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Views and insights by Anja Trinklein on Homeopathy and the Information-portal PROHOM©

Views and insights by Anja Trinklein on Homeopathy and the Information-portal PROHOM©


Dear Uta, thank you for the Interview request on why I founded PROHOM©  



The professional profession of the homoeopath is experiencing a difficult time in Germany.


Perhaps the current ongoing degradation of the profession of the curative practitioner and homeopathy “only” aims at questioning the special therapy facility, the profession by “framing”, so that even more powerful one-sided school-medical monopolization becomes possible – that can only be surmised.


The legislature has protected homeopathy, anthroposophical medicine and phototherapy as a special therapeutic facility, and this also involves a legal question of the scientific nature of these therapies. (See Quaas / Zuck Medizinrecht, 3rd edition 2014, § 2 marginal no. 62)”.



The currently degrading “antihomopathic framing” applies equally to homeopathic physicians as well as to classical homeopathic naturopaths, etc., even if the latter are even more severely discriminated by often denying them lack of intellectual abilities, education, professional qualifications or any like them.



Does not it refer to Article 1 of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany:



Art 1



  • The dignity of man is inviolable. To respect and protect it is an obligation of all state power.

  • The German people therefore acknowledge inviolable and inalienable human rights as the basis of every human community, of peace and justice in the world.

  • The following fundamental rights bind legislation, executive power and jurisdiction as directly applicable law.


This means that not only the ethical, professional qualifications are questioned (every serious homeopath is always interested in professional quality assurance) but also the social democratic basic ideas are difficult to examine. Dealing with different minds is usually associated with a violation of dignity. Of course, not only the dignity of the homoeopaths is arbitrarily violated; no, as in any other sphere of social life, it seems to be an opportune moment to “violate this personality right.



To believe that’s okay to express one’s own ideas, to discredit, to bully and / or downgrade other people for a different opinion or idea.



 I see this extremely critical in every respect!!!



Unfortunately, we find this increasingly political, social, sociological, ethnological, theological, medical, etc. in almost every area of ​​life, this form of co-operation is observed. Qualities such as humanity, ethics, empathy, liberality and, above all, tolerance become minorities, and one is almost delighted when one encounters these qualities because they are no longer part of everyday life.



Controversies could actually serve the result in a respectful deal with each other if there were not eager populists, lobbyists and narcissists who, with the aid of framing, put their own ideas into subjective interpretive frameworks and offered the mass media compatible media. Even if the content would often be judged differently by the expert, or at least caused controversy, interpretations are thus created in this way.



Of course, the possibility for action of a single person is limited and so I can only change something by trying to initiate changes in my small modest framework. My socio-political contribution can only be medically and homoeopathically due to my education.



For this reason, as a homoeopath I am motivated by Article 2 of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany – which is very relevant to all those who work medically.



  • Everyone has the right to the free development of his personality insofar as he does not violate the rights of others and does not violate the constitutional order or moral law.


  • Everyone has the right to life and physical integrity. The freedom of a person is inviolable. These rights can only be exercised on the basis of a law.

Free development”, “physical integrity” and “freedom of the person is inviolable” – these are the key words. This is the basic idea & foundation stone for PROHOM © – “PRO HOMÖOPATHIE” and “PRO HOMINIS” (derived from the Latin pro hominess = for humans).



It is the aim of PROHOM © to respect individual medical decisions of man and his therapies according to Article 2 in any case.



As an independent informal bridge builder, the aim of PROHOM © is to provide expert information on all medical methods. The aim is to gather all information – without a method – in the interests of the individual, in order to bring together all the available medical diagnostic and therapeutic options (conventional, psychotherapeutic, homeopathic, osteopathic, Chinese- & complementary medicine, etc.). Treatment strategies, so that the person concerned has all the necessary information at his disposal. Of course, the focus is on homeopathy, because I have the greatest knowledge of the subject.



My attitude is to make an effort to serve humanity and to consciously renounce any form of framing – this is my “guiding star” in dealing with other people and the understanding of Articles 1 and 2 in the Basic Law. For an integrative, respectful interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge – free of lobbying and framing – makes available all-round knowledge and qualities for the benefit of man. In my opinion, this is the only way to act pro homines. PROHOM © operates completely independently of the medical standard, as well as professional association and / or association structures or medical method.



