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Autumn 2018 - Arthritis, Gout, Rheumatism

Editorial: Autumn 2018

Editorial: Autumn 2018

Dear Reader,



Have you come across ‘Lachnantes tinctoria’?


I have used this remedy for a relative who complained of stiffness and tearing pain in the cervical spine. He had driven through a deep pothole some days prior, and had since felt discomfort and hurt in the neck and head. Moving the head, particularly to the right, was painful for him. His head ached and felt dull and heavy, and he felt as though his eyes were pressed out of their sockets. He was generally feeling cold, and his skin was somewhat moist to touch. Analyzing his cases, Lachnantes seemed a pretty good match. I gave it in a low C-potency.


This however did only alleviate the symptoms but did not fully remove the complaints. I reanalyzed the case, asked some more questions relating to the symptomatology, and learnt that the neck pain involved the sensation of heaviness, and numbness that was felt extending into the arms. Henceforth I administered Lachnantes in alternation with Nux vomica (also in lower C-potency) which then resolved the issue in its entirety.


Lachnantes had felt a perfect match, yet, there was obviously something missing. However, the newly acquired knowledge on further symptoms pointed not entirely to a different remedy. It was more a small tweak that was needed. This ‘tweak’ was Nux vomica.




This months issue is looking at ‘Arthritis, Gout & Rheumatism’.These health concerns are undoubtedly a frequent show in doctors clinics, but also in many a homeopaths practice.


Authors Ronda Behnke and Noel Peterson share their views and insights, Rebecca Liston tells us of her take on situations when the ‘show must go’ on, albeit existent adversities, and yours truly takes a closer look at two of the focus issues.


Homeopathic help for arthritis ?

What do you do when your heart is heavy and the “show” must go on?

Gout, and the role of uric acid levels

Is It Arthritis or Rheumatism?

Can Homeopathy Help with Arthritis?



Hopefully you can take something useful away from these articles. 

Happy reading, and have a great autumn.







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  1. Getting editorial autumn 2018 is quite helpful. Very interesting article. Very helpful post. Kindly know homeopathic medicine for cough

    Posted by TechieTrends (@trendstechie) | 26/10/2018, 12:33 PM

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