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Autumn 2021 - Miscellaneous

Editorial – Autumn 2021 – Miscellaneous

Dear Reader,

I am frequently being asked, how can we ‘prep’ for the winter, to avoid catching a cold or falling ill with a cough, a runny nose or other, weather caused, sickness. While most think that, as a homeopathy, I can magically pull out a remedy from my pocket that will do the trick, few realize that there is the odd prep work one can actually do, well ahead of the season, to build up the immune-system and strengthen the physical resistance.

…and it’s not about popping a remedy, prophylactically, or drinking smoothies and juices, which, in their own right, may also be a supportive means, no, I am referring to something that requires a bit of persistence and resilience. The Water-cure of Father Sebastian Kneipp, a German priest who lived in the mid-18th century.

‘Kneippism’, what the ‘water cure’ is called in some parts of the world, or ‘Kneipp hydrotherapy’, describes the application of cold water for short intervals, in the form of full body baths, rinses, limb immersions, or wet packs and compresses to the body or parts of it. These areas are ‘cooled’ by the application, and after having been left un-dried until the locality has reinvigorated and regained its natural warmth, stimulate the organism, building the strength of the immune system and restoring health in numerous ailments and diseases.

A common example of the application of ‘Kneippism’ is water-stepping. This is a walk through cold water whereby each leg is alternately lifted out of the water with each new step. As such it regains some warmth before it is re-immersed into the cold water with the next step. This can easily be done at home by stepping in and out of a bucket filled with cold water. Another application of the ‘water cure’ is an alternate arm-bath. A sink filled with cold water allows the immersion of the lower arms by bending them at the elbows. After 15 seconds the arms can be lifted from the cold water, left to re-warm for 15 seconds before being re-immersed. This is repeated for 5 minutes.

There are numerous applications and methods to conduct the ‘water-cure’ and according to Kneipp they help at restoring the harmony of the body, mind and soul. ‘Kneippism’ today, is probably most prominently used in Germany. Even the German health care system expends on ‘Kneippism’, as it is considered to prevent illness and is therefore cost effective. In 2015 the German UNESCO-commission declared ‘Kneippism’ as an immaterial cultural heritage, for its ability to stabilize and reestablish a state of health.

Kneippism, is an easy method that is simple and can readily be applied at home. It has never been more convenient to do the organism some good by strengthening it and prepping it for seasonal or other attacks on the immune system. Why not start now and prep your immune system for the winter months.

I wish you a lovely autumn. Stay safe and healthy, and happy reading.



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