That is the self-understanding of PROHOM ©



Currently, PROHOM © operates the portal by providing important information, surveys, studies and medical links for people and their health.



Of course, there are also content reasons. It seems to me that we are repeating a mistake of the 19th century. At that time medical history was as follows:



“Before 1920 there were many homoeopathic hospitals, naturopathies and practices. The merger and founding of the “Carnegie & Rockefeller Rockefeller Foundation” and the work of Abraham Flexner (“Flexner Report”) brought about a change in the medical history. In 1910, the Flexner Report monopolized and transformed medical education in the US from natural healing methods such as homeopathy, natural healing, etc. to the biochemical, pharmacological model. Thus, the so-called “gold standard” was defined in medical education, which developed cleverly through political framing & lobbyist unilaterally. As a result, all schools dealing with complementary medicine were eliminated. For this purpose, Flexner wrote reports on how therapeutic medical training would be standard. At one stroke, thousands of homeopathic clinics, natural healing practices, etc. were closed because they no longer satisfied this “gold standard”. Therefore a new ethos of the doctor was created. Although American medicine profited greatly from these scientific advances, it also created a “hyper-rational science system,” which made the real art of healing an “imbalance in the art and science of medicine”. The conviction of Flexner that the medical system in which a doctor has to begin his work as a scientist in the laboratory is regarded as a prelude and basis for the clinical training and examination in university hospitals. Flexner defined the “ideal doctor”. This was followed by new state licensing laws, whereby all who did not comply with this standard also lost their authorization. All this has been secured by enormous financial gifts from the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations. Even at that time, the relationship between sponsors such as Rockefeller & Educational institutions like Universities & Carnegie (Rockefeller Carnegie Foundation) was criticized. William Ossler believed at that time that the focus of the medical standards so designed would be too far from the realities of patients’ quality of life. Ossler also criticized the fact that the “full-time doctor” created in this way would be silenced by the irresistible seduction of large money sums. In essence, he recognized the end of scientific pluralism through the intermingling of economic interests. In essence, Flexner has completely ignored the “ethos of medicine” in the development of “gold standards”.



For when we see today the satisfaction of the people in the medical system and the satisfaction of the patients as a result, a “gold standard” cannot be spoken of.




As a result, we now find the monetary orientation in hospitals, care systems and treatment of the patient. This is the result of the “theoretical idea” of the medical system and doctor’s profession, which was designed at this time. The therapeutic strategies, the case packages (billing per case), the purely materialistic approaches in medicine  & therapy, are not usefull to patients, especially to humanity in medicine. Everyone who is active in this area know this. Thus the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) was titled on 19.03.2017 – “German hospitals – as little contact with the patient as possible – in our clinics are many expensive computers. But when the patients whine at night, no one will help.”



Expressive this result today – about 100 years later – looking back at the beginning of the problem – from the 19th century, does it make sense to make this mistake once again?



  • The pharmaceutical hero – drugs are the third most frequent cause of death – Peter C. Gøtzsche




  • Knee joints incorrectly inserted

Patients affected: 47 patients of St. Hedwig Hospital Berlin-Mitte



  • Care case by drug testing

“The test of a new drug substance for all six students has had terrible consequences. Shortly after administration of the active ingredient TGN1412 of the Würzburg company TeGenero the men fell ill in March 2006 hard. They showed the most severe immune reactions directed against their own organs. One of them is now suffering from cancer. TeGenero filed for insolvency in July 2006, shortly afterwards an investor who wants to remain anonymous will have bought the company. The active ingredient had actually been developed to fight rheumatism, multiple sclerosis and blood cancer, but it has been a major factor in the functions of the immune system. The company cannot explain the disaster, but there had been no abnormalities in animal experiments. “



