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Summer 2021 - Fear, Anxiety Guilt & Hate

Task, Insecurity & Precision=Cobaltum


Introduction: Sharing this case for understanding the importance of exact column to get precision in our prescriptions.

M 33 years, Tall, medium built, average looking but impressive demeanor.

Location Sensation Modality Concomitant
CVS Since 3 months Raised BP 150/100 mm hg No symptoms Accidental finding at the mandatory health check up    
GIT Since 4 years Almost daily Intense retrosternal burning. Belching with sour waterbrash Flatulent distention A/f: Heavy seasoned food, oily food, late nights, lack of sleep. <besan <peas <hunger Occ mild dull headache with head heaviness Which is >on eating.

Life Space:

M 33 years, working as a Deputy General Manager in a leading automobile company. He comes from a well educated, middle class family. Youngest of 3 siblings, he had been average in studies, always taken for granted by the family. He has been extremely obedient and good natured child, always striving to achieve harmonious relations between the 2nd sibling and father right from childhood. The brother has been very hyper and attention seeking since beginning and father has been conservative and strict hence the house atmosphere has been always tense. Patient has been the mediator between both trying to keep calm and helping both communicate. He used to feel extremely anxious sorting these fights. Both the older siblings have been good in studies so, he would feel pressured for the performing even though there was no comparison in the family.

During college life he found his own personality. He has always been very social hence huge friends circle. He did his engineering with second class and wasn’t eligible for campus interview. But when a multinational automobile company came for campus, he broke in for the interview and was the only one to get a job. When I asked him how did you manage this? He said, I had to start a job right away cause I must make my career and make my future. There was a lot of insecurity wrt getting a job, so if not from campus I wouldn’t have got the job. So it was a must for me to get the job.

He steadily performed very high in his job and kept getting promoted every year. After working for 9 years at this company and simultaneously pursuing MBA , he applied for even bigger company and at a managerial post. However, the one taking his interview felt that he is suitable for 2 levels up the post he has applied for and so he was hired at DGM post directly. Rather than feeling excited about this, he felt extremely anxious. He felt that I am at a place now that I am not at a liberty to commit any mistake, one small mistake and I will be out of job. After taking up this job he started gaining weight as he would always be on his toes, anxious to deliver, anxious to keep the trust gained by the manager who hired him and sleepless at night.

He married his steady girlfriend from 10 years, at the age of 27 years after convincing both set of parents. He was super anxious during the period of 3 months which his father took to accept the marriage. During this time he had stopped communication with his friends or even his sister with whom he usually shares everything. Reason given is, this is my battle, I will solve it first, don’t want others to judge me or if I ask for help don’t want others to think that I have failed. He is extremely dependant on his wife for every small decision. He calls her as his support system or spine.

He has grown up in a small town which is surrounded by stories of ghosts and spirits so as a child he used to be scared of dark and ghosts.

He had fear of exams and even now gets dreams of exams.

He gets dreams of falling from a cliff into infinite; he keeps falling till the time he wakes up with profuse sweating and palpitations.

When I asked him what does this dream mean to you, he said “its exactly my state of life currently. I am at a post way higher than I deserve, I want to climb further from here. If I commit any mistake at this juncture I will come crashing down, just like my dream. And I don’t know where will I fall? I know it’s a humongous effort from here to the top but I will climb. I am confident”.

Analysis of the case:

The central theme of the case is security, person’s own growth, dependence on family and wife esp. hence Mineral kingdom. His urgency to make an identity for himself right out of the engineering college speaks of the developmental stage of young adult correlating to the issues of Row 4. Now the anxiety and insecurity with dependence can lead us easily to Calc-carb. but the way this patient has grown in his professional life is very fast and considerable. The courage in taking calculated risks didn’t convince me about Calc-carb. hence I moved ahead exploring my favourite section of dreams and the patient gave me complete understanding of the remedy itself. Then I drew the periodic table mountain for him to plot himself on the graph of life (refer the image). And as if on cue patient plotted himself at the cliff of No 9 which correlates to the column 9, which has feeling of almost on the success plateau but also has a fear of falling from this place, hence they will be very cautious about not making any mistake.

The remedy at the cross section of Row4, Column 9 is Cobaltum.

First Prescription: 11th April 2016

Cobaltummet 200 BD for 2 days Rii tds 1 week

Follow Up:

18th April 2016: BP 130/90 mm Hg, Belching reduced by 50%, acidity reduced by 50%, sleep improved, general sense of relaxation.

Cobaltum-Met 200 BD for 2 days Rii tds 1 month

After 6 months: weight reduced by 5 kg, BP consistently normal, Acidity 0, Sleep improved and dreams of falling became very rare.

Needed total 6 doses over 6 months roughly one cycle of BD for 2 days per month.



About the Author:

Dr Vrushali Saraswat, BHMS, FCAH

Happiness Homoeopathy Cliniuc

Vidya Hospital,Heena Gaurav Jewels, Gokuldham Market,

Goregaon East Mumbai . 400063





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