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A sensations approach to a case of frequent colds

 A sensations approach to a case of frequent colds


A case that seemed like Lycopodium, but turned out to be Mellivora capensis (Honey Badger)


This is a 25 years old boy who suffered from frequent coughs after changing weather. He had taken antibiotics, but wanted to stop this tendency. He came to me on 15th January, 2016 and his case looked like Lycopodium, but I knew this is not a case of Lycopodium, so I asked him to come for a second interview.


He had fear before exams, fear of conflicts, he could not defend himself and at the same time he was strong – so we had these two lines: weakness and strength which we have in Lycopodium. He also had a lot of flatulence. I asked him a bunch of other questions, but could not get something peculiar. He was an intellectual type of person and I could not get any sensation.


The only thing, which was strange, was his Skype name. It was terror****** (altered slightly by Editor). The first time I asked him about it, but I could not get something deeper. So I asked him to come again and decided to focus on this particular thing: he told me that terror is the name of his favorite game. We know from Dr.Sankaran’s synergy approach that we have to focus first on the most peculiar thing in the case and it will bring us to the right remedy. It’s not that common to have “terror” as a Skype name. This is very strange, this is the hot spot in the case and if we dig deeper and deeper in this hot spot, finally the remedy will come out.



So, he was not a very talkative person and it was difficult to get something from other areas. He came on February 26th and we began again: 


Tell me again your problem?

I have chronic coughs and flatulence and sometimes stiffness of hands.


– What problem bothers you the most?

The frequent coughs and the problem with the flatulence. Especially when I am with my girlfriend it is very heavy and I often have to go to the bathroom.


Tell me about this game ‘Terror’ that you like?

There are two games that I like:” Terror” and “ Dota”. There are policemen and terrorists in these games and they fight with each other. The goal of the terrorists is to kill the policemen. They fight with different weapons. In “Dota” there are 5-caracter teams and everyone has his own role, in which one or two have to help the others to develop their character. They support them. The other has a care role and their purpose is to make the weak characters strong and everyone has his own magic.


Tell me in detail about the games?
(My question is open in order to see where he will go, where the energy of the patient will bring us).

I’ve been playing this game since I was 7 years old. It’s good that you can communicate with other people and furthermore you can become better and your friends are around you. I used to play at night because of the discount. You can perform when you beat 5 characters and you can hear the people’s reaction, they enjoy your play. When I was in 9th grade I saw that my friends are playing “Dota”. I decided to become very good at this game. It was a great tension, because 4 people depend on your decisions and the other 5 also and you know that you have to beat the opponent.


Good. Tell me in details about this game?

My favorite weapon is the sniper, because you can kill the opponent with one bullet. With the other weapons you have to mark the head, but with the sniper wherever you hit, he will die because it is very powerful. I like also to play with one opponent because you see who is better – one against one.


(Slowly the kingdom appears and we see that this is the animal kingdom: you can become better, you can kill the opponent with one bullet, you argue who is betterone against one. So we see the competition, victim-aggressor fighting, who will win, who is better? And you have to be very exact – to kill with one bullet. Also sniper is the epitome of strength and ferocity. The sniper is very strong and ferocious weapon.)


Ok, go on.

At one point I became very good and I could beat someone who is very good. And when I managed to win, I felt very good, because I have won the battle ‘one against one’.


What is the feeling when you win?

I remember an experience with one person. We had dispute and I wanted to win. We played for money and he beat me. I wanted a second and a third return game, but I was again defeated.


What was the feeling to be defeated?

 Anger, I was quite angry.


What was the sensation in the anger?

As if you are in a trap and I want to continue to fight in order to come out and win. I was nervous during the game, because I thought I am better, but I could not prove it.


What comes to your mind when you say ‘trap’ out of the context?

Trap means that you have no space to move, you are imprisoned and you feel helpless because of it.


Ok, describe the trap, how does it look like, try to touch it and explain what you touch.

It is very narrow, it could have bars. I can’t make the decisions I want. You suffocate.


Ok, tell me more about the sensation to want a second game and to be defeated?

You have no control over the situation and the lack of freedom is scary. You can’t rely on your own skills, you are just imprisoned and you can’t do anything.


Ok, tell me more about the feeling to be in a trap?



Ok, go on?

Anger, because you can’t release yourself, the situation is out of your hands and you can’t do anything.


Ok, tell me more about the situation that is out of your hands?

You wait, you don’t want to wait for the chance to decide your escape from the situation.


What is the opposite of helplessness and suffocation?

When you are able completely to control the situation and all participants in it. Everything is in your control and your power and you can create and do the things you want. It is fulfilling. You feel fully the freedom and the power.


