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A case of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

A case of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

uterus-1089344_960_720Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome may be one of the most common female health issues of our time. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a complex hormonal condition, in women of reproductive age. Normally every month, ovary mature with several sacs and these sacs will ripe to release eggs. But polycystic ovaries develop many more of these types of sacs. The sacs fail to mature properly and are unable to release eggs. USG commonly shows that in the ovaries with multiple small cysts to occur without ovulation. Other PCOS symptoms include weight gain, irregular or absent menstrual periods and signs of increased male hormones like hirsutism, acne and obesity. Also as a result of hormone changes, insulin resistance will also develop.


This is a case of PCOS in a 22-year-old girl. Her main problem was irregular periods; her cycles were long, once in 50- 60 days. Her periods were scanty, sometimes just spotting.  She was overweight and had facial hairs & acne on her face and chest.


She had an attack of bronchitis when she was 13, treated with antibiotics, no other health issues in the past.


Her mum is suffering from Asthma; Dad is having high blood pressure and taking medications. Maternal side – her grandmother and Mum’s sister both have Diabetes.


Her scan report shows multiple small peripherally placed follicles both ovaries. Ovarian volume bilaterally increased. No focal abnormality of uterus identified.


Her appetite, thirst, bowels, urine, sweating, sleep etc. were normal. She likes fruits and veggies. She doesn’t like meat, particularly red meat.


She was anxious, especially about her period problem and weight gain. Not much talkative but she had all her case history written very clearly in her diary.


Her periods were normal until she was 19. Her menstrual flow was normal. After 19 it became irregular and cycles became long. Her periods became scanty, brown. She had very bad premenstrual tension; she had this issue before with her regular cycles too. Her mood becomes very terrible and changeable just before her periods.


My initial prescription was Thuja 200 1 dose.  Her Last period just before this prescription was about 19 days ago.  After I month she had spotting for 2 days  but not much improvement in symptoms.


I took her case history once again, but this time gave more importance to her mind and emotions.


She said she is a very calm happy girl. But her mood became very terrible just before her period.  She becomes nervous, restless, anxious, irritable and moody before periods.  We can see this picture in many medicines like Nux. Sep, Puls, Platina, Sulphur etc.


What was peculiar about her PMS, she becomes almost mad before her period.  She becomes very restless, irritable with great confusion of mind.


Looking into the repertory we can see -MIND – MANIA, madness – menses, before: Sep.


She has given Sepia 1 M– 1 dose


She had a period on the 34th day after Sepia 1M. It was more like flow, scanty dark discharge. Her PMS was better. Repeated Sepia again on 4th day. Her next period was normal, regular with very minimal PMS. Now she is getting regular periods. Her acne improved. Not much change in facial hairs.


Homoeopathy considers emotional factors and female hormonal cycle are non-separable and affect each other. Taking into consideration of emotional state we can very easily find out the correct remedy.


These Rubrics in Kent’s Repertory- Mind Chapter –are very helpful in confirming our remedy selection while treating period problems.


MIND – ABSENT-MINDED- menses, during: calc.

MIND – ABSORBED, buried in thought – menses,during: mur-ac.

MIND – ANGUISH – menses,  before: Graph.

MIND – ANGUISH – menses, . during: Bell. calc. coff. ign. merc.nit-ac. phos. Plat.stann. xan.

MIND – ANXIETY – menses, before: acon. am-c. carb-an. carb-v. carbn-s. Cocc. con. Graph. Ign. kali-bi. m-arct. mang. merc. Nat-m. Nit-ac. Nux-v. Stann. Sulph. zinc.

MIND – ANXIETY – menses, during: acon. Bell. calc. canth.cimic.kcina coff. con. ign. inul. kali-i. merc. Nat-m. nit-ac. nux-v. phos. Plat.sec. SIL. stann. sulph. zinc.

MIND – ANXIETY – menses, – during . amel.: stann.zinc.

MIND – ANXIETY – menses, . after: Agar. phos. sec.


MIND – ANXIETY – menses, – after. which prevents sleep: agar.

MIND – ANXIETY – sleep, . menses,after: agar. aster. COCC.Kali-i. Merc-c. zinc.

MIND – CHEERFUL,gay,happy – menses, . before: acon. fl-ac.hyos.

MIND – CHEERFUL,gay,happy –  menses,. during: Fl-ac. stram.


