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Materia Medica of the Schüssler salts – Part 2

Materia Medica of the Schüssler salts – Part 2

MM 2 


13. Kalium arsenicosum – Kali. Ars.

14. Kalium bromatum – Kali. Brom.

15. Kalium iodatum – Kali. Iod.

16. Lithium chloratum/muriaticum – Lith. Chlor. / Mur.

17. Manganum sulfuricum – Mang. Sulph.

18. Calcium sulfuratum – Calc. Sulph.

19. Cuprum arsenicosum – Cuprum Ars.

20. Kalium Aluminium sulfuricum – Kali. Alum. Sulph.

21. Zincum chloratum/muriaticum – Zinc Mur.

22. Calcium carbonicum – Calc. Carb.

23. Natrium bicarbonicum – Nat. Bicarb.

24. Arsenum iodatum – Ars. Iod.

25. Aurum cloratum/muriaticum natronatum – Aurum Mur. Nat.

26. Selenium – Selenium

27. Kalium bichromicum – Kali. Dichrom.

Indications of the Schüssler-salts – part 2:


13. Kalium arsenicosum

A skin remedy. Treats all affections of the skin and connective tissues. Chronic skin affections.

Nerves & muscles, weakness of muscles. Weakened gastro-intestinal function. Low bloodpressure.

Patients tend to have dandruff.

Itchy & scaly excema, extreme itching.

States of weakness, paralysis, cramps.

Stress aggravates.

Patient is emaciated. Anaemia.

Watery stools.

Fearful, scared, introvert, appear traumatised. Conflicts cause indigestion and skin eruptions.


Facial analysis:

Face is gaunt, cheeks are narrow, and the eyes appear protruded.



14. Kalium bromatum

Inflammatory affections of skin and connective tissue.

Issues of the nervous system.

Restlessness, sleeplessness.

Affections of the thyroid.

Restless, manic, or melancholic, chronically overtired.

Mental absenteeism, forgetful, confused.


Facial analysis:

Protruding eyes.


Sagging eyelids.

Tired gaze, embittered, restless.



15. Kalium iodatum

Indicated for pain and inflammation of skin & connective tissue, muscles, joints, tendons & ligaments.

Disturbances of the function of the thyroid, both hypo- & hyper- thyroid.

Diarrhoe, hair loss, sweating, tremor.

Elevated bloodpressure.


Unpleasant sensation in the throat, frequent urge to clear ones throat.

Depressive individual that easily weeps, cranky & aggressive. Appear dominant & strict, show little emotion. Inner restlessness.


Facial analysis:

Protruding eyes, redish eyes.

Sweat on forehead.




16. Lithium chloratum/muriaticum

Disturbances of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Affections of the skin.


Arthrosis, Gout.

Tearful individual, nervous, internal tenseness. Self-confidence is low. Easily exhausted. Tendency to be overweight.


Facial analysis:

Reddish eyes.

Occassional eczema.

Sagging eyelids.

Swollen eyes, continued blinking.



17. Manganum sulfuricum

Anaemia, exhaustion, circulatory disturbances.

Erratic rheumatism.

Affections of teeth.

Allergies, affections of the skin. Heyfever.


Listlessness. Auditory and visual disturbances.

Itching, scaling, blistering.


Facial analysis:

Yellowish facial discoloration, that looks unhealthy.

Palor. Sagging eyelids.


Scaly eczema.



18. Calcium sulfuratum

Exhaustion, rapid weightloss (albeit ravenous appetite).

Suppurative inflammation. Sensitive skin. Eczema.

Repetetive catarrhs.

Hasty speech, restlessness, irritability.


Facial analysis:

Tired gaze, sagging eyelids.

Milk crust/infantile eczema.



19. Cuprum arsenicosum

Neuralgia, sciatica, muscle cramps, epilepsy. Reliefs colic pains in gastro-intestinal catarrh.

Oedema in affections of the kidneys.

Itching on scalp. Cramps in calf and other muscles. Numbness of back.