Ok, describe the power and the freedom more?

The feeling is to be significant.


What is the feeling out of the trap?

The air fills your lungs, you are calm, relaxed. You begin to notice everything around you, the smell of the air, the beauty around you.


What is the sensation in the body?

You are happy. As if you have been dirty and you’ve had a shower. It is cleansing.


What is the sensation in the cleansing?

As if you have begun a new life. As if you’ve played a game and you’ve built a house and it’s been with a bad foundation and you know that there is a hole in the foundation and it will collapse. If you start from scratch, you will build the foundation perfectly, ideally.


The miasm seems to be cancer, because he wants to control the situation, to do the perfect attack, to do things ideally.)


What is the feeling when you do things perfectly?

Fulfilling, I want to do my best. You have created something with your full potential.


What is the sensation to create something with your full potential?

That you have done a good work. You have not been mediocre, you have been mighty.


What is the sensation to be mighty? 

Control over the situation and all participants in it. The freedom in your mightiness. This is the opposite of the feeling in the trap, there are no limitations, there are no walls.


Very good. Go on, describe the sensation in mightiness?

When you are mighty, you have influence over the other subjects and people and the fact I am above them makes me feel mighty.


Are there any mighty characters in your game?

Yes, there are 30-40 carry–characters. When you kill creatures named ‘moods’ and you get money for it, they protect you from killers. If there are 2 moods they can kill you and carry-characters protect you. The goal is to develop yourself to the maximum and to buy the subjects.


What have we seen so far? There is one main line, which splits in two: you have to develop yourself – this is the main line. Why? To kill, to be might, but also to buy many things, to build houses. So we have a material aspect here and an aggressive aspect. And of course, the issue of victim-aggressor. Me against them, I have to win in order to feel mighty and stronger. So the animal kingdom is clear. Now we have to distinguish the sub-kingdom and the source. We had already one hint: I feel dirty – this is mammal .But which mammal? It could be a mammal that builds houses and is able to beat stronger opponents. This is interesting. We have to confirm this.)


The goal is to develop your character to make him strong, and when you make him very strong, and there is a mass battle, the final result depends on you. If your character has earned enough gold you can kill everyone. If you have enough strong subjects, you can kill everyone.


(We see how ferocious this animal has to be, to kill everyone without remorse.)


What do you like most in the game?

When I play a carry-role and carry the whole team on my back. Also when you play the support role you kill people during the whole game and you earn treasures; it makes you strong and your team will win, because you have become strong.


(It is clear that this is not a big animal and it cannot impress with his physical size, otherwise the patient will not underline the fact that he has to develop his character and to make it stronger. We have to clarify this. So we have to go further.)


Very good. Go on.

When the opponent thinks that you will move to the left, but you move to the right. So, when you are strong you have more possibilities and you can cheat him. You can do hidden movements – he goes after you to kill you, but you do such kind of movements and he cannot kill you. When you chase him, you predict his movements and kill him.


(We can see how beautifully he gave the qualities of the animal. It is clever, smart, quick animal that can predict the course of the aggressor. I wanted to explore this theme fully so I asked him: )


What qualities must you have in this game?

You have to cheat him, you must think faster than him, you must have quicker hand reflexes – you have to press the button 300 times in a minute, and you have to think. So it’s very important the correlation between this two qualities: quick thought and coordination of the brain and the hands.


What do you feel during the game?

I can escape from the real world, from the cares and worries.


Ok, explain the sensation further?

You wonder whether you will win or not…..(pause).


What else do you like most in the game?

The development of the personality of the character is very interesting; you can make him perfect. Then you are happy that you exceed the other people. The other thing that I like is that you always start from scratch.


What comes to your mind when you say chasing, killing? 

The competition between people. For example the game which needs thought process, cheating.


What else comes to your mind out of the context?

Pause. The predator who is stalking the victim but both of them can be cheated: the predator can do the perfect attack and win and the victim can do the perfect escape and flee.


(What is he talking about here? About equal power of the victim and the predator. Very interesting, but we have to refine the qualities of the animal so I ask him: )


Tell me more about the predator and the victim?

It is interesting to me what strategies they use in order to catch the victim; it has to be a perfect strategy. I like the contest between them. For example the evolution gives the predators possibility to do the perfect attack because they have well developed muscles, camouflage, super hearing, smell. Also the victim has camouflage but it has to be faster, cleverer and all the time there is this game who will win. This is interesting, because the one becomes stronger then the other.


Very good, what else comes to your mind when you talk about victim – aggressor?

