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Mid-Summer 2016 - Miscellaneous

A word from the Editor – Miscellaneous

Osler Quote

A word from the Editor – Miscellaneous



It is an interesting quote by Sir William Osler, the father of conventional medicine, and yes, I think there are still many things conventional medicine can learn from Homeopathy now. Patient-centered care and patient comprehensible communication for example! In my opinion, these are essentials, yet over and over again I find, there is still a lack of such aspects of the patient-practitioner interaction. Naturally, the two are very different, but for the sake of patient care these should have a greater space on the agenda of conventional medics and practitioners.


Hahnemann was much ahead of his time; in what he said and did, and in the treatment approach that he gave to the world!


This ‘Miscellaneous’ issue has a mix of articles that I hope you may find of interest! There is a case of congenital heart disease that was treated successfully with homeopathy, a close-up on an ancient yet very modern form of blood-letting, new findings of the remedy Okoubaka, and an insight into how clients may be put off by a marketing strategy! A great mix of info surrounding our favorite topic ‘Homeopathy’. 🙂 . Furthermore, this issue features a short tale of fantasy.


The next issue, pics up on the topic ‘Building Practice’, with a close up on topics like marketing, promoting and creating a client base, and the subsequent issue will feature: ‘Learning Homeopathy’. In that issue can be features articles surrounding the philosophy of homeopathy, aspects of learning, profiles of homeopathic institutions, schools, courses, and student testimonials etc. Deadline is 1st of October!


Hope you enjoy your holidays!


All best!




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