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The case of a woman with stiffness in the back

The case of a woman with stiffness in the back


This is a woman I treat since 3 years and have prescribed many remedies for. She came with vertigo and it disappeared. Also, I gave her Gelsemium as an acute with success, but the main state still was there and now something very interesting and unexpected for me happened. She started with:



  • – I was flexible before, but now I‘m not and even breathing causes me some rib pain. I can not make any moves except picking up my child. I’m still very dynamic, but I am feeling like a boiled rag. I can not even make small movements. When I move, my chest cracks. I can not stretch in the gym, then my legs begin vibrating. I feel totally stiff and I have no elasticity. When I am breathing, I feel like I’m a stone that breaks apart. My joints pop, I can barely open my fingers. My middle finger makes many involuntary movements like a nervous tic. I am a very non-flexible person.


  • – What effect does in-elasticity have on you?


  • – If you imagine I’m a rock, I feel that every layer is heavy and presses me. I am like a rock man. I was a tin person before, but now I’m a rock man.( 4 level – delusions). Each layer weighs on the one below. I have pain like a muscle fever. The muscles cannot withstand my bones and my spine, so I am able to feel how each layer weighs on the other. The feeling is like I’ve overstretched and overloaded them.


  • – What fears did you have as a child?


  • – My fears were about balls (very strange).


  • – What is the feeling in fear of balls?


  • – Balls that pass by me, or strong balls. I had the feeling that the balls were chasing me. Something that rushes by and passes from behind, as if I’m losing my orientation and I am feeling dizzy.


  • – Do you have any other fears?


  • – From a parked farm truck.


  • – What is the feeling in the fear of strong balls?


  • – They are uncontrollable. They have no direction and no purpose.


  • – Describe the feeling of being flexible in details?


  • – I feel a strong desire for jumping. I feel myself movable, light and dynamic. Now I am heavy, but I want to be dynamic (PQRS – peculiar, rare and strange).


  • – What is the feeling of being movable, light, dynamic and jumping?


  • – Anyway, if I land down, I will be broken. Landing down is more dangerous, you can be broken or some parts of your body can be brittle.


  • I was able to imagine how a part of me was falling apart. I am tearing off like a stone man, but I was flexible before. I am falling apart and I am not able to fit the pieces. I’m heavy and I am breaking into pieces.


  • -What is the feeling of being heavy and falling apart?


  • – I collapse, I’m heavy. Give me something to become free.


  • – How do you feel about freedom?


  • – Jumping, light, active, able to jump high. PQRS


  • I was explained that I would lose my top form during my stay in the maternity hospital but I am not one of those who tells the others: “And you will grow old, too”. But I feel great, I like the situation and myself.


  • – What are you dreaming about? Do you have a dream that repeats itself?


  • – The dream was about waves.


  • – What was the feeling in your dream?


  • – Unstable.


  • – Please, describe the word “unstable” outside of you, out of this context?


  • – If a person allows himself to be really overloaded, he is unstable. He is grey and gloomy. When someone is grey, he is unstable.


  • – Describe the word “overloaded”?


  • -Grey and gloomy. He is thicker and cannot jump very well. A hand gesture: jumping up and down.


  • – Repeat this gesture and describe it. What do you feel while doing it?


  • – I feel myself free. I am not overloaded.


  • The feeling is freedom?


  • – Joy and happiness. No thickness, but a light and harmony.


  • – Okay, make the gesture again and tell me what comes to your mind?


  • – Happy, flexible, elastic, adapts everywhere in the air and the other is super heavy and grounded.  It’s following no purpose. Just a clumsy walk.


  • – Okay, repeat the gesture again and describe what do you feel while doing it?


  • – Flexible, elastic. Elastic, rubber. Even the chewing gum is harder than what I imagine. It’s very rubbery, jellied, but it’s not something that is falling apart. It is not a Plasticine, in any case.


  • What is she talking about? Where was the pain in the joints and the bones? She talked nonsense.


  • – As I move my hand down, I feel all my vertebrae smashed, pressed into layers on one another. My back pain is like a contusion, like a muscle fever. When I stretch my muscles and tendons I feel a vibration.


  • – I love stretching myself.


  • – How do you feel while stretching?


  • – Fresh, flexible, elastic, adaptive.