They have to train regularly because if they are not as fit as a fiddle they will lose. For example if the lion doesn’t make decisions that do not keep him as fit as a fiddle he will not be able to catch the victim and to feed himself.


What is your attitude to the animals?

I love animals and often watch animals on TV. I watch all animals, their behavior. I love especially the clever crow. I also love octopus because of his strange skills. He can imitate 17 different animals and he can pass through very narrow places. He has super-normal abilities and I love it. I do not like Pit Bulls, because they are aggressive.


Tell me more about the clever animals with super-normal abilities?

I like also dolphins because they are clever animals. I wonder why the crows are so clever? From where have they acquired this quality? I know there are people living out of the civilization, for example in the jungle. I am interested who will take the nuts first. They have been living there for a long time and they have learned how to do this, but no one has taught the crow how to do this. However, she can do tricks and she is creative.


Ok, do you like any other animal with super-normal abilities?

(When we know the kingdom and more of the key aspects of the case we already can ask particular questions. We know that we seek an animal with super-normal abilities, we are sure, so we can focus on this in order to extract maximum information or sensations about this.)


I am very impressed by an animal named Sorex. It is like a mouse, it is super quick and it has to eat once in every four hours. Otherwise it will die. It has to eat three times more than it’s weight. It sleeps two hours a day, because it has to eat the rest of the time. His heart rate is 300 times in a minute.


How often do you eat?

Tree times a day normally.


(We see that there is no similarity in the way of feeding. Also I read about this animal during the interview and saw that this animal cannot beat stronger animals so I excluded this possibility and went on. He waited for some time and suddenly said: )



There is an opossum. His body length is less than one meter. Oh, no it is not opossum. He has two legs and his height is up to a human waist. I saw in a movie how a snake attacked this animal and he attacked back very quickly and he ate her at the end. He bit off her head at the last moment. I can not remember the name of the animal.


Ok, don’t hurry. Take your time. You are doing very well.
(We stayed in silence for 3-4 minutes and suddenly he said: )


 Now I remember. His name is honey badger. He reaches 30 cm height and his weight is about 9-16 kilos. He was bitten by a very poisonous snake but he fell asleep for 14 hours and when woke up he was recovered. And it is a super small animal but no one can touch him.


(This is the animal with the exact qualities we seek. It is small animal but because it is quick and clever and with super-normal skills (how many animals can recover from poisonous snake bite?), it becomes stronger and no one can touch him.)


He continued:
I also love the hippo because he has not natural enemies. Also the crocodiles. The killer whales also have not natural enemies. Maybe eagles also.


– About which from all these animals do you want to tell us a little more?

I saw how the snake bit the honey badger and it was as if he died, but actually he fell asleep and woke up fully recovered, got up and went on his way. This animal can even kill a lion by biting his testicles.


Ok, go on. 

The crow and the octopus are clever. The honey badger is small, but unconquerable.


The qualities of which animal you appreciate most?

There is some mystery around the octopus. He can turn himself in so many things, he can transform himself and he knows how to protect himself. For example when he sees a swimming treat (snake) he knows who are the natural enemies of the snakes and can shift into some of them. And he knows very well what can kill the particular predator. He also knows how to pass through a keyhole diminishing 100 times his size.


What he is talking here about? Can he be an octopus? Before answering this question I would like to mark that when the patient names a particular animal we do not have to prescribe this animal but to consider the characteristics of this animal and our prescription has to be based on the whole picture. In this case he named the animal but also he mentioned many other animals . But because we know the qualities of the animal he needs we will not make a mistake and prescribe octopus or crow for example. We have to see where in this case we have most energy and what is the sub-kingdom. The kingdom was clear we had hint about the sub-kingdom and most prominent was the nature of the animal. 


Octopus is a bottom dwelling animal. He makes his home in a hole in a rock crevice in shallow waters. Sometimes he digs a gravel nest or forms a protective area with a pile of rocks. During the day the octopus spends most of his time hidden in its lair. When he hunts, he propels itself by swimming or crawling along on his tentacles. His large, lidded eyes are adapted to focus in dim underwater light. Knowing this we can conclude that there are similarity between octopus and the patient’s description. Octopus is clever, hidden, quick. The main words for octopus are SURPRISE, HIDDEN, UNEXPECTED ATTACK. Octopus attack is hidden, sudden and based on the changing of the shape and the color and the predator cannot recognize him. But the patient said: 
‘When the opponent thinks that you will move to the left side, but you move to the right.” So, when you are strong you have more possibilities, and you can cheat him. You can do hidden movements – he goes after you to kill you but you do such kind of movements and he cannot kill you. When you chase him, you predict his movements and kill him’.


