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The Anti-aging of homeopathic cell salts

The Anti-aging of homeopathic cell salts

Anti-aging does not mean the traditional looking good but also growing old free of disease and pain. It means not just to look good but to be healthy and happy. People will generally spend money on skin creams but I would like to bring this to another level and rejuvenate every cell from the inside out through homeopathy. Homeopathy treats the whole person collectively and strengthens the body’s own “vital force “which is the body’s self defense and therefore the ultimate preventative medicine.


There are many ways homeopathy can improve your health and beauty at the same time.


Tissue Salts are an off shoot of homeopathy and are vital elements that correspond to the same minerals our cells are made of. These “vital elements” will nourish and rebuild your cells. Our body tells us which cell salt we are deficient in. For example, if we have wrinkles and stretch marks we need elasticity. Elasticity is also needed through our whole body. We often think of elasticity as an aging issue with varicose veins and hemorrhoids, but imagine the elasticity it takes to go from newborn to 6 feet tall or to build muscles that can lift twice your weight. The elasticity in our veins keeps them from getting stretched and varicosed. The elasticity in our muscles, tendons, skin and nerves keeps them strong and flexible. Signs of deficiency include joint disease, tendinitis, varicose veins and even hernia. Calc. fluor is a tissue strengthener; a classic example of a cell salts that can be used to target a particular weakness.


Another example is when people complain of dry skin and have tried many products without relief. They may even have cracks on their tongue which may indicate dehydration even if they are drinking lots of water. Nat. mur is a water distributor which will help on many levels. Tissue salts correct the deficiency and provide the nourishment essential for repairing and rebuilding our cells.


Homeopathic Cell Salt that can be used to target issues related to the deficiencies that appear as we age are: Calc fluor, Calc phos, Kali phos, Nat mur.


Calc fluor is the most important elasticity remedy for treating symptoms related to growth, lumbago, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, stretch marks and other ‘relaxed’ conditions.


Calc phos boosts nutrition and cellular activity to restore tone to tissue weakened by injury, illness, growth or wear and tear.


Kali phos helps steady nervous systems and encourages healing of tissues, especially in nerve rich areas or injuries that seem too sensitive.


Nat mur helps ease dryness and aids water distribution to help circulation especially when tissues are mending or stiff. So, whether recovering from an injury, illness, fitness class, puberty, pregnancy, in the processes of aging, you can use this remedy to aid flexibility and to support the ability to bounce-back to recovery.



Another homeopathic treatment that can be helpful in slowing the aging process and reducing the early signs of aging is a homeopathic detox of the liver, kidney and lymphatic system. This will stimulate your body to function better. A noticeable difference will be seen on the skin’s appearance and even aches and pains will improve. When the lymphatic system is functioning at its best, weight loss and cellulite will be in control and the immune system will be functioning optimally.


Equipped with such homeopathic anti-aging secrets, the aging process can be slowed and life can be lived to the fullest beyond the days of youth.







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Dr Ajay Yadav (B.H.M.S., C.S.D., C.V.D.,C.C.H.N.D.) Consulting Homeopathy Physician Skin Aesthics,Trichologist(AUS.)  MEMB. ANTI -AGEING MEDICINE INDIA(A3MI)  MEMB. LMHI INDIA (Liga Medicorum HomoeopathicaInternationalis) MEMB . Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association ( IHMA ) Mumbai FOUNDER OF Clinical Homeopathy cont +919892238605  email




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