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Spring 2020 - Emotions, Stress, Trauma

Editorial – Spring 2020

Editorial – Spring 2020








Hello all,


I hope this finds you well and healthy.


Gosh, what times we are in today..?! Isn’t it just so surreal, the current global scenario? It feels like we have all dipped into a bad movie about a killer virus spreading the planet..only, this is absolutely, unbelievably real.


While many have become irritated and are panicking, in particular on account of the measures applied by our governments world wide, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use this enforced ‘down-time’ constructively. I do not mean we all have to find our hidden writer qualities or, have to redecorate the kitchen, but this time can by all means be used to find that lost or slumbering connection to the self.


Perhaps its time to become mindful again. Mindful of the own needs, desires, or long lost dreams. Perhaps, going within, perhaps meditating, going for a walk in nature, taking a relaxing bath or simply reading a book can make a huge difference to how we treat ourselves. Perhaps this is a good time to recharge, let go and refocus a little bit on the self during this time.


With all that is going on right now and the changes that are likely to occur, it may be that we will have to rethink and reorder our routine of life anyway once the planet has overcome this pandemic. It is not yet foreseeable what impact this virus outbreak has economically or financially on the world, so its perhaps a good time to start the new era with giving the self a bit of a reboot.


Another thing that is of most importance during this time is also awareness. Awareness that much of the information that is being shared and spread at the moment needs to be viewed critically. Suddenly, everybody claims to be an expert on COVID-19, and everybody who’s got something to say sticks his or her nose into a camera or has a say across social media, and a lot of that information is not supported by credible evidence. Be critical and question the information shared. There is no thorough research, as of yet. What is available can only have been trialled very short term and no longitudinal studies can yet be available, but are necessary to support the efficacy of a treatment.


While laboratories and scientists are working to find a medicinally effective treatment for this virus, it is calming to know that in homeopathy there are many remedies that have materia medica that are closely matching the symptom pictures presented by patients. Homeopathy has a long standing history of efficacy in the treatment of epidemics, and it is good to know that we have these remedies at our disposal in times of need.




In this current issue of CLEVER H. you will find interesting articles on:


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The upcoming issue, to go live on June 1st, 2020, will focus on the topic of ‘Sexuality, Fertility & Hormones’. If you would like to get published in that issue, you can submit an article via the contact page or directly email to cleverh.themag(at) . If you have questions or want to run an idea by me, please do get in touch.


Remains for me to say: Happy reading, stay calm, socially distanced and most importantly healthy.



Best wishes and take care



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