From these words we can understand that his attack is face to face and not so hidden. He said ‘hidden movements’ but he means that the movements are so quick that the predator cannot react quickly. We should not listen to the words but also to the layers behind the words. There is chasing and also the feeling he is dirty which belongs to the mammal family. And also we don’t see the sea theme and also the relationship themes of the sea remedies. Also he said that his favorite weapon is sniper because his character has to kill with one bullet. So the stress is on the exactness, sharpness, wittiness and most important it is something small but unconquerable while in octopus we have more hiding and transformation.


So, I looked in the internet and read what is written about the honey badger: Honey badgers live alone in self-dug holes (‘As if you’ve played a game and you’ve built a house and it’s been with a bad foundation and you know that there is a hole in the foundation and it will collapse.’. The patient talked about houses, about gathering money. This is typical for the minerals from the forth row but also for the order Rodentia. They also build houses and gather food for winter). They are skilled diggers and can dig tunnels in hard ground for 10 minutes.We can see the quickness even in the digging. These burrows have only one passage and a nesting chamber and are usually only 1-3 m long. Honey badgers are intelligent animals and are one of the few species known to be capable of using tools.


In the 1997 documentary series “Land of the Tiger” a honey badger in India was filmed using a tool. The animal rolled a log and stood on it to reach a kingfisher fledgling stuck up in the roots coming from the ceiling in an underground cave. Like the other mustelids of relatively large size such as wolverines and badgers, honey badgers are notorious for their strength, ferocity and toughness. (His favorite weapon was sniper. We know that the sniper is epitome of strength and ferocity). They have been known to savagely and fearlessly attack almost any kind of animal when escape is impossible, reportedly even repelling much larger predators such as lions. Bee stings, porcupine quills and animal bites rarely penetrate their skin. If horses, cattle or Cape Buffalo intrude upon a rattle’s burrow, it will attack them. They are virtually tireless in combat and can wear out much larger animals in physical confrontations.


The conclusion from all this information is that so small an animal has so super-normal possibilities to fight with much larger animals than his own size. This is the main quality of the animal he talked about.



1 Level: frequent colds

2 Level: Not prominent

3 Level: Nervous

4 Level: As if in a trap

5 Level: Animal kingdom (5a – you can become better, I liked also to play with one opponent because you argue who is better – one against one.)

5b – Subkingdom Mammals: sense of dirtiness, fight face to face; building houses, gathering money, gold

5c – Source: My favorite weapon is sniper, because you can kill the opponent with one bullet, You have not been mediocre, you have been mighty. The aim is to develop your character to make him strong. If your character earned enough gold you can kill everyone, cheat him, do hidden movements, you predict his movements and kill him; The building of the personality of the character itself is very interesting; you can make him perfect, perfect strategy, super-normal abilities.


image from

Prescription: Mellivora capensis 200C
Family: Mustelidae
Subfamily: Mellivorinae
Species: Mellivora capensis 
Mellivora capensis is the only species from Mustelida subfamily Mellivorinae.


Follow up 15.02.2016:
He feels better, calmer, more confident, his throat pain has gone. He is less tense about trifles.


Prescription: Wait


Follow up after 10 months on Skype:
He feels very well. His level of confidence is better. He has no colds.
He told me that he doesn’t need more doses of the remedy, because he has not complains. He feels good at all levels.







About the Author:

Genoveva Kostova Georgieva is a classical homeopath and has been practicing since 2007. She is able to penetrate deeply into the soul of the patient using the sensation method, and the synergy method. She knows how to manage both psychological disorders and other pathologies such as allergies, cysts, myomas, hashimoto, bone-joint problems, and so on. She is also skilled in the management of childrens cases.

Her teachers are Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Paresh Vassani, Dinesh Chauhan, Sudjit Chattergee and many others from ‘the other song’ academy.

Since 2014 she has been the main representative of ‘the other song’ International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy Mumbai for Bulgaria, the founder of which is Dr. Rajan Sankaran. She is also the Representative of MacRepertory and VitalQuest Software Homeopathic Programs.

She is famous for her sincere enthusiasm in the field of homeopathy. Since 2017 she has been part of the ‘other song’ team. She is also a teacher of the Homeopathyvoice Online School in Bulgaria. She is the author of two books: “The New Sensation Method in Homeopathy” and “Synergy, Innovation in Homeopathy”. She is member of WISH (World Institute for Sensation Homeopathy).

Genoveva is known for her dedication to the patients and her ability to listen and support them. She is doing online consultations worldwide.E-mail:  / Skype: genoveva.georgieva3

Find her on Facebook here





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