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Book-review of ‘Pregnancy and Childbirth with Homeopathy’ – Authored by Guðný Ósk Diðriksdóttir

Book-review of ‘Pregnancy and Childbirth with Homeopathy’ – Authored by Guðný Ósk Diðriksdóttir

Guðný Ósk Diðriksdóttir is a renowned Icelandic homeopath who, with this comprehensive book, has created a fantastic reference work for mothers and mums-to-be. Guðrún Tinna Thorlacius, has worked with Guðný on the book translating and reviewing the text. The book is edited by Elaine Walker, and the foreword is by Miranda Castro, one of the worlds leading homeopaths.


This book is a compact source of information for health conscious women that want to take a gentle, holistic and natural approach to aid them through pregnancy and the early days with their newborns.


The topics covered in this book are diverse, ranging across the common issues of pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period. There are short introductions into the varied ailments, and the most common homeopathic remedies for treatment are listed describing their most prominent symptoms and characteristics.


A very helpful feature in this book is the chapter on the comparison diagrams. The tables compare the prime remedies for a presenting issue, be it morning sickness, varicose veins, heartburn, or other. This facilitates an easy and swift remedy selection particularly at those times when one is feeling somewhat under par.


Written in a comprehensible voice the content of this book is easy to understand, and no professional background is needed to apply the suggestions, tips and remedy recommendations.


The book gives an introduction into homeopathy and provides easy to follow directions on how to select and administer a homeopathic remedy. It equips the individual with sufficient knowledge to confidently self-prescribe and handle the woes accompanying pregnancy, or the birthing process.


For mums and their newborns, homeopathy can be a gentle, non-invasive aid to alleviate the discomforts or childbearing, and this book is a valuable resource that can help make the experiences leading up to motherhood unfazed by the discomforts frequently associated with pregnancy, labor or the early days after birth.


The book can be purchased via Amazon.






About the Author:

Uta Mittelstadt, BSc & MSc in homeopathic medicine: I am a homeopath, an artist, a writer and a vegegan, a traveller, and adventurer. I’m a crab born in June. I am passionate about homeopathy. I blog at Clever Homeopathy.  My specialty is ‘sports-injuries’, more info at: SPORTSHOM.


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