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Winter 2018 - Aging Gracefully

Editorial: Winter 2018

Editorial: Winter 2018


Dear Readers,


Here she is, the December issue of ‘Clever H.’, and this time round we are looking at ‘Aging gracefully with homeopathy’. The articles brought to you are hopefully going to be informative and interesting to you. This last issue of the year features articles by Irina Redman, who is taking a look at: ‘Everybody knows that children and old people have more colds and can catch a flu more easily’; Dr. Ajay Yadav, who tells us about: ‘The Anti-aging of homeopathic cell salts’; Rebecca Liston who shares her: ‘Musings from The Path from One Journey-er to Another’; Dr. Ronda Behnke who explores: ‘An Emotional Side of Erectile Dysfunction’; and yours truly who shares some characteristics of and information on: ‘Centella Asiatica – a plant way to anti-age’. Enjoy!


…and as its the festive season already, I would like to remind of a remedy that may come in handy when the joyous times at family gatherings, events and parties become too indulgent, and digestive discomfort could ruin the happy times.


Carbo vegetabilis!


It may be helpful to have this little remedy close at hand. Where the guests complain of eructation, heaviness, fullness, nausea and sleepiness following a delicious Christmas meal, a couple of drops or pillules of Carbo veg. may bring rapid relief. Characteristic for Carbo veg. is that the eructations only bring temporary relief to the discomforts from ‘over-indulging’. The individual may find his or her taste is rancid, sour, or putrid. On top of that he or she may have a burning sensation and distension of the stomach. There may also be flatulence and the sensation of fullness with cramping, burning pain, and constriction that are felt in the bowels and stomach.


Mind you, there are other remedies too, but Carbo veg. has frequently saved the day during the festive days.


As the year comes to a close, a reflective thought brings the perception forth, that the past year has been one where there has been quiet a lot of challenge and upheaval; generally speaking, and more specifically for homeopathy too.


There were a lot of ‘skirmishes’ and discussions with homeopathic skeptics, across countries and continents. The diverse media channels and social media outlets demonstrated our homeopathic art to be quite extensively under attack. Our community lost some clever minds and wonderful people that have done great things for homeopathy and its advancement.


However, not all was bad, and 2018 was also a year where a lot of homeopathically valuable and interesting insights, ideas and research surfaced. Perhaps we can take off right on the tail of the good things and can make 2019 a really tremendous year to come. Perhaps we can make our passion and enthusiasm about our healing art grow stronger and spread further beyond all the opposition and antagonism in the New Year. A New Year is always a ‘new’ beginning, and one of the resolutions I am definitely intending to stick to in 2019 is exactly that, to make homeopathy thrive and prosper, beyond and above. If we all make that resolution and manage to just do one little thing that promotes our art and practice, we may achieve so much for the community at large. So, ‘Clever H.’ will continue in 2019 to bring to its readers articles, insights, cases, experiential reports and much more on homeopathy in order to spread quality information that has been researched, tried and tested by its authors.


That said, it remains to wish you all the very best for a merry Christmas time and for a fulfilling, prosperous and happy 2019!


All best








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