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‘Sharing knowledge is the necessity of time’


‘Sharing knowledge is the necessity of time’


I had the honor and opportunity to speak with Dr.Kavita Chandak, one of our fabulous authors at Clever H., an esteemed practitioner, homeopath, teacher, speaker and so much more. I wanted to know more about her, the person, the practitioner and her ‘history’ with Homeopathy. Read below about one of our contemporary homeopathic Greats.


-Dr. Kavita, what did you dream of becoming as a child?
As I grew up I had lot of dreams but was not allowed to persue that. I come from medical background my father always wanted me to become a doctor and I guess I just went with that and found it interesting afterwards.


-When did Homeopathy first come into your life?

My father is an Allopath. I always took allopathic medicines since childhood. When I was 12 years old, I had big warts on my left ankle. Surgical removal was advised. A homeopath used to come at my Father’s clinic to assist him. He proposed some remedy and Warts vanished within two months!

When I grew up, I chose to become Homeopath because I realized the magic and potential of homeopathy , I wanted to become one myself .


-When did you realize, for the first time, that ‘wow, Homeopathy
actually really works’…was there an epiphany or an ‘awakening’
experience for you?

You know, in India, various homeopaths, though having degree as homeopathic medical practitioner prefers allopathic practice. I started practicing homeopathy in 1999 and faced a lot criticism for that. I have been told- ‘your sweet sago pills gives nothing else than psychological effect.’

I badly wanted an opportunity to prove efficacy of homeopathy.

After three months since I began the practice, a couple visited me for primary infertility of 14 years. I took history and gave them medicines. Few days later the lady called me and complained that her face is full of pimples and she had profuse blackish menses that month. I suggested her to continue the given medicine. Next month, menses didn’t appear! She conceived!

I felt like ‘wow.

Let me admit here, I was just a beginner, not so much experienced. It was the miracle of Homeopathy and luck factor!

This incident made me realized two things-

  1. Homeopathy really works. I should master it to help society. Everytime luck won’t favor me.
  2. A homeopath must respect Patient’s trust. They usually visit you as a last straw in an ocean.

-When did you realize that you were passionate about Homeopathy and
actually wanted to become a Homeopath? How old were you?

I realized it a little late. I was working with dedication but not getting job satisfaction. Best outcome in cases of Coma, Infertility and Kidney disorders were not enough to provide a wow feeling.

In 2016, I got good result in a case of Autism. With homeopathic medicine ,I could make a present non verbal autistic case to utter various words. Her mother cried of joy and gratitude. She said- I thought I would die without listening ‘Maa’ from my daughter.

I realized that child is the most precious thing in Universe. It’s difficult to handle children with Autism, ADHD and other behavioral disorders.

From that day, I changed.

I became a passionate, dedicate and determinate Homeopath and started accepting more and more challenging cases like Cancer, Infertility, Autism, ADHD etc.

Truth is that God has chosen me to be Homeopath!

I am not in this field just because of my father, I was destinated for this!

We never get what we want; we get what is best for us.

-What is the greatest revelation that Homeopathy gave you?

1)If we define Homeopathy in one word, it would be Individualization.

Every person is a combination of minerals, microbes, gases, metals in short the five elements in a particular unique amount which is giving him individual identity. If anything from this unique blend falls out of balance, we are no more normal; pathology begins.

I experienced the universal truth of five element through Homeopathy.

According to Hindu mythology and as mentioned in Bhagwadgita, Lord Krishna gave this message to the world that the stronger one will survive and the weaker one will get distinguished.

Aphorism 26 of Organon, is telling the same with reference of therapeutic law of Nature.

Through homeopathy,I understood, whatever mentioned in mythology and Holy books is having scientific base.

2) Miasms are the fundamental cause behind diseases. Just think, what is the source of miasm and why a person is prone to a particular miasm. Nature created miasm to throw the disease tendency and toxins out of the body. Actually it helps in cleaning the physical body before it merges back with the Five elements. This spiritual concept is the truth behind theory of Miasm.

3) The original three miasms representing the trinity of God- Bramha, Vishnu, Mahesh; the generator, organizer and destructor (when required) respectively.

4) Homeopathy represents the combination of spiritual conception and proved scientific facts.

-What question(s) has Homeopathy yet left unanswered for you, that is,
is there an aspect of Homeopathy that still raises questions for you?

Every coin has two sides.

Few questions arise in my mind, when Homeopathy has the answers for epigenetics in the form of anti-miasmatic remedies; still why can’t we always get a healthier generation?

When would we achieve 100% cure in neuropsychiatric disorders like Autism?

Why nosodes and other homeo prophylaxis are still not able to prevent the tendencies landing in next generation through genetics?

Why well selected constitutional remedy fails various times in auto immune disorders?

Why Somewhere we need to surrender in surgical cases and few medical emergencies like ectopic pregnancy?

I realized the truth when I looked into the other side.

Patients usually contact a homeopath in advance condition where recovery is difficult.

Every couple do not take homeopathic medicines during pregnancy.

