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Autumn 2014 - The therapeutic relationship

A word from the Editor – “The Therapeutic Relationship”

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A word from the Editor – “The Therapeutic Relationship”

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The therapeutic relationship in homeopathy is much more reliant on a trusted union of patient and practitioner than is the conventional medical setting. In conventional practice, diagnosis, therapy & recovery from illness, increasingly expose the patient to diagnostic tools and treatment machinery. The care of the individual, on the other hand, is decreasingly accompanied by personal attention & provides less space for communication. It is largely a practitioner-centred encounter.


The therapeutic relationship in homeopathy though, is not just a union of one person seeking care and alleviation of an illness or impairment by another, who in turn is prepared and able to provide an ability or service to meet such a demand. It is also a very potent facilitary tool in itself. A tool that for homeopaths is valuable. The time spent in the homeopathic encounter, in a patient-centred union, offers a realm in which may lie a key component to a thorough case-taking, and a subsequent appropriate selection of a curative prescription.


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It is this important element that is the focus of the 2nd issue of ‘CLEVER H. – the Mag!’ The articles in this issue explore The Therapeutic Relationship from different perspectives. A patient has her say of what the homeopathic consultation felt like for her. Some light is shed on the non-verbal exchange in the therapeutic union. We question what role physical contact plays in the patient-practitioner space and take a look at the therapeutic space in speech-free silence. A great contribution I would like to sincerely recommend to you, is an in depth comparative analysis of the person-centred approach, and homeopathy.


This issue aims to inform and instigate thought and create awareness of a fundamental element to our daily practice! I hope you find this topic interesting!


The subsequent issue of ‘CLEVER H. – the Mag!’ will focus on ‘provings and remedies’. If any of you would like to share your experiences of having participated in a proving, would like to tell us of a rare remedy that resolved a tricky case, or wish to explore provings in general, their place in the scientific paradigm or another aspect of ‘provings and remedies’, please feel free to submit your article for consideration for publication in the winter issue, due to be published in December!


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