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Winter 2014 – Remedies and Provings

A word from the editor – Remedies and Provings

 A word from the editor – Remedies and Provings

Dear Readers,


Welcome to the third issue of CLEVER H. – the Mag!


The resonance for the 1st and 2nd issue have been overwhelming and I am hoping this third issue arouses your interests quite as much, and you find pleasure in reading the articles contained.


This issue features some fabulous reads by diverse authors surrounding the topic `Remedies and Provings´!


Kent Quote for Issue 3 - Provings

Mary English is sharing some details of provings and remedy pictures, and Catherine Leary is giving us experiential insights into three different proving methodologies. Maureen McElroy, who has been a partner in crime in numerous presentations and projects during our student years at UCLan, partners with me for two articles on the snake remedies.


A further article of this issue is on Edward Bach, Hahnemann and the Bach Rescue-remedy. Only very recently was a homeopathic proving been conducted of this Rescue-formulation. I thought it of interest to bring your attention to this great homeopathic remedy. I have used it in homeopathic potentization since years, and have found it to be a great helper when in need!


For this and the subsequent issue, `the Mag´ is bringing a SPECIAL on Africa! Not only since the outbreak of Ebola has Africa come into the focus of attention, we must not forget that there are other severe diseases that have been a health hazard to the people in Africa. There are wonderful homeopaths and homeopathic organizations that are actively engaged in various areas in Africa, and we are therefore shedding some light on their engagement and experiences there. We are beginning this SPECIAL with an Interview with Jeremy Sherr, who is engaged in Africa for the HHA (Homeopathy for Health in Africa) an organization supported by the HAT (Homeopathic action trust). The interview was conducted by Em Colley, trustee of the HAT and host of #homeopathyhour Mondays on Twitter at 8-9pm GMT.


The next issue of CLEVER H., Spring 2015, will be an exciting one, featuring the topic `Homeopathy in crisis´, where the focus is not only on the criticism, and skeptic attacks that we as homeopaths only too often are confronted with, but there is principally a focus on how homeopathy and homeopaths fare in areas of crisis. Political upheaval, legislative changes, economic factors, etc., can all be cause of setbacks and crisis for homeopaths, while illness, disease and epidemics require us to interact with patient crises. Some fabulous authors have confirmed their preparedness to share their stories, experiences and views for that issue and I am much looking forward to reading and sharing with you the undoubtedly interesting submissions `the Mag´ will be getting on this topic!


If you would like to share your thoughts, views and experiences on `homeopathy in crisis´, and feel you can put this into an article, please feel free to submit your work to `the Mag´. If you have any queries and would like to tweak someone’s mind about your story…please feel free to get in touch. Submission deadline is 1st of February 2015 if you would like to have your article go into that Spring 2015 issue.


The subsequent issue then, for Summer 2015, will look at `homeopathic approaches´, Complex-remedies, Lanthanides, Sensation, LM´s…you name it… If you would like to write anything on a related topic, and feel like having it published at CLEVER H., do submit it and I´ll be pleased to consider it for that issue.


I hope you will enjoy this issue and are able to draw useful information from the articles on `homeopathic provings and remedies´.


Finally, it remains for me to wish you all a lovely festive season, great holidays with your near and dear ones, and for the New Year, to you and your families, all the best and fulfilment of your dreams, wishes and hopes!




UtaFather Christmas

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