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Editorial – Autumn 2021 – Miscellaneous

Dear Reader, I am frequently being asked, how can we ‘prep’ for the winter, to avoid catching a cold or falling ill with a cough, a runny nose or other, weather caused, sickness. While most think that, as a homeopathy, I can magically pull out a remedy from my pocket that will do the trick, … Continue reading

Discharge Per Vagina: Normal and Abnormal

    VAGINAL DISCHARGE can be Haemorrhagic or Non – Haemorrhagic in nature with varied aetiologies. Under Haemorrhagic category – regular, optimum bleeding and absence of any associated complaint during menstruation is normal. Similarly, under non-haemorrhagic category- whitish, mucus-like, odourless, non-irritating discharge in small quantity is absolutely normal. This discharge is required to keep vagina … Continue reading

CareClin – Gentle Help for PTSD

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