MIND – COMPANY, – aversion to –  menses,.. during: Con. plat. sep.

MIND – COMPANY, – aversion to –  menses,.. desires to be let alone: cic. nux-v.

MIND – COMPANY, – desire for . menses,during: stram.

MIND – CONFUSION of mind –  menses,. before: cimic. Sep.

MIND – CONFUSION of mind – menses during : (am-c. cimic.

cocc. lyc. phos.

MIND – CONFUSION of mind – menses after : graph. nat-m.

MIND – DELIRIUM – menses before: ars. bell. hyos. lyc.

MIND – DELIRIUM – menses, . during: acon. apis bell. cocc. hyos. lyc. nux-m. puls. stram. verat.

MIND – DESPAIR – menses,before: verat.

MIND – DIPSOMANIA – menses,before: SEL.

MIND – DISCONTENTED,displeased,dissatisfied,etc.- menses,during: castm. tarent.

MIND – DULLNESS,sluggishness,difficulty of thinking and comprehending – menses,during: calc. lyc. lycps-v.

MIND – EXCITEMENT,excitable – feverish . menses,during: rhod.

MIND – EXCITEMENT,excitable – menses,before: alum-sil.croc. Kreos. Lyc. mag-c. mag-m. Nux-v. rob. thuj.

MIND – EXCITEMENT,excitable –  menses,. during: cimic. cop. ferr. Mag-m. puls. rhod. senec. Tarent.

MIND – EXCITEMENT,excitable –  menses,. after: ferr.

MIND – FEAR – death,of –  menses,.. before: acon. kali-bi.plat. sec. sulph. xan.

MIND – FEAR – death,of –  menses,.. during: acon. plat. verat.

MIND – FEAR –  menses,. before: Acon. borx. calc. hep. kali-br. mang. plat. sec. sulph. xan.

MIND – FEAR –  menses,. during: acon. con. mag-c. Nat-m. phos. plat. sec.

MIND – FEAR –  menses,. menstrual colic: ant-t.

MIND – FORGETFUL- menses.during: raph.

MIND – FRIGHTENED easily] – menses,before: Calc.

MIND – HYSTERIA –  menses,. before: cocc. con. elaps Hyos. Mosch. nux-m. Plat.

MIND – HYSTERIA –  menses,. during: Cimic.

MIND – HYSTERIA – menses, – during .. amel.: Zinc.

MIND – HYSTERIA – menses, – during .. first day of: raph.

MIND – INSANITY,madness –  menses,. with profuse: sep.

MIND – INSANITY,madness –  menses,. with suppressed: ign. Puls.

MIND – IRRITABILITY –  menses,. before: berb. calc. Caust. Cham. kali-c. kreos. Lyc. mag-m. Nat-m. Nux-v. Sep.

MIND – IRRITABILITY –  menses,. after: berb. bufo ferr. nat-m.

MIND – IRRITABILITY –  menses,. during an intermission of: eupi.

MIND – LAUGHING – menses,before: Hyos. Nux-m.

MIND – LOQUACITY – menses,during: Bar-c. Lach. Stram.

MIND – MANIA,madness – menses,before: sep.

MIND – MOANING,groaning- menses,during: Ars. lyc. plat.

MIND – MOROSE –  menses,. before: Lyc.

MIND – MOROSE –  menses,. after: ferr.

MIND – NYMPHOMANIA –  menses,. before: calc-p. Phos. stram. Verat.

MIND – NYMPHOMANIA –  menses,. during: Hyos. kali-br. Plat. Sec. Verat.

MIND – NYMPHOMANIA –  menses,. suppressed: ant-c. canth.chin.cocc. hyos. Murx. phos. Plat. sil. stram. sulph.verat.zinc.

MIND – NYMPHOMANIA – metrorrhagia,during: mosch. murx. plat. sec.

MIND – RAGE,fury – menses,during: acon. bell. hyos.

MIND – RESERVED- menses,during: am-c. mur-ac.

MIND – RESTLESSNESS,nervousness –  menses,. before: acon. coloc. con. kali-c. Kreos. lyc. m-aust. mag-c. mang. Nux-v. puls. SULPH.