Restless legs.

Individual is easily scared, frightened, restless, and appears melancholic.


Facial analysis:

Sweat on forehead and nose.

Pale skin with bluish tint.

Excess salivation, noticable by increased swallowing.



20. Kalium Aluminium sulfuricum

Forgetfulnees, poor concentration.

Unsteady gait. Forgetfulness of ageing.

Inflammation of connective tissue, haemorrhage.

Diarrhoea. Gastro-intestinal colics. Colics in obstipation.

Weakness of bladder, enuresis.

For bruising & lesions.




Facial analysis:

Dry skin, scared.

Development of scabs on nose and chin.



21. Zincum chloratum/muriaticum

Neural disease. Affections that are accompanied by cramping. Neuralgias. Nervous tics.

Nervous sleeplessness & headaches.

Muscular tension.


Skin affections and irritations. Herpes, eczema, neurodermatitis

Hyperactivity, depression.

Premature graying of hair.

The individual is moody, aggressive, restless and constantly moving about. He fears failure and rejection. Cannot be alone.


Facial analysis:

Acne, pimples, comedones.

Blisters on lips.



22. Calcium carbonicum

Numbness, diseases of the bones.

Affections of the muscles, cramping, pain in the extremities. The sensation of prickling and burning.

Nails become brittle, appear torn. The stability of teeth appears weakened. Caries.

Headaches on only one side of the head.

Chronic tonsilitis.

Asthma. Catarrh or the respiratory tract, ears & eyes.

Fearfulness and depression. Excessive sweating.


Facial analysis:

Full and voluminous hair.

Widened skin pores. Frequent facial skin inflammation.

Bloated cheeks and forehead.



23. Natrium bicarbonicum

Sour eructations, heartburn.

Gout, rheumatism. Irritation of the gastro-intestinal connective tissue.

General sensation of being unwell, exhausted, lacking drive.

A tendency to by hypochondric. Individuals are irritable, fearful, depressive.


Facial analysis:

Facial swelling, particularly the eyelids. The skin appears thick an is milky in colour.



24. Arsenum iodatum

Emaciation & fatigue of concomitant lung disease or gastro-intestinal catarrh.

Bronchial asthma, heyfever.

Acute & chronic sinusitis. Chronic bronchitis.

Affections of the thyroid. Struma. Ailments of the joints.

Fearfull, restless and physically emaciated individuals.

Hotflushes, especially at night.

Enuresis in children.

Sensitive to noise. Physical weakness.

Individuals are irritable, discontent, desparate & sad. Constantly tired. Feeling inferior.


Facial analysis:

Acne, pimples.

Eyes redish.

Scratch marks, eczema.

Narrow, gaunt cheeks, protruded cheek bones.



25. Aurum cloratum/muriaticum natronatum

Inflammation of ovaries or uterus. Swelling of breasts. Amenorrhea. Disturbances of the female hormonal cycle. Fertility issues.

Sleepwalking, sleep disturbances.

Hypertension. Arrythmia.

Individuals may have been traumatised by an event. They may be choleric & bad-tempered. Separation-anxiety, melancholy. Dependent on others.


Facial analysis:

High forehead.

Greasy/oily skin. Sweating. Acne. Itching.

Hairloss, baldness.



26. Selenium

Exhaustion, depression.

Liver disease. Sepsis.

Artheriosclerosis. Thrombosis.



Weakness, constant tiredness. Constantly cold.

Inability to concentrate, forgetfull, doubtfull.


Facial analysis:

Tics, gray hair, dark rings around eyes.

Itching on the sole of feet.



27. Kalium bichromicum

Obesity, Diabetes.

Elevated levels of cholesterol.

Anaemia, artheriosclerosis.

Bronchitis, sinusitis.

Nausea in migraine.

Disposition to adiposis. Dislike of exercise & movement.

Bossy individual, argumentative. Tendency to be hypochondric.


Facial analysis:

Pale face of a whitish/gray discolouration.

Double chin.

Sensitive to smell.




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