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Changes underway at ‘Homeopathy World Community’

Changes underway at ‘Homeopathy World Community’





Homeopathy World Community (HWC) is a homeopathic portal for practising homeopaths that seeks to connect practitioners and supporters alike and aims at promoting awareness of homeopathy throughout the world. HWC was founded by the late Debby Bruck. It was her mission to serve homeopathy which is why she created the HWC website and as such brought together the world community at large. Well known and widely visited and enjoyed were her popular ‘BlogTalkRadio’, the ‘Health Inn Show’, and live stream interviews.


Kavitha Kukunoor has stepped in to continue Debbys legacy and to help grow HWC and the homeopathic world community surrounding it. I managed to have a chat with the new president and COO of HWC, Kavitha Kukunoor.






Kavitha, what is presently underway at HWC?


We just had the election of the new HWC board (published on Debby’s first anniversary of passing to fulfill her wish) and HWC released its first spring newsletter with all current and upcoming activities.

We are sending emails to all HWC members with all updates on what is currently happening at HWC.

At this moment our Website is being refurbished and will receive a new design.



What are the aims for the future of HWC?


We envision homeopaths and homeopathic organizations working together, in order to improve the status of homeopathy in the worldwide medical community, and seek to accomplish this by integrating the education and wisdom of homeopathic care for all people.

HWC seeks to be an aggregate of homeopathy resources, of news, of training, a directory, and a net work of opportunities for the homeopathic community.

We educate Professionals (Homeopaths) and the world wide public interested in learning Homeopathy & to use it for their health.

We are doing the educational Health Inn shows – the online TV series, are hosting professional webinars for practitioners to learn & grow.

HWC will be a search engine community – the ‘search engine’ of homeopathy.

We are working on providing continuing education credits for the Health Inn shows & the webinars we bring to our members.


Our Network, HWCN, organizes educational and informative programs through our sophisticated news channel website, and broadcasts the news about Homeopathy and the Conventional Medical Systems both for the general public and professionals alike.



HWC is a ‘by-invitation’ community?


HWC is a by-invitation, award winning community of thousands of professional homeopaths and healers. Our target audiences are Homeopaths and people who are interested in Homeopathy and other complementary and alternative medical and healthcare systems.

Since the inception of Homeopathy World Community (HWC), we have been integrating sustainable energy toward Gaia and Humankind.

The public may read our pages and listen to radio & video shows and many of our webinars as well.

Our motto, “Creating waves of awareness” defines the human awakening towards a new era, a loving and caring life, away from greed & materialism.

We solved and helped to solve countless cases. Thus, proved that Homeopathy has its place at the side of Conventional Medicine.

Professionals shared their experiences with the world.

We built a dependable online community for Homeopaths, Doctors, and Alternative Healers


The Membership fee for HWC as of this year is:

New membership fee is $20/year

Existing member fee is $15/year


HWC members will benefit from reduced costs for webinars and even entirely cost-free webinar participation. They also have access to many of existing videos, blog/form posts, group posts etc.

HWC members make friends, can directly communicate within the Website, by private and individual messaging, one-on-one or within a group. There is also a direct chat where HWC members that are online live on the website, can exchange and communicate with one another.

Members of this forum can share educational articles to inform and stimulate discussion. Over the years many articles/ blog posts have been contributed by members and this vast resource of wisdom and knowledge is available for members to browse and read. 

Thank you very much Kavitha. We hope to hear more of what is going on at HWC in the near future. Good luck and thanks for sharing some insight into what is currently going on at HWC.



To become a member and visit HWC, please follow this link here:





About the Author:

Kavitha Kukunoor CCH, RSHom(NA), BHMS, C.HP Kavitha Kukunoor is a homeopathic practitioner from India. She graduated with aIMG_3832 Bachelor degree of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) as Dr Kavitha Kukunoor from University of Health Sciences, Andhra Pradesh, India aand has been in practice since 1996. She is President and COO of Homeopathic World Community (HWC).

She is a nationally board certified classical homeopath, registered member of NASH, and Certified HP Supervisor in Homeoprophylaxis and Board member of FHCi (Free and Healthy children International). Life time member of National Center of Homeopathy. She is also an LMHI member – Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis

She mentors students and conducts lectures on homeopathy & homeoprophylaxis internationally. She works on self improvement and personality development.



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