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Winter 2015 - Evidence, Science & Criticism

A word from the Editor – Evidence, Science & Criticism

 A word from the Editor – Evidence, Science & Criticism



Dear Readers,


Welcome to the Christmas issue, the ‘Winter 2015 – issue’ of Clever H. – the Mag! !


I came across a very interesting quote that reflects much of what is wrong with science and its criticism of the CAM approaches. Nicola Tesla, was too advanced for his time, but the likelihood that his quote holds true is very high!



Tesla Quote 3rd Issue this one



This current issue focuses on Evidence, Science & Criticism – In defense of Homeopathy. I somewhat expanded the topic to take a look at the state of evidence of conventional medicine, the justification of skeptic antagonism towards homeopathy, research implications, and fundamental aspects. I have come across an interesting documentary that in excerpts has been frequently shared on the www, and have added and explored related info. I hope you find this issue interesting!



The subsequent issues will be on the following topics:



Mid-winter 2016: Building homeopathic practice – Let’s be honest! Setting up a homeopathic practice or clinic is not something that comes easy. Until all bills can get paid by seeing patients, a lot of effort has to be made to get the name out and acquire patients. What works or worked best for you … word of mouth, advertising, giving talks or lectures? Share with us your efforts and experiences, perhaps also your fails! Do you use social media to attract clients, does blogging work for you? Do you specialize? Are there tricks of the trade worth sharing? Are you struggling or have you got more than enough? What would you do differently, what would you try, what would you recommend? DEADLINE: January 1st, 2016



Spring 2016: Homeopathy for the young – Babies, youngsters, teens; their discomforts and illnesses, growing pains, and health troubles etc. are to be featured in this issue! The teething baby is of interest, as much as the teeny acne breakout, wherever homeopathy can help, can be focused on in this issue! Share your case, experience or research! DEADLINE: February 1st, 2016



Summer 2016: Adjunctive-Complementary approaches – Approximately 50% of homeopaths practice an adjunctive therapy, aside of homeopathy (Details here). This issue seeks to explore what these approaches are! Perhaps you´d like to introduce the therapeutic approach that you find teams well with homeopathy, perhaps you´d like to share what works or what hasn´t, and maybe you believe homeopathy alone suffices and offering adjunctive approaches is not a good idea… why not share your thoughts, recommendations or ideas! DEADLINE: March 1st, 2016




Remains for me to wish you all a:


Very merry festive season!

May you all rejoice and enjoy peaceful times with your loved ones, and may the New Year bring happiness and prosperity to all!


X-mas bauble 2

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