  • – What type of environment do you prefer?


  • – Close to a shallow creek, water, shade.


  • – There are some Chinese toys that are jumping under pressure and there are also some rubber toys that stick to the ground. They are … are they made of rubber?


  • Please, let me check it on the internet. Wow, holly shit. I am talking nonsense.


  • What we talk about are rubber people. In order to be happy you are jumping, live, flexible, you are in harmony, happy (gestures up and down all the time with hands) elastic, adaptive and rubber. Flexible and rubber. For example if I take this pen and press my sleeve, it will not be hard, but flexible, rubber like, like a toy which you can throw and they fall down by itself. They can stretch a lot. If I am a rubber-man I can extend my hand from the window and reach the third block to enter, to open the cupboard and (make gestures like reach hand and make waves like movements) this is flexible person who is flexible, not hard. He is adaptive. He can adapt up and down instead the heavier could not be able to do this.


       Prescription: Hevea brasiliensis 200 C



Follow up after 1 day:


There is still pain when she lifts her hands, but it is less.


Follow up after 2 weeks

Back pain is less and the stiffness is much less. She has less pain in the morning when she stand up from the bed. Before the remedy it was almost impossible. She has repeated 3 doses from the remedy, because she has to hold her baby every day.


Follow up after 1 month: Pain is less, but still there.


Prescription: Hevea brasiliensis 200 C




She is very talkative and jumped from topic to topic like a ball. It was difficult to me to follow her speech, but when I was able to see the case as above I could see the correct pattern.


Interesting in this case was that she didn’t explain the sensation of the Euphorbiaceae family, which Hevea belongs to, but the clean experience of the source. The sensation of Euphorbiaceae family is:


  • Tied and untied, bound and unbound


#Passive Reaction#


  • Tied and cannot do anything


#Active Reaction#


  • Desire to break free



  • A person who is feeling free, unbound and not tied up


We had a hint about the sensation when she told me I can’t move and explained freedom, but it was not prominent in the case. The source energy was prominent. She explained it amazingly with lot of energy and gestures.



I didn’t know that Hevea belongs to this family. I checked in Google and saw that there is a rubber tree and it belongs to this family. Then, when I opened Vital Quest I saw some thing very interesting I had not seen before:




In repertory if you study the rubric Skin; hidebound, as if (Cann-i, Crot-t, Hura) of which 2 drugs were from this family


‘According to the dictionary, the meaning of hidebound is described as inflexible, adherent and unyielding.




Level 1: Name of the disease: stiffness in the body

Level 2: Fact: aggravation from uplift hands

Level 3: Emotions: fear of balls, fear of trucks

Level 4: Delusion: I am a stony person

Level 5: Sensation: flexible, unflexible, rubber, elastic

Level 6: Energy(gestures, sounds, doodles): stretch desire, jump desire, gestures of stretching, elasticity and jumping


Source information: Rubber is very flexible and elastic in normal temperature, but in cold temperature it becomes hard and brittle. She explained the exact characteristics of the source.





About the Author:

Genoveva Kostova Georgieva is a classical homeopath and has been practicing since 2007. She is able to penetrate deeply into the soul of the patient using the sensation method, and the synergy method. She knows how to manage both psychological disorders and other pathologies such as allergies, cysts, myomas, hashimoto, bone-joint problems, and so on. She is also skilled in the management of childrens cases.

Her teachers are Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Paresh Vassani, Dinesh Chauhan, Sudjit Chattergee and many others from ‘the other song’ academy.

Since 2014 she has been the main representative of ‘the other song’ International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy Mumbai for Bulgaria, the founder of which is Dr. Rajan Sankaran. She is also the Representative of MacRepertory and VitalQuest Software Homeopathic Programs.

She is famous for her sincere enthusiasm in the field of homeopathy. Since 2017 she has been part of the ‘other song’team. She is also a teacher of the Homeopathyvoice Online School in Bulgaria. She is the author of two books: “The New Sensation Method in Homeopathy” and “Synergy, Innovation in Homeopathy”. She is member of WISH (World Institute for Sensation Homeopathy).

Genoveva is known for her dedication to the patients and her ability to listen and support them. She is doing online consultations worldwide.E-mail:  / Skype: genoveva.georgieva3

Find her on Facebook here



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