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PCOS & MENORRHAGIA and Homeopathy

PCOS & MENORRHAGIA and Homeopathy







A 19-year-old girl came to us with complaints of heavy bleeding. Sonography confirms she had PCOS and she was on hormonal treatment with partial relief for past 2 years. Her periods are irregular, comes after every three months, and lasts for over a month. There is spotting in the first week and heavy bleeding from 2nd week onwards. The bleeding continues for over a month. Though the bleeding is painless but there is lot of mood swings, stress and weight gain.




The patient had come with her mother. She is studying Mechanical Engineering in BITS Pilani (one of the top technology colleges in India). During the first consultation, the mother spoke more for the patient. The patient seemed shy but smart.


When asked to describe about herself, she said “I am soft spoken person, I listen to people but put my opinion as well. I am very emotional, small things affects me a lot. When somebody tells me something bad, I overthink it- why did they tell me this, what was the intention etc. I am very sensitive. “


The mother adds, “she worries about her studies a lot. Also, very conscious about her health & weight. Because of this excessive bleeding she doesn’t feel energetic and cant even exercise.” She continues to say “ she over thinks and is very very sensitive”



D: Tell more about your sensitivity?


P: If somebody tells me somethng. Then I overthink. I keep stressing myself. I am sensitive to pain. I feel bad for animals. When they suffer. If somebody is sad, I try talking to them more. I stay in hostel. If my roommate is crying, I try to please her, make her feel happy. I want to help them. I cannot express much. I tendto keep it inside.


At this stage this is important to note. We don’t know yet if this is plant sensitivity or sensitivity of someone who is slightly less developed.



D: Tell more about yourself?


P: I love to be independent. I love my hostel life a lot. We are our bosses there. We are not answerable to anyone


(This was quiet surprising coming from the patient as her first impression on us was quite different)


On enquiring further on what she meant when she says this, she adds “sitting at home is wasting of time. At home for lunch & dinner we must wait for everyone, but at hostel we manage our timing according to our wish. In hostel we are not bound to anyone for anything. I like to manage my time and not waster anything”


(Okay, so the hostel & independence are related to wasting of time and doing her work. Which is peculiar for 19 years teenager)


She adds “I love to learn new things and I love when I get new ideas. Nowadays, since I am home on vacations, I am learning Casio/ keyboard”


(Hmm, she likes music, is creative?)


When asked on why she chose to learn music. She adds “to improve my memory”


(This was extremely surprising! )


She explains “Because playing a Casio will improve my finger coordination, which in turn affects nerve cells to improve my memory”


(Her learning a musical instrument is also for sharpening her intellectual skill- memory)


She further describes herself “I am a very ambitious girl, hard worker by nature. Completely dedicated to the work I take in hand. I like designing machines, love to learn more about machines, its technology. I am always curious to learn new things. New challenges excite me a lot”


We questioned her on what motivates her to work so hard. She says “For me, my performance is far more important than my results. Sometimes I feel my confidence is very low. My grades are not as good as my peers. Something is lacking in me. But, I give it my 100% and work harder each time”


(This is a very important aspect of her- key words are work, design, learn, challenges, technology, performance)


She further adds “I am optimistic too, I don’t lose hope easily. I always keep trying. I have been to several gynaecologists. Also, I have read a lot about my condition. I have done a lot of research. I may have some problems in conceiving which worries me. I feel incomplete if I am not able to perform my responsibilities well as a woman”


(Research, guilt, incomplete, responsibilities. By now, we knew where to look for the remedy)


D: Describe your fears?


P: Dark. I fear losing people. I get attached to people very easily. I will feel bad if they go away. They should not go away. I don’t talk to everyone. I am a bookworm. But, the people I am close with should be in touch with me, they should not go away. Some friends are not in touch, I think I lack something. I feel guilty that I did not keep in touch.


(To note when asked about fears, patient went on to speak about what she lacks, guilt, relationship)



D: Tell more


P: My self-confidence is very low. I am a good listener, but I cannot express.



D: Are you more emotional or more logical


P: I am emotional, but also calculative. I will think and analyse everything. I am a logical person.



D: What do you like in nature?



P: I like nature a lot. I like animals. I like water. Hills. Fowers. Birds. I like to travel to natural places. I like dogs, I don’t like cats. I don’t like insects, flying insects. But, I can’t kill them. I like fishes.





D: Which animal do you like the most?



P: Dogs.





D: What about dogs to you like?



P: They are very good at heart. They will never betray you. They are loyal & very cute.


(While she likes nature, this information did not have much energy)



D: What are your hobbies?


P: I love playing keyboard, travelling, music, listening to old songs.





She loves Curd & lemon and is Thirsty.





While the patient spoke a lot of her sensitivity, her chief issues were of what she was lacking and her effort and in overcoming it. Patient mainly spoke about her ability and performance. For her, her performance is far more important than the result.


This for us nailed it to be the Mineral Kingdom.


She always wants to learn new things. Wants to learn about new technologies and machines. She wants to be independent. Ambitious, desire to achieve dreams and constantly doing efforts for that.


It’s about her skills. How good she is in doing it. As Dr. Gandhi explains – A Tabla player knows how to play a Tabla, he is a master in it, he is so specialized so that he is anxious about his performance and constantly strives at being better. His focus is in getting better at his skill. He is super specialized and rare to find. Whereas a plumber on the other hand also does his work, but he isn’t a master of It. You will find many plumbers but not as many Tabla players.


It is important to note the patient is super specialized. At the age of 19, she is in one of the best colleges of the country and is constantly striving to get better at her skills- designing, engineering, technology.


This is Row 5 (Silver series)


The patient loves challenges and is determined. Although she lacks confidence, is shy, and unable to express she wants to overcome it. She is determined and is daring to be independent. This indicates Column 6.


Molybdenum is at meeting point of row 5 and columns 6. She was prescribed


Molybdenum 30


This case was only solved via the sensation method and repertory was not used.





When she came to us her menses were ongoing for the last 1 month. The bleeding stopped in a few days. She had not gotten her next cycle yet. Her mood was overall better and there were less mood swings.



She got her menses on 31st july2018 and they lasted for seven days. The cramps were less. She was feeling good over all.



Menses are now regular. Bleeding was normal, menses last for 5 days. Cramps are okay. She feels much confident can handle stress better. Patient is feeling happy.



After 1 year of treatment her periods are very much regular. They usually come on date. Bleeding is normal lasts for 5 days. Sonography was repeated, and it was normal. No cysts were seen in the ovaries.


Her weight has reduced. Her confidence has improved. She is currently learning to drive and appearing for campus interviews confidently.


The treatment was started with Molybdenum 30 and increased upto 200. She received infrequent doses of the remedy.











About the Authors:

Healing Harmony is a Homeopathic Holistic healing initiative. Their approach is multi-dimensional, and they offer a range of holistic therapies like meditation, yoga, diet and counselling along with homeopathic treatment. They also conduct health retreats called “Karvaan” to help their clients move from fragments to whole. Insightful and passionate, Dr. Prajakta Vaidya and Dr. Preety Shah-Chauhan are a dynamic duo with over 10 years of practice together at their couple of clinics in Mumbai, India. To know more about them visit and




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