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WATER – a sacred good, or is it just … wet?

 WATER – a sacred good, or is it just … wet?

An interesting excerpt of a video has made the rounds in the World Wide Web and numerous ‘homeopathy’ groups on social media. Its focus is the element water, and features the findings of Prof. Dr. Bernd Helmut Kröplin and his team. Their work is outstanding, because in it may lie one key aspect indicating that ultra-high dilutions, as we know them in homeopathy, do contain ‘something’.


The following is the complete video of this very interesting documentary:






Prof. Kröplin, says water, is more than its physical and chemical properties, it has a memory. The information contained is a “bridge from the immaterial to the material world” [1].

For his research he took a drop of water, left it to evaporate, and photographed the patterns he found looking at this evaporated drop under a dark-field microscope. As such he was able to prove “that the patterns correlate with information exposed to the water”. His tests have been found to be reproducible [1].


He also found that the images he photographed changed when the drop of water was exposed to external influencers. Kröplin explains that “water has a particular kind of memorizing and storing information of things that it has experienced” & “living organisms, like plants, can “read” this information and act with a unique behavior to the information stored in the water” [1].



[1] World in a drop –



In an excerpt of a presentation held by Prof. Dr. Kröplin, he explicitly points to images that were taken, by a homeopathic Dr., of homeopathic remedies in differing potencies. This video is in German, but below I have outlined the points highlighted:


In this video, Prof. Kröplin presents the work of a homeopathic doctor, who intended to replicate homeopathic treatment effects (from minute 11/12 onwards). She took a drop of blood serum, added NaCl (saline solution) to this drop, and then a homeopathic remedy. The images she then took of the outcomes, as viewed through the dark-field microscope; clearly show a change by the homeopathic remedies. The images even demonstrate an alteration with homeopathic remedies of different potencies. As such, the video demonstrates that Phosphorus D6 differs entirely from Phosphorus D30 (that is diluted beyond Avogadros’ number), and images of Viscum album D6, to D30 also show such difference. (Please note that in Germany decimal potencies (X-potencies) are denoted as D-potencies!)




These findings are outstanding, and may eventually help in making the phenomenon of homeopathy explicable. Water is an understudied phenomenon that holds many secrets that we have not near to deciphered. Its properties allow homeopathy to work, and as such permit the successful treatment of man, plant and animal. So, water is not…just wet, but a very exciting and sacred good!




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One thought on “WATER – a sacred good, or is it just … wet?

  1. Water molecules also acts as information carriers in living organisms. Memory is a property associated to water present in biological process modulated by high dilutions. For that to happen, water has to be pure as well as subjected to the process of potentisation.

    Posted by Dr Nancy Malik | 01/06/2019, 11:24 AM

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