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Mid-Summer 2018 - Skin conditions

“I’ve never had clear skin before, but now I do.”

“I’ve never had clear skin before, but now I do.”



One of my core philosophies as a homeopath is that I believe that small things make a big difference. One way I help my clients get better is through encouraging regular treatment and making consultations enjoyable and positive experiences. I try to convey this on my website and through my client-therapist agreement.


I have a lot of people come to see me for issues with their skin.


In our image-conscious world, it can be hard for people to avoid comparing themselves to others. Clients often tell they feel ashamed or want to hide. It’s hard to develop relationships or even a career with low self-esteem that is affected by acne or spots.


During a consultation I am always looking for the underlying constitution. Silicea and Sulphur are the two types I find most prone to acne and spots. Hormones are a major reason for spots and acne, but in most cases I am also working with miasms, and find that most cases need Thuja, Tuberculinum or Syphilinum.


Nobody wants to use medication such as antibiotics, Roaccutane, or apply creams containing harsh chemicals but sometimes people are desperate.


In helping people have nice skin, I have to teach them to be kind to themselves and to nourish themselves, with good nutrition, general self-care and organic plant-based skin-care products.


I never use the word ‘acne’ during a consultation as this is a term that can feel quite judgmental and negative. Acne is perceived as something that can be really hard to overcome.


At follow ups we evaluate progress carefully. I will ask, ‘How has your skin been?’ in a friendly and non-judgmental way.


We have a MYMOP style chart where I write down numbers from 1-5 to indicate severity of symptoms in each of these areas.



1. Size

2. Depth

3. Quantity

4. Pus

5. Pain

6. How easily they come to a head

7. How easily they heal

8. Scarring and discolouration


Every case is different but in all cases I give remedies to support the liver alongside acute, constitutional and miasmatic remedies. I often give adrenal support remedies as they help to calm and restore positivity.



A case of adult acne


I started seeing a 30 year old woman in June 2014. She works in the arts.


She was referred to me by one of the very first people I ever treated, a graduation case in fact. Someone I had treated for severe acne.



Appointment 1

At the first appointment she told me she had never had clear skin.


She went on the Pill age 16 and had just stopped a year ago.


She is now having periods every 4-5 weeks without any problems.



Current symptoms:



She always has large, deep spots, that stay for ages and scar.


1. Size 4

2. Depth 4

3. Quantity 3.5

4. Pus 3.5

5. Pain 3

6. How they mature 3.5

7. How easily they heal 4.5

8. Scarring 4.5




Loves savoury food.

Cereal for breakfast

Salad and humous for lunch

Vegetarian meals for dinner

Quorn mince



Her diet wasn’t great.

Increase fish

Increase protein generally

Only have organic dairy, and cut back

Medical history

Lots of colds

Contraceptive Pill age 16 – 29

Allergic to animals


Family history

Twin sister that died at birth

Grandmother – brain tumour

Uncle – died car crash




Narayani Acne 3 x daily

Chelidonium 6X twice daily


The remedy selection was based primarily on clearing the liver and supporting the skin.



Appointment 2


At the second appointment she reported that her skin had been better for a while and then worse before her period.


She has upgraded her skin-care by purchasing an organic cleanser and a facial oil.


She feels she has more energy, especially in the morning.


I asked her to describe her personality and character.


She told me: “I’m quiet, patient, loyal. Easy to get on with. I like cooking and spending time alone. I enjoy reading. I dislike conflict or being the centre of attention.”


I asked about her emotions.


She told me: “I’m not a big crier. I am really squeamish though. I can’t watch anything ‘gory’. I hate needles.”



1. Size 3

2. Depth 3

3. Quantity 3

4. Pus 3

5. Pain 2

6. How they mature 3

7. How easily they heal 4

8. Scarring 3


This was a significant improvement.




Narayani Acne 3 x daily

Chelidonium 6X twice daily

Sea Salt 12c bedtime/2 weeks

The remedy selection was designed to continue with the improvement brought about by the previous skin and liver support. I included Winchelsea Sea Salt (I use this in preference to Natrum Mur. as I find it more gentle in action) as I felt that this was indicated for more emotional support.


There seemed to be a layer of sadness, indicated by the way she described her character.



Appointment 3


She had been having a few bad spots every few days and they were quite painful to bring to a head.


1. Size 3

2. Depth 3

3. Quantity 3

4. Pus 3

5. Pain 2

6. How they mature 2

7. How easily they heal 2

8. Scarring 2


Still quite a bit of improvement, despite the frequency.





Narayani Acne 3 x daily

Chelidonium 6X twice daily

Silicea 200c Collective Split Dose


I had Silicea in the margin from the first appointment, from her appearance and also because of her work in the arts combined with strong dislike of needles – a Silicea keynote.



Appointment 4


Her skin had shown an improvement straight away. No more large, hard spots.


1. Size 1.5

2. Depth 1.5

3. Quantity 2

4. Pus 1.5

5. Pain 1

6. How they mature 1.5

7. How easily they heal 2

8. Scarring 1.5


This was another big improvement.





Thiosaminum bedtime daily

Chelidonium 6X twice daily

Silicea 200c Collective Split Dose


Silicea had helped a great deal, so I repeated it, along with continued Liver support plus Thiosaminum to help reduce scarring.



Appointment 5


Steady improvement. No large spots.


She had had a cold that had left her with a wheezy chest, and she also talked about her allergy to her brother’s cat.


1. Size 1

2. Depth 1

3. Quantity 1

4. Pus 1

5. Pain 0

6. How they mature 0.5

7. How easily they heal 0.5

8. Scarring 1


Again, another huge improvement.





Thiosaminum 6X bedtime daily

Triad prescription – one of each remedy repeated weekly

Thuja 200c Tuesday at bed

Tuberculinum 200c Thursday at bed

Silicea 200c Saturday at bed


I chose Tuberculinum and Thuja as complementary remedies (I often prescribe them alongside of each other as they enhance each other’s action) and continued with Silicea.


This was to address the miasmatic layer emerging with the wheeziness and cat allergy.



By the next appointment, the numbers on her MYMOP chart were all even lower and she told me: “I never used to have nice skin but now I have.”


We continued to work together for another year or so, though less frequently. During this time, she began a new relationship and took a new, more interesting job and moved out of London.






About the Author:


Tracy practices from a clinic in Bethnal Green, East London.

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She also has a range of on-line courses and seminars for homeopaths to learn business skills and strategies they need to create an authentic, heart-centred thriving practice.

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She’s recently joined Southern Homeopathy College as a lecturer.



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