Patient’s do not follow the exact suggestions regarding diet and life style given by homeopath.

Homeopathy is efficiently treating mental- emotional disorders which are even not visible in MRI scanning like absent mother syndrome.

Every science has its scope and limitations. It’s not the drawback of homeopathy. It’s the duty of Homeopath to find out hidden potential of Homeopathy. Yet we could see only the upper 1/4th of ice berg!

-What do you think the professional community must do to promote and
grow Homeopathy?

The professional community must follow two things- Dedication and Determination.

Successful cases should be shared in good journals to inspire the budding homeopaths.

They should organize scientific seminars and webinars (not with the puppets who just read slides) with the authentic and passionate Homeopaths.

Sharing knowledge is the necessity of time.

-What is the greatest fault, the greatest mistakes the professional
homeopathic community is making that hinders growth and promotion of

Not all but various professional homeopathic associations are promoting their own way of working. They may be authentic and following homeopathic laws. However, the greatest drawback is, they do not include the homeopaths who are not part of their association or not practicing according to their way. In my opinion, we should be open to each other for the sake of homeopathy. Exchange of knowledge will boost up the strength of Homeopathy.

The greatest mistake of the professional homeopathic community that hinders growth and promotion of homeopathy is lack of unity! Everybody is thinking about individual growth rather they will grow if homeopathy flourishes and vice verca.

-There are not really ‘favorite’ remedies in Homeopathy, but which one
to you, is an absolute ‘must have’ in today’s day and time; which one
remedy should we always have in our bag?

The planet is facing pandemic and for that we need to keep 2-3 emergency remedies in our kit. I usually Keep Phosphorus and Lachesis in 30 CH potency to handle oxygen level, acute fever and fluctuation in blood pressure. To handle panic conditions and emotional turmoils, I prefer Anacardium 30 CH and Gelsemium 200 CH. The later one is useful in viral fever too.

In the current era, the feeling-‘Everybody is Enemy and Money is the Boss’ can be seen everywhere. This feeling is more dangerous than Covid pandemic. I feel Mercurius is better choice for this mental epidemic disease.

-What personal goals do you have for your future?

I am thankful to CleverH as being interviewed here is confirming my place in Homeopathic World.

I want to be more precise in my field.

My goal for future is to wake and make society aware about Homeopathy!

In near future I AM PLANNING TO OPEN a charitable homeopathic clinic, under my NGO.


-If it were not for Homeopathy, what would you be?

Well this is a tough question, since the moment I got understanding and was mature enough to choose a path, I met homeopathy as my goal. Since then I have never even thought about anything else. But if I had to select something else as a career path I would say, law . Always wanted to be a lawyer in my childhood (I love to debate ,and express myself) if not that too I guess, I would be either motivational speaker or a journalist.

About Dr.Kavita Chandak:

Dr Kavita Chandak is a gold medalist scholar in Homeopathy. She is  practising since 2 decades in Nagpur.

She is trained with Dr. Michael Frass in dealing the cancer cases with Homeopathy.

She is attached with P.D. Jain Homeopathic medical college as professor of Repertory and a Guide for P.G. students from Nashik Health University.She is an International faculty, invited by 20+  countries to deliver  seminars. Honoured by holding golden book world record for treating kidney disorder. She is an advisory board member at Turkiyeklinikleri Journal of Istanbul. *She is running a NGO, Padmaja welfare foundation,which is dedicated in the field of Health and rehabilitation.* She is an Excellent speaker and a social activist: received many national-international awards for her generous socio Medical contribution towards society. Won the Insc research award for her paper on Autism. Authored 3 medical books about gynacology and psychiatry.  Organised 800 free medicine distribution camps till now. To spread awareness, she writes health articles, delivers sessions on TV and Radio about Health. She is the board member at Afghanistan Homeopathic association. She is providing  her services through her web clinic in 20+ countries. Her speciality area is Behavioural Psychiatric disorders like Autism and ADHD.

She has been invited to various Homeopathic colleges and conferences to talk about homeopathic contribution in Psychiatric disorders and Autism.

She was keynote speaker at Autism conference in 2017 held at Abu Dhabi, in 2019 at Dubai conference.

She delivered her 3 days school about Autism at Istanbul in March 2018 ; May 2019 and at Izmir in December 2018.

She has been invited twice at Abu Dhabi in 2019 to give expert opinion at Al- Zaharat Autism center.

She presented a lecture regarding Neuropsychiatric disorders and Autism at Venice in 2019.

Clinical Instructor at Cyberjaya University, Malyasia.



About the Author:

Uta Mittelstadt

Homeopath (BSc & MSc) at ‘CareClin’ ( Founder & Editor at ‘CleverH.-theMag!’ ( COO at ‘Homeopathy World Community (HWC) (

About Uta Mittelstadt

*****Homeopath (BSc & MSc) at 'CareClin' ( Founder & Editor at 'CleverH.-theMag!' ( Advisor at 'Homeopathy World Community (HWC) (*****


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  1. Awsome mam..truely inspiring for young homoeopath like us..especially to Female hmoeopaths..congrats mam

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