MIND – RESTLESSNESS,nervousness –  menses,. during: Acon. am-c. ant-t. apis Ars. bell.borx. Calc. Cham. cocc. Coff. croc. Cycl. gels. hyos. ign. ip. kali-ar. kali-c. kali-p. kali-s. mag-m. merc. nat-c. nit-ac. Nux-v. op. phos. plat. Puls. Rhus-t. sec. Sep. Stram. sulph. tarent. thuj. vib.

MIND – RESTLESSNESS,nervousness –  menses,. suppressed,during: ars. cimic. kali-c. nicc. nux-v. rhus-t. sep. zinc.MIND – RESTLESSNESS,nervousness –  menses,. after: mag-c.


MIND – SADNESS,mental depression –  menses,. before: am-c. bell. berb. brom. Calc. Caust. Con. cycl. ferr. ferr-p. hell. lac-c. lac-d.Lyc. manc. Murx. NAT-M. Nit-ac. phos. PULS. Sep.STANN. stram. Verat. vesp. xan.

MIND – SADNESS,mental depression –  menses,. during: am-c. aur. berb. brom. cact. calc. Caust. cimic. cop.cur. ferr. graph. ign. lac-d. mag-m. merc. mur-ac. nat-c. Nat-m. nit-ac. Petr.plat.k plb. Puls. senec. Sep. sil. tab. thuj. zinc.

MIND – SADNESS,mental depression – menses, – during .. amel.: Cycl. Lach. Stann. Zinc.

MIND – SADNESS,mental depression – menses, – during.. the first menses: hell.

MIND – SADNESS,mental depression –  menses,. after: alum chin. Ferr.sil. ust.

MIND – SENSITIVE, – menses,before: nit-ac. Nux-v. Sep.

MIND – SENSITIVE, – noise,to . menses,during: kali-p.

MIND – SENTIMENTAL – menses,before: Ant-c.

MIND – SHRIEKING –  menses,. before: Sep.

MIND – SHRIEKING –  menses,. during: cupr.

MIND – SHRIEKING – sleep,during . menses,before: carb-v. sep. sul-ac. Zinc.

MIND – SIGHING –  menses,. before: Ign. lyc.

MIND – SIGHING –  menses,. during: ars. cimic. cocc. graph.ign. plat.

MIND – SIGHING –  menses,. after: stram.

MIND – STARTING,startled –  menses,. before: calc.

MIND – STARTING,startled –  menses,. during: borx. zinc.

MIND – STUPEFACTION – menses,during: Nux-m.

MIND – SUICIDAL disposition – menses,during: Merc. sil.

MIND – TALK, – indisposed to desire to be silent,taciturn . menses,during: Am-c. castm. elaps mur-ac. Senec.

MIND – UNCONSCIOUSNESS –  menses,. before: Murx. Nux-m.

MIND – UNCONSCIOUSNESS –  menses,. during: apis cocc. Ign.LACH. Nux-m.nux-v. plb. puls. Sars. sep. sulph. verat.

MIND – UNCONSCIOUSNESS –  menses,. after: chin.Lach. Lyc.

MIND – UNCONSCIOUSNESS –  menses,. suppression of: acon. cham. chin. con. lyc. NUX-M. nux-v. verat.

MIND – WEARY of life] – menses,during: berb.

MIND – WEEPING.tearful mood,etc. –  menses,. before: Cact. con. Lyc. Phos. Puls. sep. Zinc.

MIND – WEEPING.tearful mood,etc. –  menses,. during: Ars. cact. calc. caust. Cocc. Coff. con. cycl. graph. hyos. Ign. ind.lach. lyc. Nat-m. Petr. phos. Phyt. Plat. Puls. sec. sep. Stram. thuj. verat. zinc.

MIND – WEEPING.tearful mood,etc. – menses, – during .. which does her no good: cycl.

MIND – WEEPING.tearful mood,etc. –  menses,. after: alum.con. lyc. phos. Stram.



References: Kent’s Repertory –Chapter- Mind





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agi-busi-001-copyAgimary Joseph  is a homeopath with 18 years of experience and her practice is based in Brisbane, Australia. She has special interest in management of chronic health issues & women’s health. Her holistic homeopathic care centre offers natural health support for families and has a good number of happy clients worldwide. Agimary Joseph is Registered with Australian Register Of Homoeopaths (A.R.O.H), & Homoeopathic Medical Council, India.  She is a member of Institute of Homeopaths Kerala, India, & Australian Homoeopathic Association (AHA). For more information please





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