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, & cartilage.

General inflammatory processes, particularly that of connective tissue.

Catarrh of different organs and tissues. Excretions are stringy, slimy, white/greyish.

Infections of eyes, ears & throat.

Rheumatism, warts, burns. Complaints since vaccination.


Facial analysis:

Scaly facial skin, white/greyish.

‘Lymphatic’ milky face. Milk coloured with a redish or bluish hue.

The paleness reveals blood vessels in a bluish tint. This is particularly visible on the lower eyelid.

The upper lip looks like it is whitishly ‘bearded’.



5. Kalium phosphoricum

Nervous instability, ‘nerve and soul’ afflictions, depression.

Weakness of heart and circulation.

Depressive mood, fearfulness, sadness, weakness of memory.

Exhaustion, melancholy, hysteria, nervosity, nervous sleeplessness. Aversion to intellectual work.

Muscular weakness, nervous afflictions of the heart.

Loss of strength following infections.


Facial analysis:

Skin has an ash-grey tint on the outer eye, like that of the ashes of cigarettes. Also on chin & upper lip.

The entire face has a greyish discoloration. The face appears grubby. Eyes appear apathetic. The temples are shrunken inward.



6. Kalium sulfuricum

Scabbing skin leasions. Neurodermatitis, psoriasis.

Can activate old and latent infections and brings them to healing.

Chronic inflammations of all sorts.

Chronic purulent mucous membranes in nose, ears, throat, bronchiae, gastro-intestinal tract…

Inflammation of liver, kidneys.

Supports secretion and detoxification.


Facial analysis:

Patient appears sad, fearful.

Brownish/yellowish discoloration of inner corner of the eye, on chin and on either side of the lower lip.



7. Magnesium phosphoricum

Cramping of heart, stomach, bladder, cramp in the calf. Pains are shooting, alternating, erratic.

Colics of stomach, bowels, gallbladder, kidneys.

Neuralgia of all body parts.

Constriction about the heart.

Toothing, cramping coughs.

Watery stools with pain in abdomen.



Hot 7: In acute cramping and colics: Dissolve 10 tablets of Magn. Phos. in a glas of hot water and take a sip from this every 2 to 5 minutes in order to gain relief.


Facial analysis:

Delicate redness on cheeks on either side of the nose. The patient does not feel heat. The redness is spotty – ‘hectic’ spots – appear suddenly, following mental or physical exertion or excitement.



8. Natrium chloratum/muriaticum



Lack of appetite, emaciation, catarrh with watery excretion.

Gatro-intestinal catarrh with watery stools.


Numbness and and prickling in the extremities.

Weeping eczema, rheumatic complaints, haedaches, migraine, neurasthenia.


Facial analysis:

Bloated and oedemateous face.

Face is glossy, like gelatine or the skin of the snail. This covers all of the face and cannot be washed off.

Enlarged skin pores.



9. Natrium phosphoricum

Rheumatism, gout, sciatica.

Neutralises all excess of acids in the body.

Acute and chronic inflictions that come from metabolic imbalance. Particularly in children.

Heartburn, fermented stools, sour eructations.

Inflammation of bladder, throats.

Gall- & Kidney- stones.

Skin eruptions excrete a honey coloured, cream like exudate.


Facial analysis:

Blunt, fatty gloss on the wings of the nose and the nasal bone. Forehead and chin appear like rubbed with fat. This fatty gloss shows on the finger that is swept across the skin.




10. Natrium sulfuricum

Affliction of the excretory organs (Liver, gallbladder, kidneys, bladder).

Eczema, oedemas.

Influenza, rheumatic complaints,

Excretions are yellowish/greenish and watery.

Patients are always cold, irritable, indifferent and depressed.


Facial analysis:

Inflammatory, bluish redness & redish nose (‘drinkers nose’). Redness of frost.

Yellowish/greenish discoloration at the sides of the head, nose, forehead and below the lower lip.



11. Silicea

Tissue atony, varicose veins.

Premature ageing.

Degenerative wearout of the connective tissue. Arthrosis, herniated discs, artheriosclerosis, itchy skin, tooth abscess, hair loss, brittle nails.

Acute and chronic inflammation with suppuration.


Facial analysis:

Glossy shimmer of skin, like a mirror. Glossiness on nose, cheeks, often visible on the hairline. ‘polished bald head’. Skin is like parchement paper just ahead of the appearance of the glossiness.

Small pores.

Eyes appear as if in hollow sockets.

Wrinkles on forehead and sides before the ear.



12. Calcium sulfuricum

Abscess, boils, carbuncles, all chronic afflictions with suppurative focus.

Bladder and kidney infections, conjunctivitis, tonsilitis.

Chronic sinusitis with putrid, bloody-suppurative discharge.

Chronic rheumatism, sleeplessness, weakness of memory, vertigo.


Facial analysis:

Age-spots, brownish in colour.

Chalk white paleness following shock & trauma.




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