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A case of Psoriasis! The importance of the PQRS (peculiar, quick, rare, strange) symptoms


A case of Psoriasis! The importance of the PQRS (peculiar, quick, rare, strange) symptoms


This is a case of a 34 year old male suffering from psoriasis on the soles of his feet since 5 years. He first consulted me on the 28th September 2017. The affected skin had turned blackish, it started from the right foot and later also affected the left foot. There was scaling as well as discharge from the eruptions that oozed out after scratching. Strong symptoms were itching, he used to scratch until it bleed. He took lot of allopathic treatment for the skin. On observation – his left leg was icy cold to touch. He feelt good after warm bathing. When the psoriasis started, it began in the winter season, however eruptions were there through out the year, with flare ups in the winter season.

He was very stressed about his finances. He was working in a job where his finances were strained, and also had a lot of anxiety about the psoriasis; he felt it could turn into cancer.



He is very timid and shy, does not like to talk much. He is very shy to interact with new people.

He gets upset when there is a fight with someone. He does not like fighting with anyone. Whenever he gets angry he gets jerks in the body.

He enjoys teasing his friends.

He feels jealous by his colleagues, when they have no problems with the boss. He feels anger about this issue, but he suppresses it as he cannot express his anger to anyone.

He likes his own company, he likes to spend time alone more than in company.

He has strong fears of water, ghosts, of high places.

He is thermally a hot patient.



In this case we see lot of peculiar and characteristic symptoms which can give us the clear picture of the patient.

Skin eruptions (psoriasis) which are blackish in appearance with discharge on scratching.

Winter aggravation

Hot bathing ameliorates the skin eruptions

Timidity, shyness especially in public

Fear of disease, fear of heights, fear of water, fear of ghosts

In anger his body used to jerk.























Lachesis 10M  two times for 2 days repeat every month




There was 50% improvement. The skin is dried, there is now no discharge from the eruptions. Itching is reduced, no bleeding or any pain. He is happy to see the improvement and his fear about cancer is reduced.


Rx-Lachesis 10M two times a day for 2 days repeat after 15 days













Eruptions are almost gone, skin is cleared. The patient is much better in general also.

Fear of cancer is reduced and he is still taking medicines for remaining small eruptions.



Rx-Lachesis 10M one dose in a month.






ANTHRACINUM- It is septic inflammation. It is chiefly for skin conditions such as boils, ulcers and other eruptions with severe pain.

Where there is blackness to the lesions with intolerable burning of skin.

Terrible burning with great prostration.

Ulcers with offensive discharges.


ECHINACEA- Great remedy for septic conditions.

This medicine is of great use in cases of appendicitis

Last stages of cancer to ease pain.

Ulcers on tibia.


GRINDELIA ROBUSTA- Rashes with severe burning and itching.

Vesicular and popular eruptions.

Ulcers with swollen, purplish skin.


LEDUM- Puncture wounds with suppuration.

Cellulitis with swelling and lymphangitis worse heat better by cold.

Wounds to area around the nerves.

Itching on feet and ankles – worse scratching and warmth.

Holding feet in icy cold water ameliorates.










About the Author:


Dr.Vasudha Vij, B.H.M.S, C.C.A.H graduated from Punjab. Her passion for Homeopathy brought her to Mumbai where she learned advance techniques of Homeopathy . She learned, and is working on cancer and other pathological cases. She has visited the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Alonissos, Greece, where she did a course and learned Classical Homeopathy. She is highly dedicated towards Homeopathy having a great interest in deeply understanding every patient. She has presented her cases in Bulgaria and in Spain. She runs her own practice.

Clinic- Swasthi Homeopathic Clinic

Phone no. 8291878149


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