  • Cancer study invented

“It was in the respected trade magazine” Lancet “, which is famous for its strict quality control in 2005: certain painkillers could significantly reduce the risk of oral cancer. Nearly 1,000 patients had taken part in the study, carried out by the well-known Norwegian cancer researcher Jon Sudbo from Oslo Hospital Radiumhospitalet. 13 researchers co-authored the study as co-authors. But the world-renowned work was from A to Z pure fantasy product. 250 of the study’s “phantom participants” had randomly the same date of birth and Jon Sudbo had used the statistics of his investigation numbers from the state register for prescriptions. Poor: At the time of the study, this did not exist at all. The co-authors of the study were silent; the editorial staff of the “Lancet” apologized for the cooperation before the publication was catastrophic. Three independent experts who examined Sudbo’s study found nothing to complain about. The motifs for the criminal creativity of the Norwegian researcher are not known. Whether interests of the pharmaceutical industry, false ambition, megalomania or human contempt played a role, one will probably never learn. What is certain, however, is that the entire science, especially the elite specialist press, suffered a loss of image.”




  • The big clone cheat
    “In 2004, he was to clone a human embryo and use its stem cells for research purposes. The South Korean genetic researcher Hwang Woo Suk was celebrated as a pop star and a national hero because of his unique research in his homeland. With the production of allegedly tailor-made stem cells, which can specifically reverse Alzheimer’s and diabetes and are not repelled by the immune system of the patient, he seemed to have secured a place on the Olympics of science. But at the end of 2005 his crash followed. The large-scale dizziness flew. All his research results were fake, there had never been the cloned embryo and the tailor-made stem cells. Only a clone dog (Snuppy) had actually been created by him. A particularly bad aftertaste leaves his fraud, because he forced a colleague in his institute to make their own eggs available for his experiments. ”



 ·          Metal chips in the blood: profit with defective hip implants,hueftprothesen100.html



·          Damage after swine flu vaccination – Sweden compensates for narcolepsy patients – 13.05.2016After Swine Flu vaccination, many people in Europe noticed strikingly narcolepsy. Sweden now pays the affected person up to one million euros. It is not enough for many.”



·          Million profit with cheap dentures“Not Made in Germany, Made Made in China was dentures, with the dentist and a delivery company (Globudent) in the 90s a million gain. They missed their “customers”, the patients inferior inlays, crowns and bridges from the Far East, but calculated the expensive, German prices. They shared the profits. Nearly 500 dentists have been involved. Only 70 cases were heard because the prosecutor’s office did not want to have the proceedings expelled. Two managers of the company were sentenced to three years’ imprisonment, one defendant to two years on probation. The managers had admitted in court that, together with about 100 dentists, they had deceived health insurance funds and patients by more than three million marks.” ·


Radiation therapy with consequencesIn the 90s, at least 120 patients were reported to be irradiated at the Hamburg university hospital Eppendorf, according to the opinion of the Freie Hansestadt Hamburg. A patient is said to have died of radiation damage. Treatment concepts and experimental radiation, which were very dangerous, are said to have caused the scandal. The head of the radiological department was made responsible. The doctor was suspended. Numerous expert opinions have blamed him for the radiation, but his responsibility has not yet been proven. The hospital had to pay around 18.5 million euro damages to the patients and the procedural costs up to now. It placed recourse claims on the insurance of the senior physician. So it came to a comparison. The professional liability insurance of the radiologist has paid 1.5 million euros to the hospital. The doctor himself has been released from any recourse.” ·


Expensive heart valves“In 1994 the so-called heart valve scandal flew up. Germany-wide house searches in hundreds of private apartments and clinics showed that physicians had received about 33 million marks of benefits within three years. In return, they ordered heart valves and other internal accessories at quite inflated prices from some manufacturers and suppliers. For each heart valve the doctor got for example 500 to 1000 Marks. With this fraud, the patients were not physically injured, but the health insurance companies had to pay massively expensive bills. Experts are assuming that this will also increase the contribution of members of the Treasury. There were court rulings, but no one from the transferred companies or a doctor came to jail. Many accusations were withdrawn because of “little guilt”. The coffers also did not require the excess amounts.” ·


Healthy breasts amputated“Around 300 women received a fatal misdiagnosis with a particularly tragic outcome in the nineties in the Essen area. Although they had no breast cancer, they were amputated with a breast. A Essenian pathologist took the following misinterpretations. He had not properly investigated the tissue samples. When his failure became known, he committed suicide. He burned himself in his practice. In doing so, all medical records were destroyed, so that the errors were no longer detectable.” ·


