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Proving methodology – one proving 3 ways!

Proving methodology – one proving 3 ways!

Where would we be without Hahnemann’s questioning mind and ability that gave birth to the first Homeopathic proving? He was translating a book by Dr William Cullen who wrote about Peruvian bark/ Cinchona having the ability to cure malaria. Hahnemann experimented and wanted to know for himself if it was possible. The classical methodology was born. Many Homeopaths followed in his footsteps and we are very blessed with all their findings which fill many Materia Medica. Some two hundred years later The Guild of Homeopaths brought us a new way of thinking with the new remedies that were proved meditatively. They give an insight to the flow of subtle energy, the auric field, chakras and the esoteric therapeutics giving a wider picture of the human energetics and purpose. In more recent years some Shamanic /Homeopathy provings have been made. Shamanism is the original knowledge, a journey or vision quest to ancient wisdom through the direct experience with spirit, an ancient spiritual tradition. This traditional way was handed down through generations and gave us herbal wisdom and folklore.


Whichever style they each give experience of the substance to be proved. All have been inspiring to me, some I have participated in as part of my learning so when a new remedy spoke to me I wanted to experience and experiment with the different styles. Recently I organised a proving using the three methods with three groups of people. The classical proving was done first, once concluded the meditative proving was done a couple of weeks later with the shamanic proving the following day. The repertory and therapeutic findings of the proving were explored separately and together for analysis. A fascinating signature and picture were clear.


The classical proving. All the supervisors were Homeopaths, all but one prover were homeopaths. The classical proving was done within a month. The findings were that physical symptoms of parts of the body were more noted with the classical provers overall. Dreams, delusions, desires, sensations “as if”, and mind symptoms were all noted more than in the other groups. This could be because the group as a whole had a homeopathic majority and that all supervisors taking the notes were homeopaths so might be more likely to note with homeopathic terms? However the therapeutic notes were put together by one co-ordinator which catalogued the overall notes for a therapeutic reference therefore all notes were equally viewed important. In general the classical proving gave a well balanced view of the remedy with a concrete human body reality. The prominent detail related with the physical body symptoms. My perception and conclusion so far of the classical proving approach encompasses a physical, logical, left brain intelligence which is masculine applying the matter of details in text. A strength in its reasoned thought brought about with an earthy factual manifestation with the written word. The records by the supervisors have a medical authority form about them, a scientific doing approach.


The meditative proving. The group were mainly homeopaths with two provers who were not. Meditatively physical symptoms were noted sometimes with equality to the classical group and in some physical symptoms the meditative provers were very strong and more pronounced than the classical notes. This showed in the therapeutics of the body as a whole and with certain areas of the body. Meditative notes were equal in amount with shamanic notes with regards to some physical symptoms too. With reflection the meditative group resonated prominently with the energetics of the remedy, experiencing its felt sense of being. A bigger picture of the remedy and its energetics became more apparent than at the time of the classical proving. This could be because of the meditative receptive nature of the proving. The meditative approach from my perception and conclusion so far encompasses feminine receptive right brain intelligence. This soft subtle method seems to hold the remedy during the proving it is the gentle nature which is kinaesthetic in being. This way of reading obtains the etheric spirit of the remedy. The frequency of the meditative proving was more at ease with spiritual body than the earthy classical method which is more at ease with the physical body.


The Shamanic proving. The group were mainly of shamanic experience with three homeopaths as provers. The group’s findings have the least amount of physical symptoms compared to the classical and meditative findings. Some physical symptoms were equal to classical and meditative but overall out of the groups they were the least recorded. The difference in results with this group was that the symptoms with the most prominence were of a collective conscious nature. The group resonated more on a miasmatic level than the others too. This was the last proving done so an even bigger perspective of the remedy could be made with a fuller picture of the psyche. Due to the oversoul connection a direct perspective of wisdom and source is given of the remedy. The shamanic approach from my perception and conclusion so far encompasses understanding of inner knowing at a primal soul level. This is spiritual communication with an authentic deep sense of wisdom with the natural and ancestral. A natural grounded level of perception with humanity. The frequency of the shamanic method brings together an acknowledgement of soul and truth. The harmony of the shamanic proving was at ease with the soul body this complimented the classical physical body and meditative spiritual body approach giving a full eclectic remedy picture.


Homeopathy is regarded as being Holistic to consider all parts of the whole. This was why I wanted to explore all the styles of provings. Each individual style was important and productive in its own way just as our own unique presence in the world. Each one connects to the vital force and the empowerment of healing. Hopefully by giving each individual style a collective it can bring a clearer picture for all to share, an understanding that all uniqueness is important. Most importantly that the collective balance and harmony of eclectic knowledge is brought forward. To engage, celebrate the equality of independent uniqueness of style and balance together a unity as one holistic adventure.


At this point I would like to add this impression of the three provings from one of the provers: “A few minutes after taking the traditional proving there was one moment in time in which it seemed as if the full spectrum of symptoms, from physical to spiritual, manifested themselves. It was a microcosm of the macrocosm, and if I had possessed the necessary awareness and the capability to record the experience in sufficient detail, in that single moment, the proving would have been complete.


Apart from that, the energy of the provings reminded me of some spiritual writings that I have been reading recently. These are from the works of Alice Bailey and the Tibetan, who speak of the lower concrete mind on the physical plane, the son of mind- or soul- which is the bridge between spirit and matter; and the higher abstract mind on the spiritual plane. It seemed to me that although the same symptoms ranging from physical through emotional and mental to spiritual manifested in varying degrees in each of the provings, that the emphasis of the traditional proving was on the physical, reminding me of the way in which the lower concrete mind works; while the focus of the meditative proving was on the feelings and emotions, corresponding to the son of mind, or soul; and the focus of the shamanic proving was on the wider implications and thus the interconnectedness of the whole, reminding me of the higher abstract mind.”


The following diagram shows the full circle of development of Homeopathic healing.


Diagram for Article C. Leary

The Shamanic approach is the original spiritual approach, our ancestors used for healing they experienced the healing properties of plants using the grokking method. This was handed down through generations. Originally this pure link with our natural world around us gave all we needed. We were part of it and the world was part of us. Consideration was given with a harmonious living. The way of life was more in touch with the earths beating heart. This was lost over time and evolution through various developments. Hahnemann gave us the reinvention of shamanism with Homeopathy giving form and meaning with the written word and recording the details. Therefore shamanic knowledge, herbal wisdom and folklore evolved from spirit to the material, classical. The meditative brought the divine and the shamanic brings us back to the natural.


A book of the recent provings will be available soon: Whitehaven Coal.

Further provings using the three methods will take place during 2015 if you would like to take part please contact Or Telephone 07753988719.


If you are interested in the findings and would like to know more don’t hesitate in contacting me. Further details can also be found on Thank You.



About the author:

C. Leary Bio - picI first became aware of Homeopathy when I was six month pregnant with twins in 1998 while suffering from general pregnancy ailments. I had a consultation with Anne Watters co-founder of The Lakeland College of Homeopathy. I was quite sceptical that such little pills would be much help. Every single symptom went within a week. My interest in therapies blossomed I studied Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Crystal therapy in 2002 and qualified as a Homeopath in 2005. I enjoyed learning about Essences at The Lakeland College and after graduating spent a week with Steve Johnson and the Alaskan range in Scotland. I also enjoyed Shamanism at the Lakeland and later studied with Paul Francis at The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism qualifying in 2012.
I run a clinic in Egremont on the west coast of Cumbria and also offer telephone consultations.
Contact details are or Telephone 07753988719.


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