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Mid-Summer 2019 - Integrative Practice-teaming up with Conv.Med. or other CAM

Editorial: Mid-Summer 2019


Editorial: Mid-Summer 2019



Hello dear Readers,


Welcome to the Mid-summer issue 2019.



In this issue, I’d like to draw your attention to the very potent homeopathic remedy: VISCUM ALBUM.


This hemiparasitic plant has an extensive lore and a vast traditional herbal medicinal history. Many pagan traditions have held the mistletoe sacred and have ascribed magical and mythical beliefs to it. Today, the herbal extract of Viscum album is a primary anthroposophic medicine used in the treatment of cancer. There is an article in this issue that takes a closer look at anthroposophic medicine and the use of Viscum album in the treatment of cancer. You may want to read it here


The homeopathic remedy picture indicates the use of Viscum album for arterial hypertension, hypertrophy of the heart, climacteric complaints, dyspnoea and asthma.



A featured article of this issue looks at the homeopathic management of drug side-effects. This is undoubtedly a very prevalent concern, considering that patients turning to homeopathy, frequently have previously tried to find help by seeing a conventional doctor and are consequently taking conventional drugs. It is also not uncommon that many come see a homeopathic practitioner for complaints from adverse reactions to the drugs they are taking. Here you can read Dr. Ronda Behnke’s article


An article that takes a look at drugs from a different angle has been written by Dr. Sahil Gupta. He has taken a close-up on the topic of ‘Addiction’, and the role of homeopathy helping patients  overcome their drug dependency. Read more.


Dr. Vasudha Vij, explains the role of the strange, rare and peculiar symptoms in the homeopathic case-taking. She explains the importance of the, as she terms them, PQRS (peculiar, quick, rare & strange) symptoms using a case of psoriasis. To read her case, follow this link


A closer look at Anorexia nervosa, and homeopathic remedies that may become useful in the treatment of patients can be read here.



To close, I would like to remind that, as we are in the summer months, and at the peak of the holiday season, in the northern hemisphere, there are 3 very useful homeopathic remedies that may help overcome jet-lag from traveling to, or coming from a vacation destination. They are useful adjuncts to the homeopathic travel-kit, and perhaps they may come in handy for those of you traveling.


Cocculus: is indicated for jet lag where the individual has difficulty getting to sleep and feels like he or she is still in the moving vehicle or on the flying plane.


Gelsemium: With this remedy there is heaviness and exhaustion and the body feels immobilized akin to paralysis.


Arnica: This remedy is a treat where there is exhaustion accompanying the jet lag. It can help keep you awake until local bedtime which can aid an easier and swifter adjustment.



I hope you enjoy reading this issue. Have a great holiday. Stay safe and best wishes










This issue features the following articles by our fabulous authors.

Managing Drug Side Effects with Homeopathy

Anthroposophy – an integrative, conventional medicinal concept


A case of Psoriasis! The importance of the PQRS (peculiar, quick, rare, strange) symptoms

Homeopathy for Anorexia nervosa






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