Organ trade – arms as spare parts storage for empires“Because poverty is so great in many countries, the needy for unscrupulous organ dealers sell a kidney. In Germany trade in organs is prohibited, but there are no uniform regulations worldwide. “Organtourismus” flourishes, for example, in South America, India and some Eastern bloc countries. The donor gets around 6000 dollars for the organ. With an average monthly income of 80 dollars in these countries, it seems much to him. However, for the new kidney, the recipient often has to pay up to 150,000 dollars. Experts are convinced that global cartels are organizing organ trading. Particularly shocking is the fact that there are cases where people, especially children, are abducted to come to the commodity “organ”.” ·


Aids and hepatitis viruses in blood deposits“In the early 1980s, there were initial suspicions. After identification of the HI virus in 1984, it was clear that many blood clots and blood products that were important for the blood of the blood were contaminated. At this point, however, 50 percent of all German homeopaths, around 1500 people, had already been infected with the deadly virus. To date, 500 have died. Although it was already known in the mid-80s that the products are life-threatening, the government failed to provide a system for the protection of the homeopath. The fact that the blood preparations were also burdened with hepatitis A, B and C was hardly mentioned. Thus, for example, all homeopaths are infected with hepatitis C. Only when the scandal came to the boil at the beginning of the 90s did Horst Seehofer, the then health minister apologizes officially to the battles for violating the duty of supervision. The Ministry of Health was dissolved, a new created. A help fund was set up for homeopaths who received small compensation payments from the responsible pharmaceutical companies. Today, complicated testing procedures for the goods guarantee absolute harmlessness. For real? The next bad news for Bluter comes from England: The Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is probably by blood transferable. In the United Kingdom, the second patient, apparently infected with a blood transfusion, had already died. “ ·


Contergan – sleeping pills with dramatic side effects“In 1957, the over-the-counter slipper Contergan came onto the market. The manufacturer recommended it even for children – so harmless it was classified. However, for pregnant women his active substance thalidomide became a devil’s tool. It can damage the unborn child, because it leads to malformations on organs and extremities. In 1961, therefore, the drug was withdrawn from the market. The prosecution against the responsible manager was dropped because of “little guilt”. The victims today receive a small pension. Worldwide, there are 12,000 people injured by Contergan. However, thalidomide was allowed again a few years ago: as an agent against leprosy it acts outstanding. For pregnant leprous, it still has to be taboo “.




  • Inoculation & Mercurintoxication

Robert Kennedy Jr. US is killing off African Americans by Vaccines






Yale University Study Shows Association Between Vaccines and Brain Disorders
Interview – Robert F. Kennedy, ECO watch – Dec. 15, 2016

„Mercury, Vaccines and the CDC’s Worst Nightmare“



Dr. Sherri J Tenpenny warns about the perils of vaccination 2011 –
Vaccine’s Safety: A Crime Against Humanity




This list could be pursued as desired, but it is by no means the aim of PROHOM © as a “school medicine opponent or even as a vaccination opponent” to disappear in a drawer or go its way. Nevertheless, anyone must ask themselves whether the treatment options, in view of the growing medical spectrum, antibiotic resistance – pharmacologically still further monopolize, since there are many trusting destructive abuses? Wouldn’t it and doesn’t it makes sense to grow more natural, naturopathic, homeopathic, anthroposophical, phototherapeutic, etc., and if fewer pharmaceutical drugs were prescribed, there would not be a necessary measure of things and balance Best choice?



We should all acknowledge that precisely because each medical method has strengths and weaknesses, one should “take the best of all” & respect the therapist’s freedom and individual decision according to the desires of each individual, because this could create a new ethos in of medicine. Would the medical system not be more ethical and humane? This, of course, requires respect for the individual decision, without believing that one’s own judgment must be right for the other.



PROHOM © sets out all the above. The reasons for homeopathy, the therapies of individual decision-making and the integrative scientific pluralism and the protection of the special therapeutic facilities – always giving to the individual patient’s wishes.




March 2017






About the author:

Anja Trinklein

PRIVATPRAXIS für klassische Homöopathie



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